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Boba Fett Easter Egg reveals Grogu’s secret savior from Order 66

Was Grogu in the care of a familiar face?

Almost to a fault, The Book of Boba Fett Episode 6 was a delight for fans. In between all the cameos and huge confrontations, plenty of moments got lost in the shuffle. One of those scenes is when Luke helps Grogu remember a key event of his life: the Great Jedi Purge.

At first, the short flashback doesn’t seem to uncover anything new about the traumatic event that separated Grogu from the Jedi. However, when you take a closer look, a symbol in the scene’s background could reveal who rescued the padawan we know as Baby Yoda.

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A crest that looks like Barriss Offee’s is seen on the left and right walls in Grogu’s flashback.


In the flashback scene, a crest on the wall looks remarkably similar to one belonging to Barriss Offee. This same crest last appeared in The Clone Wars Season 5 finale. Titled “The Wrong Jedi,” the episode shows Ahsoka Tano on trial for murder, but the actual culprit is her former friend Barriss, who turned to the Dark Side after becoming disillusioned with the Jedi. Barriss saw the issues with the Order and even blamed them for the Clone Wars, which Ahsoka would later bring up when she left the Order.

Adding more intrigue to this reveal is how this crest was initially identified by Wookiepedia as “Barriss Offee’s crest,” only for it to disappear hours later. Inverse reached out to Brandon Rhea, the VP of Community at Fandom, the company behind Wookiepedia. He clarified this article was not deleted but retitled from “Barriss Offee’s crest” to “Unidentified crest.”

While the new Wookiepedia title is less presumptive, the page still identifies the crest in the Jedi Temple as belonging to Barriss Offee. It’s clearly hers — the diamonds featured on it are identical to her iconic facial markings. So that leaves us with the question: How did her crest end up in Grogu’s flashback scene?

The crest in The Book of Boba Fett looks almost identical to the one on Barriss’ wall in “The Wrong Jedi.”


The Inverse Analysis — It’s possible that the flashback’s location isn’t in the Jedi Temple but at Barriss’ old quarters, where she escaped from prison after the initiation of Order 66. Perhaps the Jedi protecting Grogu tracked her down there, only to get taken down by clone troopers.

Maybe Barriss took a page out of Sabine Wren’s playbook and had time to cover the Jedi Temple with her crest to prove she was right about the Empire, but that would take a lot of planning and pettiness. Then again, there are no limits to what a fallen Jedi could do in such dire circumstances.

Another theory paints Barriss in a kinder light. It posits that after escaping prison she had a change of heart and offered her old quarters as a safe haven for Jedi, only for them to get ambushed. Maybe Ahsoka will eventually learn Grogu’s true savior was the friend she thought was beyond saving.

Until we know for sure, this Book of Boba Fett Easter Egg adds a new dimension to The Clone Wars character. We may be seeing Barriss Offee again soon — possibly in a future episode of The Mandalorian as Grogu reveals more of his past.

The Book of Boba Fett is now streaming on Disney+.

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