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3 mind-blowing apocalypse movies on Netflix you need to watch ASAP

These movies take on the end of the world in new and exhilarating ways.

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Apocalyptic sci-fi movies may be about the end of the world. But as we all know, the end can happen in a number of different ways. Doomsday can entail an alien or monster invasion, or it can mean nature turning against humanity. Whatever cataclysm befalls us, apocalyptic movies show how humans can survive against all odds — and what’s more thrilling than that?

Whether you’re in the mood for a blockbuster adventure, a cult thriller, or something totally unexpected, here are three apocalypse movies you can stream right now on Netflix.

(And remember to check out these movies soon, because you never know when Netflix will pull an apocalyptic move of its own and pull them off the platform.)

3. The Silence

The Silence is for fans of A Quiet Place.


Starring Stanley Tucci and Kiernan Shipka, The Silence is a particularly underrated Netflix original. The 2019 sci-fi horror follows a family trying to survive a world invaded by monsters who hunt by sound. That might sound very familiar to A Quiet Place, even down to its inclusion of a Deaf character (played by Shipka). However, The Silence endeavors to tell a different kind of story, one with a fascinating cult twist.

In their recommendation, Dais Johnston reveals why The Silence stands out in the genre:

…the script — expertly brought to life by Shipka and co-star Stanley Tucci — sheds light on so many aspects of apocalyptic scenarios that other films in this genre haven’t considered. What do you turn to when things are hopeless? Faith. And in a world where communication is limited, that faith can quickly lead to the founding of new cults that pose just as much a danger to survivors as monsters rising from the Earth.

2. 3022

3022 is a post-apocalyptic survivor thriller set in space.


While many post-apocalyptic movies are set on Earth, 3022 changes things up by relocating its action to space.

Directed by John Suits, 3022 follows a crew of four on Pangea, a space station that operates as a fuel station between Earth and a moon called Europa. The crew is suddenly faced with two huge challenges. Their captain, played by Omar Epps, falls ill and starts to experience hallucinations. Next, a massive explosion occurs, making the crew think that Earth has been destroyed forever.

Inverse’s recommendation teases more of what to expect in 3022:

Suddenly, what seemed to be a space adventure becomes a dire-straits survival thriller, as the four members of the crew cope with their own unenviable position on Pangea amid dwindling resources. They’re all that’s left of humanity, at least until they stumble across some fellow space-dwelling survivors. But in space, it’s every man for himself.

1. Rim of the World

Rim of the World is fun for the whole family.


If you’re looking for something perfect for a family movie night, look no further than Rim of the World.

Rim of the World is nonstop fun for anyone who loves Stranger Things or Independence Day. Directed by McG, the Netflix movie takes place during an alien invasion, where a group of 13-year-old campers is tasked with carrying out an important mission to save Earth.

Here is a preview of Inverse’s recent recommendation:

Rim of the World may seem like a pale imitation of 1980s classic adventure films like The Goonies at first blush, but there’s a lot more to it than you might think. The script was penned by Zack Stentz, who wrote Thor. The signature Marvel combination of action, heart, and humor shines throughout this film, too, with a plethora of pop-culture references and meta moments.

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