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Everything we know about Season 2 of Netflix's feral anime, Beastars

The journey is far from over.

Beastars, the long-awaited second series from rising anime studio Orange, is finally available for U.S anime fans. Season 1 ended with on a positive note, but there is more darkness on the horizon. Legoshi, Haru and our other horny, furry friends made it through in one piece, but the journey is far from over.

Until new episodes enter our lives, here is a recap of everything you need to know about Beastars Season 2.

Will there be a Beastars Season 2?

There will indeed! Orange confirmed via its English-language social media accounts that Beastars Season 2 was in the works as of late 2019. It did not provide a release date for either Japanese or overseas audiences.


Is there an official release date for Beastars Season 2 on Netflix?

Netflix has not made an official announcement about the second season of Beastars. Reports differ, one says the second season will premiere sometime in August, another says late 2020. We'll know more about when to expect the series stateside once we learn about the timetable in Japan.

Presumably, Beastars will air in Japan several months ahead of its U.S release, so expect more Beastars in English sometime in 2021.

What is the plot of Beastars Season 2?

After a couple of failed attempts, Legoshi, our lovable, quiet wolf boy, confesses his love for the bold rabbit Haru. Overlooking the city, Legoshi tells her he will do whatever it takes to get stronger, overcome society and his own instincts to be with her. Haru, reaching to hold Legoshi’s hand before hesitating, says “I’ll be waiting.”

From where we're sitting, Beastars Season 2 will likely touch on these six lingering questions from Season 1.

Legoshi and Haru.Netflix

6. Did Legoshi and Haru ever... you know...

Kiss? Yes. Go all the way? No, but they got pretty close.

After saving Haru from being eaten by the Shishigumi, the two spend a night together in a love hotel that allows mixed-species couples. Right when Legoshi and Haru are about to do the deed, Haru’s instincts as prey kick in and she tries to enter Legoshi’s mouth, a total mood killer.

The two spend the night in the hotel and then journey back to school together.

5. Does Legoshi tell Haru he almost ate her?

Yes. In the love hotel, Legoshi and Haru assume the positions they took on that fateful night in the beginning of the season, Legoshi, crouching down, his arms around Haru, the rabbit with her back to the wolf.

Legoshi confesses that he almost ate the love of his life, only snapping out of it after hearing another voice, clawing her arm as she escapes. Surprisingly, Haru understands and proceeds to show affection to her savior.

4. What happened to Louis?

After initially backing out of saving Haru from the Shishigumi, which lead to him and Legoshi throwing paws. Louis, pretty much tossing away his opportunity to become a Beastar away, actually ends up saving the wolf’s life when he stops the head of the crime family from shooting Legoshi after their fierce battle.

Louis does what Legoshi avoided doing and kills the leader, shooting him in the mouth. When some of the boss’s henchmen come in, Louis refers to himself as “Number 4” -- the name he was given when he was a part of a Black Market ring -- he then commands the lions to eat him.

Legoshi and Louis.Netflix

3. Did Louis get eaten?

We don’t technically see Louis get eaten by the Lions, so while it does look dire for the dramatic deer, there’s no way of knowing for sure… until next season.

2. Who is closest to becoming a Beastar at the end of Season 1?

Juno, another gray wolf, who is thirsty for Legoshi. At the end of the series, she pretty much takes Louis’ place as head of the drama club and has spoken very plainly her ambitions to become the next “Beastar,” in a very dominant and sexual scene with Louis a few episodes earlier.

Sensing Haru has her rival for the wolf’s affection, she stages a grand gesture, in an attempt to manipulate Legoshi; to see them (not him and Haru) as the perfect couple.

1. Will we ever find out who killed Tem?

Tem’s death hangs like a cloud over the entire first season. However, we don’t find out who ate the alpaca.

A post-credits scene presumably shows Tem’s killer coming out of a bathroom (gender is not clear), and leaving a packet of blood packs in the trash. We then cut to a POV shot of this mysterious figure walking down the halls. He runs into Legoshi, who says everyone is waiting for them. This strongly suggests Tem's murderer is a member of the drama club.

Season 1 of Beastars is available to stream now on Netflix.

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