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Does Baby Yoda become a Jedi? Boba Fett finale could have the answer

Grogu’s endgame could be something unexpected.

The biggest question in The Book of Boba Fett suddenly has nothing to do with Boba Fett, Tusken Raiders, the Hutts, or Fennec Shand. Instead, all eyes are on Mando and Baby Yoda, who have effectively hijacked this series and turned it into The Mandalorian Season 2.5.

For those who love Baby Yoda (and who doesn’t?), this isn’t exactly a bad thing. But it does mean one big question might be answered sooner than we thought: Will Grogu become a Jedi?

Here’s how The Book of Boba Fett finale might answer that question in a big way. Spoilers ahead for The Book of Boba Fett, Episode 6, “From the Desert Comes a Stranger.”

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Luke shows Baby Yoda all the frogs.


Baby Yoda’s choice — In Boba Fett Episode 6, Luke Skywalker gives Grogu an impossible choice: Get yourself a sweet little lightsaber once owned by Yoda or an awesome piece of beskar chainmail forged by Mando himself.

Dealing in absolutes, Luke oddly doesn’t see a way for Baby Yoda to accept the cool armor and the lightsaber at the same time. Instead, at this point in his life, Luke seems afraid to stray from the same Jedi dogma that plagued his former masters — Obi-Wan and Yoda — as well as his own father, Anakin Skywalker. Ahsoka even gives Luke what seems like a backhanded compliment when she says “so much like your father,” at one point in the episode.

So, will Baby Yoda choose a path where he stays with Luke and becomes a Jedi? The answer is almost certainly no. Luke even tells Ahsoka in this episode that he feels like Grogu’s “heart isn’t in it.”

Based on Grogu’s trauma around lightsabers, Mando’s love for Grogu, and the general feeling that Luke isn’t doing a great job training Baby Yoda, the plot seems to suggest that this choice isn’t really a choice at all. Baby Yoda, like Leia, will probably drop out of Jedi training and focus on family. To be clear, we don’t know that’s what will happen, but it seems like that’s the direction the plot is heading.

Ahsoka and Luke chat about Force stuff.


Skywalker’s homecoming? — Assuming that Grogu chooses daddy Mando over the Jedi path (which feels likely), the simple logistics of that decision might suggest what will happen in the Boba Fett finale. The extra slot on Mando’s new N-1 starfighter already suggests a custom car seat for Grogu, but getting him into that car seat seems like the responsibility of one person and one person only: Luke Skywalker.

Episode 6 of Boba Fett makes it pretty clear that Ahsoka is not hanging out at Luke’s not-quite Jedi school. That means the only person who can fly Grogu back to Mando on Tatooine is Luke.

If Luke heads back to Tatooine in the Boba Fett finale, it could be a major game-changer. Luke and Boba Fett have some history, simply because Luke is indirectly responsible for Boba getting knocked into the Sarlacc pit in the first place. Will Boba Fett be over that? Because if the bounty hunter no longer holds a grudge, Luke Skywalker could be the person to help turn the tide in Fett’s battle against the Pyke Syndicate.

If The Book of Boba Fett concludes with Luke Skywalker returning to Tatooine to deal with some scum and villainy once again, the show’s Return of the Jedi nostalgia will come full circle. Blasters and mercenaries against the Pykes are one thing. But Luke Skywalker and Mando, side-by-side, both swinging lightsabers? Well, to paraphrase Han Solo, that’s something else.

The Book of Boba Fett Season 1 finale airs on February 9 on Disney+.

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