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Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 8 release date, time, plot, and trailer for the HBO finale

The season finale is here — along with imminent demise for half the spaceship.


The missile is on its way. The ship is split into two. The passengers who thought they would be safe are now expected to perish. How will Ryan and the other crew members get out of the mess in the season finale? Everything will come to an explosive end in Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 8.

Here’s everything you need to know going into the finale, including Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 8’s release date, time, plot, cast, and preview.

When is the Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 8 release date?

Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 8, titled “That’s Why They Call It a Missile,” lands on HBO and HBO Max on Monday, November 28.

What is the Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 8 release time?

Spike is involved in a plan to save everyone on both sides of the ship.


Avenue 5 arrives at 10 p.m. Eastern on HBO and HBO Max.

How many episodes are left in Avenue 5 Season 2?

Avenue 5 Season 2 is eight episodes long from start to finish, which means we’ve arrived at the season finale. This will be the last installment of Season 2.

What is the plot of Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 8?

Ryan sheepishly comforts Elena, even though she is likely doomed.


Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 8, “That’s Why They Call It a Missile,” will show the two halves of the now divided ship trying to survive and avoid destruction from the fast-approaching missile. Will one side save itself and condemn the other to obliteration? Or will the two sides work together to somehow get everyone to safety?

Who is in the cast for Avenue 5 Season 2?

The comedic Avenue 5 cast is captained by Hugh Laurie as Ryan Clark, alongside Josh Gad as billionaire ship owner Herman Judd, Zach Woods as head of customer relations Matt Spencer, Lenora Crichlow as second engineer Billie McEvoy, Ethan Phillips as ship engineer Spike, Suzy Nakamura as associate owner Iris Kimura, and Nikki Amuka-Bird as head of mission control Rav Mulcair. Other cast members include Andy Buckley (Frank Kelly), Rebecca Front (Karen Kelly), Kyle Bornheimer (Doug), Jessica St. Clair (Mia), Leila Farzad (Elena), Adam Palsson (Mads), and Arsher Ali (Lucas).

Is there a trailer for Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 8?

Yes. A Season 2 Episode 8 preview is available exclusively on HBO’s website. It shows Ryan saving face by lying to Elena that everything is going to be okay when he knows that her side of the ship is likely now going to be destroyed. In the meantime, he’s communicating with Iris and Judd — both on the now-doomed side — and trying to figure out how they can work together to all avoid the missile. Naturally, Judd doesn’t want to cooperate. Elsewhere on the ship things are, of course, descending into chaos as the missile approaches, with passengers panicking and Rav oddly taking on a leadership role.

What happened in Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 7?

The ship separated was separated into two halves in Season 2 Episode 7.


Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 7, “I Love Judging People,” follows as the crew members brainstorm what to do about the incoming missile in order to save as many people as possible, in as fair a way as possible. Judd reveals that the ship can actually be separated into two parts — for tax reasons. Since the missile is programmed for mass destruction, they theorize that if the ship is split into two and the passengers are divided equally, the missile will likely hit the side with the engines. The problem is, the crew now needs to figure out who gets to stay on the safe side.

They decide to let an algorithm decide. Matt introduces the crew to an adaptive AI system that has all of the information about each passenger stored and ranks everyone based on their usefulness. There are secret cameras positioned all around the ship constantly documenting the behaviors of everyone. To cover up the outcome of the real ranking, Ryan announces that everyone ranked 1-3,000 in a certain amount of hours will get to stay in the nice suites as a reward. Everyone below that will have to go to the other end of the ship. The passengers are excited at the prospect of this reward.

Everyone starts behaving in ways they think will bring them up in the rankings, such as smiling and being overly kind to everyone. On the wristbands that everyone wears, they can hear whether they are going up or down in the ranking based on positive and negative sounds, so people begin to catch on to what affects the point system.

Wearing a Ryan mask, Karen sneaks into the room where the AI ranking system display is located. There, she sees footage of all of the nasty things Ryan has said about her, destroying her fantasy that he is in love with her. She then goes on a bender wearing the Ryan mask and doing bad things to people and the ship. The cameras confuse her for the real Ryan, causing his ranking to plummet.

Billie learns that she is ranked number two, and she receives a message to meet with number one. It turns out it’s Mads, who is just spewing positive nonsense that the AI system is confused by but gives him points for. Mat tries to help Rav bring up her ranking by helping people, but she ends up trying to save a man from choking who was actually having a heart attack. He ends up dying, which is not good for Rav’s ranking.

Meanwhile, Ryan is caught lying (the bad ranking sound plays each time he lies) about the whole situation to Elena, Charles, and his children, so he fesses up to them: There is a deadly missile arriving soon and this is how they’re splitting everyone up. When he hears his wristband playing the negative sound over and over, he goes to investigate what is happening. He confronts Karen by telling her that he doesn’t hate her, but he then goes on to say a bunch of things he despises about her, after which he apologizes. His apology then makes his ranking go up, leaving everyone around him to believe that if they are mean to people, but then apologize, their ranking will overall go up. Things descend into chaos, with people slapping each other and then apologizing for the rankings.

The deadline for the ranking is up, and everyone makes their way to opposite ends of the ship. Ryan selflessly gives his better-ranked wristband to Elena so that she and her kids will be saved. Billie and the other engineers also decide to stay on the doomed side, to stay with the engines until the very end. As the ship begins to cut in half and go into lockdown, Judd freaks out, runs to the safe side, and tells everyone to do the same, causing a mass panic run to that side. In a private room, Mia, who just gave birth, gets separated from her new baby and Doug. Once the sides are fully beginning to separate, the realization is made that because so many people jumped to the safe side, that side will likely be the one hit by the missile now, as it will cause the most casualties. This means Ryan actually likely doomed Elena, along with many of the other “good” people.

Will there be an Avenue 5 Season 3?

There’s still no official updates about the future of the sci-fi satire. Neither HBO nor show creator Armando Iannucci have said that Avenue 5 is either canceled or renewed for a third season, so there’s no reason to think that the show won’t continue. In fact, Iannucci has voiced interest in keeping the space comedy series going, as he told Inverse in an interview.

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