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Does Avatar: The Way of Water have a post-credits scene? A spoiler-free guide

Has even James Cameron succumbed to the demands of the modern franchise blockbuster?

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Welcome back to Pandora. But will you want to see even more? After 13 years, Avatar: The Way of Water brings audiences back to James Cameron’s sci-fi world. With three more movies supposedly coming, how is Cameron going to keep audiences engaged? Could a post-credits scene hook audiences for Avatar 3?

As the colossal Marvel Cinematic Universe has proved, extra scenes for viewers who sit through the credits reward fans with something fun and expand the world as an enticement to come back for more. When Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury first told Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) about “The Avengers Initiative” in Iron Man, Marvel fans left the theater dizzy over the possibility of seeing even more Marvel heroes on the big screen.

In the age of the evergreen franchise, did even James Cameron succumb to including a little extra something for audiences to chew on in the credits of Avatar: The Way of Water? Here’s what you need to know. And don’t worry, there are zero spoilers in this article.

Does Avatar: The Way of Water have a post-credits scene?

Does this little goober pop up again after the credits?

20th Century Studios

The answer is simply No. Avatar: The Way of Water does not have a post-credits scene. If you’re reading this because you’re currently sitting in the theater and want to know if you should stick around, you can head to the exit as soon as the movie’s over. Drive safe, although considering the three-hour run time, you’ll probably need a bathroom break first.

The Way of Water does, for the record, leave a few plot points unresolved, presumably to help set up the conflict of Avatar 3. We won’t spoil them here, and whether or not you’ll eventually see a resolution presumably depends on Way of the Water’s box office performance. But for now, the only reason to stick around is if you want to gawk at the ginormous list of people that helped bring Pandora back to life. James Cameron spent 13 years making a sequel no one really asked for, do you think he cares about post-credit trends?

Avatar: The Way of Water opens in theaters on December 16.

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