Margot Robbie's 'Terminal' Will Fill the John Wick-Sized Hole In Your Heart

"Here's to imminent death."

Weeks after walking the red carpet for her Oscar-nominated I, Tonya, Margot Robbie kicks off the ice skates and picks up a pistol in the trailer for the upcoming noir thriller Terminal. Gone is the rambunctiously passionate figure skater that lit up the silver screen. Robbie has channeled her inner Harley Quinn to play a bloodthirsty femme fatale, known only as Annie, who is taking no prisoners.

Terminal is set in an unnamed, sprawling metropolis littered with debauchery and neon lights. The setting looks like the fusion of psychedelic melodrama, Enter the Void, and neo-noir action movie John-Wick. The grimy alleyways and dimly lit clubs are prime territories for a host of seedy characters.

The film will follow two hitmen, played by Max Irons and Dexter Fletcher, who are tasked with carrying out a sinister mission. What initially seems like a routine job unravels into lethal consequences under the cover of night and the city’s fluorescent glow.

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Annie who moonlights as a waitress, but is a cutthroat assassin by trade manipulates the two hired guns as if they were wrapped around her finger. All in the name of satisfying her “unquenchable bloodlust.”

Terminal is directed by Vaughn Stein, known for his work in World War Z and Sherlock Holmes (2009). Some of the film’s producers include Robbie herself and Tom Ackerley, who also produced I, Tonya.

The film will hit theaters on May 11 and is sure to satisfy the noir craving that John Wick: Chapter 2 gave theater-goers last year.

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