Jon Snow Should’ve Told Daenerys About Aemon Targaryen


When Jon Snow and Daenerys finally met after more than six seasons of Game of Thrones, it was a monumental occasion, even if they didn’t exactly hit it off right away. But, as dramatic as the event was, it wasn’t the first time that Jon met a Targaryen, and at least that one liked him quite a bit. Why didn’t he tell Dany about how her great-uncle, Aemon Targaryen, who trusted and respected him?

Aemon, in case you’ve forgotten, was the maester of the Night’s Watch for many, many years. After Robert’s Rebellion, he was the last Targaryen in all of Westeros, though he remained loyal to the Watch rather than let his loyalties to his house interfere. This selflessness was kind of Aemon’s whole deal, as he actually could have been the king but took the black to take himself out of the running, allowing his brother to take the throne without the threat of being overthrown.

When Jon joined the Night’s Watch, Aemon took a liking to him, guiding him through many of the same conflicts of duty and family that he’d endured during his long, long life. Aemon cast the deciding vote to elect Jon Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and was one of his staunchest allies. Keep in mind, Aemon didn’t know he was talking to a fellow Targaryen, as Jon’s parentage still hasn’t been made public. He just respected Jon.

Seems like something that might’ve behooved Jon to bring up during his frosty meeting with Daenerys. Dany never met Aemon, of course, but with all her talk of honor, family, and history, it seems like she might’ve appreciated knowing that Jon once served alongside her only other (known) relative, and that Aemon trusted Jon to do what must be done.

There’s a chance Jon might bring it up in future episodes. If he does, it will be a sweet moment, and not just because it might help Jon endear himself with the Mother of Dragons. Maester Aemon died after decades of loyal service to the Watch, but when he heard about Dany’s plight, he lamented his inability to help her.


“A Targaryen alone in the world is a terrible thing,” he told Jon.

Well, if Jon and Dany become allies, neither of them will be a Targaryen alone in the world.

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