Looks Like That Big Potential ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoiler Was True

It's all about the catspaw blade. 

HBO/Entertainment Weekly

On Thursday, an intriguing Game of Thrones theory arose surrounding the dagger Arya Stark is holding in a photo that graces Entertainment Weekly’s May 30 cover. Namely, that the weapon is the catspaw blade from Season 1. If Arya has this long-forgotten dagger, it almost certainly means she’ll kill Petyr Baelish in Season 7.

Confused? The Valyrian steel dagger known as the catspaw blade is the same one an assassin used in the first season to try to kill Bran Stark as he recovered from his window-fall.

One Redditor traced the weapons path as it changed owners again and again following the failed assassination attempt and determined that as of Season 6, it’s now in Littlefinger’s possession. The fact that Arya apparently has it in Season 7 strongly suggests that she’s dispatched with its most recent owner.

Arya’s way of obtaining such an item would not involve politely asking Littlefinger to give it up, and Littlefinger is hardly the type of guy to hand a fancy Valyrian blade to Arya Stark.

Now, that plot has thickened more, because the dagger has also appeared in a promotional photo for HBO Nordic. This suggests that its reappearance for the first time since Season 1 is no coincidence, and it will play a significant role in the season.

The dagger in question

HBO Nordic

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres on July 16 on HBO.

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