The 'Attack on Titan' Season 2 Premiere Had Twitter Shook

Every episode is a roller coaster, if the roller coaster only plummeted straight to hell.


After a hiatus that lasted long enough for most fans to pack up their SNK cosplay, Attack on Titan Season 2 finally premiered this weekend. The very first episode of Season 2 picks up right where the finale stopped; the Survey Corps deals with the aftermath of Annie, the hidden titan in Wall Sina, and a new horror on the horizon. That new horror, called Beast Titan, is surprisingly hairy and surprisingly sentient.

No doubt a force that will need to be reckoned with in Season 2, Beast Titan displays some very worrying skills in the premiere. Not only can it speak to and with humans, it also seems to have control over the dumber, smaller, more human titans. There’s still tons we don’t know about the titans, but the one thing that’s guaranteed is the fact that the body count will be crazy high this season.

Overwhelmed by Beast Titan (and its inevitable body count), fans took to Twitter to rejoice — if that’s even the right word — over the new season of Attack on Titan. We’re in for a rough ride, but at least we have each other as humanity gets wrecked each week.

Here’s the best of Twitter … until next time:

Four years is a long time — people forgot how gutting SNK is.

Most were overjoyed to be reunited with their one true love, and celebrated in an appropriately grizzly manner.

(Or, in some cases, a completely inappropriate manner.)

But most people really lost their shit when the Beast Titan was revealed.

The jaw-dropper of the episode was definitely when the Beast Titan spoke more eloquently than our beloved but hot-headed Eren.

That moment shook more than just Twitter.

But mostly, the Beast Titan scared the shit out of anime fans.

At the end of the episode, Twitter collectively took a moment to mourn Miche (Mike), who was second best in skill only to Levi, but ended up being the first person to die by titan this season.

Who knows what fresh hell the next episode will bring? All we know is Twitter will be there for you at the end.

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