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Detox is an Inverse series that cuts through the hype and confusion of today’s health and wellness claims. From sunscreen to probiotics to face washing and everything in between, we cut straight to the science providing readers with accurate, evidence-based advice to live healthy and happy lives.

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Why you shouldn't sleep in on the weekend (sorry)

We don't like it either.


Should you take a personalized multivitamin? A nutrition expert explains one big problem with these regimens

Here’s what we actually know and don’t know about micronutrients.


Peeing Red: What is beeturia and who gets it?

If you ate beets last night and are seeing red, don't panic.


Can you drink coffee without staining your teeth? Dentists reveal tricks that actually work

There are ways to help prevent the stains that accompany your coffee addiction.


Do detox foot pads work? An immunologist explains a huge flaw with the wellness trend

These kinds of products mislead the public about how the human body works.


Are period cramps normal? What hurts, what helps, and when to see a doctor.

Gynecologists explain the science behind menstrual cramps.


This lifestyle “hack” claims to alleviate anxiety. But does it actually work?

Videos explaining how to stimulate the vagus nerve have millions of views.


Is collagen worth taking? Scientists reveal the ideal method for building the protein

Our body naturally produces collagen — it's also a 2 billion dollar supplement industry.


Summer skin: Dermatologists reveal how to stay safe and when to worry

Get to know your moles.


How much exercise do you actually need?

No matter what you do, the key is consistency.


Do you need 8 glasses of water a day? Hydration scientists demystify the number

“Hydration is the most essential nutrient needed to sustain life”


What’s the best way to wash your face? Dermatologists explain the science of clean skin

Rinsing with water is likely not enough.

Summer sun

You are probably applying sunscreen wrong. Skincare experts explain how to best use it.

You're also likely not using enough.


How does social media affect body image in men? The dangers of Instagram, explained

Facebook has admitted to making body image issues worse for one in three teen girls, and boys are suffering as well.


Doctors say how to untangle mental and sexual health

Medical professionals unravel the complex link between sexual and mental health.


What mental health experts say people get wrong about divorce

Is a “painless” divorce possible? Experts say that’s the wrong question.

Mental health
Sunday Scaires

Is ketamine the secret to treating depression? Mental health studies reveal its potential

The need for new mental health treatments is obvious — ketamine may be one solution.

Climate Crisis

Extreme heat linked to harassment at work, study reveals

Climate change has serious effects on human behavior with implications for workplace interactions and productivity.

Sunday Scaries

Scientists know why we are so indecisive — and how to get over it

“People are generally quite bad at perceiving and using probability information.”

Call for help

Need to use 988? 4 key questions about the new mental health crisis hotline, answered

Here’s what we know about the new number.

Cult Week

The cults that survive even when the prophecy fails

Aliens, immortality, and zombie JFK... One essential trait explains how extreme beliefs survive and thrive.


Psychological distress may increase your odds of getting long Covid, study finds

The results could help us better understand the condition that is currently affecting millions of Americans.

Sunday Scaries

Brain signatures tied to appetite could reveal new treatments for depression

The direction of appetite changes matches specific neural alterations.


Scientists finally know why we get distracted — and how we can stay on track

More than just a distraction, mind-wandering (and its cousin, daydreaming) may help us prepare for the future


Being the only one masked in the office can be hard. A psychiatrist suggests these tips

“Everyone in my workplace can see that I’m the only person still masking, all day every day."

Streamer Secrets

YouTuber Ali 'Myth' Kabbani reveals why so many streamers are ditching Twitch

YouTube streamer Myth gets candid about growing up streaming and staying positive.

Longevity hacks

Microbreaks may be a ‘panacea’ for workday wellness

Anywhere between 8 seconds and 10 minutes does you some good.

Sunday Scaries

Emotional intelligence might make you more resilient, but there’s a catch

Here’s why a better way to measure emotional intelligence could improve relationships.

Mind and Body

Deficiencies in these common vitamins can cause peculiar and dramatic symptoms

A delicate balance of nutrients is key for brain health.

Sunday Scaries

Feeling stressed? Here are 7 simple actions to boost your mental health

Build a coping toolbox.

Mind and Body

Psychedelic trips and near-death experiences result in strikingly similar attitude shifts

The two experiences alter a person’s core beliefs in a comparable way and scientists want to understand why.

Mind and Body

Three factors explain why it’s so hard to change our minds — but it’s not hopeless

It’s natural to resist changing your mind.