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How does social media affect body image in men? The dangers of Instagram, explained

Facebook has admitted to making body image issues worse for one in three teen girls, and boys are suffering as well.


Doctors say how to untangle mental and sexual health

Medical professionals unravel the complex link between sexual and mental health.


What mental health experts say people get wrong about divorce

Is a “painless” divorce possible? Experts say that’s the wrong question.


What causes Muscle Dysmorphia? Symptoms, treatment, and more

An apparent rise in Muscle Dysmorphia among men is worrying experts because the disorder can be dangerous


Can men get postpartum depression? Experts and dads reveal the truth.

“He was in the NICU for a month. By the time he got home, we had already been through the wringer.”


Questioning your sexuality? Bisexual men say one action is critical

Men discuss the mental health challenges of being bisexual in a binary world and offer advice on how to process your sexuality.


Ask this one simple question to people who might be “addicted” to video games


3 insights men say they wish they knew before their infertility diagnosis

1. Talk to someone about your diagnosis.


How do single dads start dating? The one vital question to ask

“Don't put undue pressure on yourself, but also don't let your behavior be guided by fear.”


Imposter syndrome: The one vital question men have to ask themselves

Here’s how to identify what you may be experiencing, what causes it, and what to do next.


The one vasectomy side-effect men don’t expect

“Several times things got so severe that I broke down in a kind of panic.”


Is your workplace toxic? Experts reveal the one thing you can do to fix it

Research shows toxic workplaces can be devastating to mental health.


There’s "one simple phrase" experts say works on conspiracy theorists

What to do when your friend has been radicalized.


Questioning masculinity can make you happier and smarter

The data is clear: rigid ideas about gender can be terrible for your mental health.


How to figure out if you’re ready to be a dad

Fatherhood is often portrayed as something that just happens to a man. But it's a decision that deserves serious thought.


Do antidepressants hurt sex drive? Scientists split fact from fiction

Antidepressants can be lifesaving. But some men with depression are worried about the sexual side effects.

Mental health

How to treat adult ADHD: A psychologist explains medication and more

The experience of ADHD isn’t entirely based in genetics.

The Rules of Time Travel

5 years ago, Happy Death Day did one revolutionary thing no time-travel movie had done before

This slasher cuts a little bit deeper.

Forest for the Trees

Studies linking nature to better mental health focus on wealthy nations — here's why that's a huge problem

Outdoor psychology has a cultural bias problem


Here’s the optimal amount of sleep for good mental health, according to a new study

Get this many hours of sleep per night to keep your brain going strong.

Sunday Scaries

Scientists reveal 2 perilous side effects of poor mental health on one vital organ

There is a bidirectional relationship between mental health and heart health.

Abortion Rights

What overturning Roe means for medication abortion

“The fact that there's an FDA-approved drug for use up to 10 weeks and states are saying ‘no, you can only use it for six,’ makes no sense.”


Four low-key psychology hacks to increase life satisfaction for good

Stop and smell the roses, really.

Inverse Daily

Study: To fight off depression, here’s how much exercise you really need

Plus: A giant asteroid is coming our way.

The Road Less Traveled

Just over an hour of weekly exercise reduces the risk of depression, scientists say

Get ready for a lot of brisk walking.

Sunday Scaries

Feeling anxious? Mental-health experts reveal how to build a ‘mental gym’

How to confront anxiety in the moment — and prepare for when it strikes again.

Risk Factors

Psychiatric conditions make breakthrough Covid-19 cases more likely

Researchers are finally understanding the connection between psychiatric conditions and the immune system.

Mind and Body

The most annoying part of Zoom also damages your mental health — especially for one gender

Or, the scientific case for turning your camera off on Zoom.

Trauma Club

'Moon Knight' just fixed the most annoying trope of Marvel's Phase 4

There aren't many new frontiers in the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but 'Moon Knight' managed to find one.


How one architect’s radical ideas about nature changed American cities forever

Frederick Law Olmsted would have been 200 years old today — his legacy endures.

Sunday Scaries

Remote work might make the most miserable side effect of office culture even worse

We know presenteeism causes harm. Presenteeism at home is another beast.

Ol' Reliable

How 'Moon Knight' Episode 4's huge twist is a major first for the MCU

'Moon Knight's gigantic twist finally brings a long-awaited and incredibly useful storytelling trope to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.