Detox is an Inverse series that answers the men’s mental health questions you’re too uncomfortable to ask.

Mental health
Sunday Scaries

Say you're sorry with science

Pet science

Why are pets so good for mental health? Science explains

Sunday Scaries

5 scientific reasons why being in nature is good for the brain

Simply the best

How an expert psilocybin tester chooses award-winning mushrooms

The first-ever “Psilocybin Cup” received more than 50 magic mushroom submissions.


How more men can feel better

Mind and Body

Introverts vs. extroverts: Are the indoor types really faring better?

Scientific evidence seems to be busting this pervasive myth.

Sunday Scaries

Scientists compared psilocybin against antidepressants for the first time

“Psilocybin therapy didn’t just decrease depressive symptoms.”

smart food

Four ways fasting may help your brain

Time without food benefits the mind, not just the body.

science explains

The six human screams

Mind and Body

One personality trait can help you fight quarantine fatigue

The long-term effects of Covid-19 — both to our physical and mental health — are emerging.

Sunday Scaries

Can’t sleep? These two science-backed tips will help

Scientists find an association between boredom and poor sleep quality.


An unlikely combination of drugs may work together to fight Covid-19

This study confirms Prozac may help treat Covid-19 in concert with remdesivir — and brings a surprising new candidate to the table.