Updating your home doesn't need to be expensive — & these upgrades under $35 are proof

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Your home is probably where you spend a solid majority of your time, and that’s why I try to make mine look as nice as possible. The only problem is that I’m also trying (and mostly succeeding) to stick to a monthly budget, which means I can’t go wild when it comes to buying new stuff. Thankfully, there are tons of cheap home updates available on Amazon, many of which cost less than $35.

Undergoing a massive kitchen makeover may be an obvious upgrade, but sometimes it’s the smaller things that make the biggest impact. Adding a bidet to your toilet or creating a table centerpiece using a stylish lazy Susan are both easy and affordable ways to update your home. I’ve also made sure to include smart ways to save space, including a set of vacuum storage bags that you can use when packing suitcases. But if you want to check out these cheap home updates for yourself, you’ll just have to keep scrolling for more.


A stylish French press made with stainless steel & borosilicate glass

Not only does this French press look good, but it’s also made from a combination of stainless steel and tough borosilicate glass. The result? It’s less likely to rust over time or become affected by hot temperatures. Plus, the permanent filter means there’s no need to buy wasteful paper replacements.


The throw pillows that come in so many colors

Sandstone, hot pink, almond oil — these throw pillow covers come in so many gorgeous colors that you shouldn’t have any trouble matching them to your decor. The best part? They’re made from soft polyester with a jacquard pattern that makes them look more expensive than $15.


A customizable bidet that’s easy to install

The spray nozzle on this bidet retracts when you aren’t using it, and installation is also a total breeze (as no special tools are required to get it up and running). The dial on the side also lets you adjust the water temperature and pressure.


This wireless doorbell that rings throughout your home

With a wireless range of up to 1,000 feet, you shouldn’t have any problem hearing this doorbell ring throughout your home. The outdoor buttons are weatherproof, so there’s no need to worry about whether or not they’ll work in the rain — and each order includes a set of batteries that are rated to last for up to three years.


A charging station that helps tidy up cable clutter

If your desk has turned into a mess of lightning and micro-USB cables, this charging station is a must-have. There’s enough space for it to hold up to four phones or tablets. Plus, each order includes five shortened charging cables — two lightning, two micro-USB, and one type-C — to help keep everything looking tidy.


The coat rack that takes up hardy any space

This coat rack is available for less than $35, and takes up so little space that you shouldn’t have any problem finding somewhere to set it up. The pieces screw together without help from any extra tools, all while six pegs give you ample room for everything from hats to jackets.


A large charcuterie board made from sleek bamboo

At more than 15 inches wide, this charcuterie board has more than enough space for all the prosciutto, cheddar cheese, or whatever other finger foods you like to snack on. It’s made from sleek bamboo, and there are even grooves along the sides where you can place crackers or nuts. Consider it a must-have for your next happy hour at home.


These reusable baking mats that can help you save money over time

Still relying on wasteful parchment paper or baking sprays? Now’s your chance to upgrade to these baking mats. They’re made from nonstick silicone that won’t latch onto your baked goods as they cook — and since they’re reusable, they’ll even help you save money over time.


A set of floating shelves with a rustic, industrial style

Made from durable paulownia wood, these floating shelves are perfect for that empty wall you’re trying to fill, as they’re able to hold up to 50 pounds with ease. You can use them to display picture frames, or even store a few extra rolls of toilet paper — and many reviewers appreciate how they were “easy to put together.”


The motion-sensor LED light bars that are simple to install

These LED light bars only require three AA batteries (which are not included), yet provide hours of light wherever you need it — whether that’s dark stairways, underneath kitchen cabinets, or even above workbenches. Plus, their built-in motion sensors prevent them from turning on when no one is around, helping the batteries last even longer.


A set of bartending tools that are made from rust-resistant stainless steel

Buying pre-made margaritas from the store can be expensive, whereas making your own at home using these bartending tools is not only cheaper, but possibly better tasting as well. Each tool is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, with a brushed finish that helps prevent scratches. Plus, all pieces are safe to send through the dishwasher.


This lazy Susan turntable that looks better than the rest

Unlike some lazy Susans, this one is made from sleek bamboo that’ll look good just about anywhere you put it. You can use it in cabinets so that it’s easier to reach any items stashed in the back, or even place it on your dining table as part of a cute centerpiece. And if it ever gets dirty? Simple wipe it down with mild soap for an easy clean.


The velvet-coated hangers that shouldn’t let clothes slip off

Many plastic hangers have smooth surfaces that can let spaghetti straps slide off if you aren’t careful, so why not make the switch to these velvet-coated ones? The velvet adds enough friction to help keep garments from slipping, and their ultra-thin profile helps you fit even more clothes onto your closet rod.


A protective sheet that helps extend the life of your mattress

Not only does this protective fitted sheet feature a waterproof surface to help keep your mattress safe from fluids and dust mites, but it also won’t crinkle whenever you toss or turn, as it’s lined with a soft cotton terry material. It’s also available in sizes ranging from twin to California king.


This double-sided tape that helps keep your rugs from curling

It’s easy to trip over curled rugs — but it’s even easier to secure them down using this double-sided tape. It’s sticky enough to work on nearly any type of floor, from concrete surfaces to fuzzy carpeted ones. And if you ever decide it’s no longer necessary, you can easily peel it off without leaving behind any sticky residue.


These hanging shelves that add storage to cramped closets

If your closet could use a few extra shelves, you can easily hang up this set to add some more storage space. Five drawers give you space for more sensitive garments you’d prefer to keep hidden from sight, like bras or underwear. Plus, there are even mesh pockets on the side for any loose items that are kicking around.


A rainfall shower head made with anti-clog nozzles

Since the nozzles on this rainfall shower head are made from soft silicone, they’re easy to clean whenever limescale builds up. Installation is also simple, as the twist-on system allows it to fit onto nearly any type of shower setup within just a few minutes.


This plant stand that can help save your floors from scratches

Putting potted plants directly on your floors is an easy way to wind up with scratches, so why not pop your plants into this stand instead? You can easily adjust the height simply by flipping it upside-down — and despite the sleek appearance, it’s so sturdy that it can even support up to 150 pounds.


These blackout curtains that dim the room fast

Not only do these blackout curtains make it easier to dim the room, but their extra-thick material can also help insulate your home against the weather outside. The result? You might notice your utility bills are lower than usual — and with 18 colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any problem finding one that suits your home.


A magnetic screen door that you can open without using your hands

Go ahead and walk straight through this screen door the next time your hands are full; the magnets running down the middle will separate, then immediately seal themselves shut once you’ve passed through the opening. Installation only takes a few quick minutes using the included thumbtacks, and there’s even a video tutorial available if you need a little extra help.


The smart plugs that don’t require an extra hub

Unlike some smart plugs, these ones don’t require an extra hub in order to work. Just sync them with your smartphone using the downloadable app, then plug your lights into them. Then, you’ll now be able to put your lights onto schedules so that they’re on when you come home. Plus, you can also control them using voice commands when paired with Alexa or Google Home.


These electric salt & pepper grinders that do the work for you

Simply press the button on the tops of these salt and pepper grinders, and they’ll do all the grinding for you so that your wrists stay strain-free. They’re also sure to look stylish wherever you put them, as the stainless steel exterior makes them look more expensive than $32 — a definite upgrade to the plastic grinders that might be sitting on your table.


The nonslip liners that help keep the shelves in your fridge clean

Scrubbing your refrigerator shelves clean is a total pain, especially when that spill has glued itself down — and that’s why these liners are a total game-changer. Their nonslip surfaces help keep condiments and juices from getting knocked over, but they also make it easy to wipe them clean with a damp rag. And if they don’t quite fit, you can also trim them to fit smaller spaces.


A gadget that can push buttons for you while you’re out

If you want your ceiling lights to be on when you come home — but you don’t want to mess around with installing a smart light switch — consider giving this button pusher a try instead. Simply place it underneath a light switch, and then use the downloadable app to either control it from afar or put it on a schedule. Plus, the included battery is rated to last for almost two years.


This slim food scale that won’t take up too much space

Some food scales are bulky, whereas this one has a sleek profile that won’t take up too much space in your drawers or cabinets. It can measure up to 11 pounds, and the high-contrast LCD screen makes it easy to read your precise measurements. Choose from seven colors, including a fun shade of mint green.


A shoe rack that you can stack for extra storage

If one of these racks isn’t enough to hold your entire shoe collection, simply buy a second rack and stack it on top of the first to double your storage space. It’s so sturdy that it can easily hold up to 40 pounds, making it suitable for various types of shoes — and it’s even made from stylish bamboo instead of plastic.


The water filter that replaces thousands of plastic bottles

Making the switch from plastic bottles to this Brita water filter won’t just save you money — it’ll also prevent up to 1,800 plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill. It attaches to any standard faucet, and can remove up to 99% of lead, chlorine, and other harsh contaminants. Plus, it only needs to be replaced after every 100 gallons, or about once every four months.


A pan rack that you can use horizontally or vertically

Stacking your pans in a jumbled mess can result in accidental scratches, whereas this rack keeps them safely separated. You can use it horizontally or vertically — whatever fits best in your cabinets or on your counters — and each order includes a set of screws to help keep it from shifting.


These glass jars that are way more decorative than spice bottles

There’s nothing wrong with using the plastic bottles your spices came in — but if you’d prefer something a little decorative, consider transferring them into these glass jars. Their bamboo lids are airtight, helping keep your spices fresh until you’re ready to use them. You also get a set of labels to help keep everything organized.


An aerator that can help improve the flavor of your wine

Pop this aerator spout into any bottle of wine, and it’ll infuse your red and whites with the ideal amount of oxygen as they pour through. The slanted tip helps prevent drips, while the rubber stopper creates an airtight seal to stop any leaks from happening. One reviewer even wrote, “Wow! I didn't think that $20 wine could get better but it did. Box wine? Improved! Really good bottles? Improved.”


The vertical hangers that help you make the most of cramped closets

If your closet rod simply isn’t long enough to hold that many pieces of clothing, these vertical hangers can help you make the most of what little space you have. Each one can hold up to five pairs of pants, and their open-ended designs make it easy to slide one pair off without having to remove the others. Plus, the frame is made from tough steel — not plastic.


A UV-blocking sun shade that comes in dozens of sizes

Whether you have a small patio or massive yard, you’re almost guaranteed to find this sun shade in a size that’ll fit your space. High-density polyethylene knitted fabric blocks the sun’s harsh UV rays, while stainless steel D-rings on each side help you secure it down. It also features curved sides to help you pull it as taut as possible — no drooping in sight.


These pillowcases lined with smooth, silky satin

These best-selling polyester-satin pillowcases create less friction against your strands, which can help reduce unwanted frizz simply by sleeping on them. And with more than 20 colors to choose from, it shouldn’t be too hard finding one that matches your bed sheets. Plus, they have over 180,000 five-star ratings.


The vacuum storage bags that come with a hand pump

Not only are these vacuum storage bags great for saving space in your closets, but they can also be used to pack even more clothes into your suitcase when traveling. Each order comes with a hand pump, so there’s no need to find a vacuum while you’re away from home. One reviewer also wrote, “I was able to save so much room while packing for college! Also,​ it made it so easy to pack my pillows.”


These silicone chair leg protectors that you don’t have to nail into place

Unlike some chair leg protectors, these ones are made from soft silicone that stretches over your furniture legs, eliminating the need for a hammer and nails. They’re also lined with soft felt so that your chairs can easily glide back and forth, and you even have the choice of three wood-friendly colors: transparent, brown, or black.


A draft stopper that can help lower your utility bills

If your HVAC unit is working overtime to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, you might want to invest in these draft stoppers. They close the gap underneath drafty doors, helping insulate your home so that your HVAC doesn’t have to work so hard. The result? You might notice your utility bills are lower than usual — and all it cost was $10.


The stylish toilet paper stand with a built-in shelf

This toilet paper stand has a sleek, silver-gray finish that’ll look good in just about any bathroom. And with space for up to three extra rolls, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of toilet paper again. Plus, there’s a built in shelf where you can store your phone or a small box of tissues.


An easy-to-use drywall putty that’s perfect for beginners

You don’t have to be a DIY expert to fix holes in your drywall with this putty, as its beginner-friendly applicator makes it incredibly easy to use. Simply rub it overtop small holes in a circular motion, then dust off any excess with a dry cloth. Once dry, you’ll be able to paint over it — and the proprietary formula shouldn’t crack or dry out over time.


These garage magnets that help boost your home’s curb appeal

There’s nothing wrong with having a plain garage door — but if you’re looking for cheap ways to improve your home’s curb appeal, these magnets can help and are affordable at less than $20. They’re made from durable ABS with a rust-iron finish, making them look real (even when you’re up close). “Took seconds to apply to my garage door, but makes such a difference cosmetically,” wrote one reviewer.


A replacement seal to help keep your shower from leaking

If you’re frequently stepping out of the shower and into a puddle of water that’s pooled onto the floor, it might be time to replace the seal on the bottom of the door. This one in particular is universally compatible with nearly any door, and it can be trimmed to fit shorter spaces. There’s also no adhesive necessary when installing, as the seal snugly clips into the glass — all it takes is a gentle press.

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