Thousands of Amazon reviewers say these 42 clever things genuinely made their lives better

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by Christina X. Wood
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When I’m shopping for a cure for my headache, a new sweatshirt, or ideas to organize my kitchen, I love the help I get from Amazon reviewers. Sure, some of them are super grumpy about everything or not as discerning as I am. But taken in aggregate, there is no better way to find the thing I’m looking for and to get ideas for how to use it. How did people decide which power bank or stain remover to buy without all this assistance on tap? I’m sure I did it, too, but I can’t imagine how. I’ve found these 45 clever things that thousands of Amazon reviewers say genuinely made their lives better.

For example, I discovered that my closet is seriously short of comfy and warm sweatshirts to throw on over my loungewear so, naturally, I hit up Amazon in search of something cute but not too expensive. I found the perfect thing but the price was so low, I was skeptical — until I got to the enthusiastic reviews backing it up. Another time I was in the market for a daily face lotion with a high SPF. I was fully expecting to pay way too much for it, but a search brought me to a wildly popular — and super affordable — lotion that’s terrific. So I switched brands and saved myself a tidy sum.

So keep scrolling — there’s something here for every aspect of your life.

1. The mattress pad that keeps you cool & comfy

This breathable, cotton-covered mattress pad will not only protect your expensive mattress from spills and stains, but it will also help you sleep in a soft cloud of comfort that won’t turn hot and sweaty midway through the night. The microfiber filling and cotton cover breathe and allow airflow while the deep, sheet-style pocket keeps it firmly in place so you can sleep through the night.

2. This genius holder that brings soap right to your sponge

This sponge caddy is a smart sink-side system that stores your sponge where it can drip dry and infuses it with soap every time you use it. All you do is push down on the sponge to pump the dispenser and load the soap directly into your sponge from below. Over 16,000 people give it five stars.

3. An affordable & easy way to whiten teeth

If you’re after a whiter smile, you probably already know professional treatments are expensive and home treatments are often a hassle. Enter this whitening kit, which uses a combination of LED bulbs and pre-mixed gel to whiten your teeth in just three 10-minute sessions. It even has a timer, so you can read or play a game while it does its thing.

4. This compact knife sharpener with over 41,000 five-star ratings

Don’t let the small size of this little knife sharpener make you think it’s a weak tool. With just a few strokes through the “coarse” slot and a few more through the “fine” one, your knives will be like-new sharp, which is why almost 42,000 people give it five stars. It comes in four great colors.

5. A foot roller that massages away pain

This foot roller is designed to get into the arch of your foot and work out tensions and pain caused by heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, being trapped in shoes for hours, and standing or walking for long periods. The nubby bumps knead tired and sore muscles as you roll to relax your feet and work out painful ailments. You can even chill or warm it for a more intense effect.

6. This fleece sweatshirt at a buy-several price

Soft? Comfy? Roomy? Sleeves that are long enough? All the boxes are checked on this terrific sweatshirt that still manages to come in under $20, which is amazing and probably a big reason nearly 11,000 people give it five stars. The cotton-blend sweater comes in eight vintage-faded colors that make it hard to choose which one to buy — you may as well stock up for the season with a few.

7. The gel-filled mousepad & wrist wrest for happy hands

Want to take better care of your hands while you work on a computer? It’s not like you can grow a new set if you break these, right? This ergonomic set includes a soft and roomy mouse pad with a built-in gel-filled wrist rest and matching keyboard wrist rest that give your delicate carpal tunnel area a pillow to rest on while your fingers work. In addition to black, it comes in five groovy colors and patterns to spice up your office space.

8. A pair of power banks so you never have a dead phone

Before you head into a long day, toss one of these slim and sleek power banks into your bag to make sure your phone works through the end of the day. Each one will charge a phone at least twice and detects the power needs of the device you plug into it. The pair of them together weigh less than a pound and over 36,000 people are thrilled with them.

9. These silicone bendy straws so you don’t have to use plastic

Keep a few of these 10 reusable, silicone, bendy straws in your bad so you can say no to plastic straws when you are out on the world. Use them to replace the one that came with your 20-ounce tumbler. And keep them in the kitchen so you can use a straw without guilt. They are soft on your teeth, come in an assortment of muted blue, teal, purple, and pink and come with a carry bag and cleaning brush.

10. This outlet extender that beefs up any outlet

Sure, you could use a power strip on the floor, but this outlet extender transforms any two-plug outlet into a beefy four-plug one with three USB and one USB-C ports and that seems much more in keeping with modern power needs. Just plug it in and replace one screw in the outlet cover with this one’s and you are good to go.

11. A clever knife block with a child lock

If your kids are old enough to climb up to the knives but too young to use them safely, this locking knife block is a brilliant solution. Put the knives away and they are automatically locked into the block. It requires an adult-sized hand to press the release and get the knives out, so your kids are safe from the knife set.

12. A Ring path light to enhance your smart-home lighting

This Ring Pathlight extends your Ring smart home out into the yard. And they install simply by sticking them into the ground where you want light and connecting them to your system. They will respond to voice commands when you ask your smart home to turn on the outside lighting, alert you on your phone if someone triggers them, and turn on automatically when they sense motion so they add security as well as decorative and functional lighting.

13. This weird socket so you always have the right tool

No matter how many sockets you have in your toolbox, there is always one strange, deformed, or stripped bolt that none of them fit. For those moments, or for anyone with a scant socket collection, there is this universal socket tool that fits onto your wrench and has 54 spring-loaded pins that adapt to whatever shape you are trying to turn.

14. These bottle grippers for a wall-mounted spice rack

Stick these gripper clips to the inside of your cupboard doors, the pantry walls, or wherever you have an unused vertical space, and snap your spice jars into them to create a spice rack that’s within reach and easy to scan for what you want. “How did I ever live without them?” asks one of the 9,000 five-star reviewers. “They added room in my spice cupboard and hold all different circumferences of spice bottles.” This set comes with six strips of clips that hold a total of 30 jars.

15. This cute bag organizer that hangs over a cupboard

Saving plastic grocery bags is a great way to reuse them, but you need a system or they become a mess. And this over-cabinet bag holder is a brilliant system. It tucks away inside (or outside) a cupboard, is always within easy reach, and it’s quick to jam bags into it. When you need a bag, they dispense right out the front. It comes in eight finishes.

16. A clever place to put your keys & the dog leash

This key rack is so brilliant because it converts the wall switch at your front door into the perfect place to stash keys or a leash. Just replace two of the screws in the switch cover with these two magnet screws. Now just get in the habit of sticking your keys to those high-powered magnets and you will always be able to find them.

17. These wipes that keep all your screens clean

Most homes have so many delicate electronic these days that keeping them clean presents a real challenge. Keep these wipes around; they’re soaked in a formula that cleans electronics gently and wipes screens without damage. Follow up the cleaning by polishing with the included microfiber cloth and your screens will be dust and fingerprint-free.

18. A pair of peelers for everything from potatoes to chocolate

These vegetable peelers have sharp ceramic blades and ergonomic handles that make them great for peeling potatoes, apples, carrots, or even creating chocolate shavings. You can also use them to create interesting salad shapes from zucchini and other vegetables. They wash easily, too.

19. This pet odor remover that uses enzymes to eat bad smells

When your pet has been bad, it can be very difficult to completely eliminate the stink that naughtiness leaves behind. This odor eliminator uses enzymes to destroy the smell and leave behind a fresh scent instead. “This is the best odor-removing product I have ever used,” says one reviewer. “It completely removed from my carpeting. All I did was follow the directions and I now have a wonderfully odor-free home again.”

20. An aluminum-free deodorant stick that smells wonderful

This Schmidt's deodorant’s bergamot and lime scent is so alluring that you’ll be sticking your nose in your shirt all day for a whiff. And it works, too, using mineral-derived ingredients to neutralize odors and absorb wetness as well as delicious-smelling essential odors to give you a light, citrusy scent. The cruelty-free formula is vegan and free of both aluminum and artificial fragrance.

21. This long body pillow for extra support while you sleep

This microfiber-filled body pillow with a bamboo cover is a full 54 inches long, so you can put your head on it and wrap your legs around it while you sleep on your side. It will also stretch all the way across the top of a queen-sized bed for a tidy made bed. Shoppers have left nearly 3,000 five-star reviews for it and are gushing about how squishy, delicious, and supportive it is and lamenting only that they did not buy it sooner.

22. A daily SPF 30 face lotion with a cult following

This affordable, lightweight face lotion maintains a cult following with over 34,000 five-star ratings. Like more expensive lotions, this SPF30 formula features hydrating ceramides and hyaluronic acid. It’s oil-free, too, so it won’t add excess moisture if you have oily skin.

23. These cooling towels for sports & hot weather

These cooling towels are a must have if you play sports, work outdoors, or plan on spending the day in the heat. Just saturate them with water, wring them out, and wear them around your neck or head. The evaporative cooling will drop your body temperature for a real sensation of coolness. They are super absorbent and SPF 50, too, so they are great to bring along when camping or hiking.

24. A milk frother for foaming coffee drinks at home

You do not need a fancy steamer to create a foamy iced latte, café au lait, or cappuccino at home. All it takes is frothed milk, which you can make in just a few seconds with this battery-operated frother. Just push the button and the small whisk will spin, foaming up your milk. Press it again to stop. It comes with a stand so you can keep it at the ready on the counter.

25. These socks that heal your dry heels

Your self-care routine for your dry heels could be as simple as donning this pair of toeless socks that are infused with jojoba seed oil, olive oil, and vitamin E and going to bed. As you sleep, the moisturizers penetrate deep into callused heels, and you’ll wake up with softer feet. There are two pairs, in seven color options, and over 7,000 people give them five stars.

26. A set of silicone baking mats for easy cleanup

These silicone mats create a nonstick surface on whatever pan you use to bake so you don’t have to add grease to your foods just to stop it from sticking to the pan. And these clean up so much more easily than a greased pan. Just rinse them in the sink or put them in the dishwasher. And unlike parchment paper, you can use these over and over again.

27. These stretchy bands that are like a pocket home gym

This five-pack of stretchy resistance bands is designed to take you from novice to expert with a super portable and convenient method of strength training. Start with the light bands that offer lower resistance by following the included guide and work your way up to the heavy ones. They are clearly labeled and color coded and almost 71,000 people say they are awesome.

28. This light that makes getting inside so much easier

Getting a key into the lock on a dark porch or entry can be irritating and scary if you don’t have this handy lock light installed to shed light on the process. Just use the included double-sided tape to stick it to the door over your lock. It will come on when you get near the lock, light things until you get inside, then turn off.

29. These produce bags so you can skip the plastic ones

Not only do these mesh bags make it possible for you to buy produce without bringing home a pile of plastic bags, but they are more satisfying to use. The drawstrings keep your produce contained, the mesh lets the checker scan right through the bags, produce lasts longer when stored in them because they allow air circulation, and the tare weights are printed right on the bags. You get 15 of them in three sizes.

30. The cotton pads that are so much better than disposable ones

These reusable cotton and bamboo pads are a huge upgrade from standard cotton balls or cotton pads when it comes to cleaning your face or other tasks. They are soft, super absorbent, slightly textured, and go right in the wash so you never run out. They will save money and cut down on waste, too.

31. A dashboard mount that makes navigation so easy

Once you stick this iOttie phone mount to your dash or windshield, knowing where you are going will be so clear and easy that you’ll never get lost. The arm that holds your phone articulates, rotates, and telescopes so you can put the screen in glancing range. “I am now able to safely use my navigation, music, and make hands-free calls,” gushes one of the nearly 7,000 five-star reviews. “It's adjustable in about every way possible.”

32. This privacy cover for your webcam

Have you ever gotten a creepy feeling because the light on your webcam came on when you weren’t in a video call? Cover that camera whenever you aren’t using it by sticking on one of these webcam covers that slides open and closed. No one will be able to see you, even if they do manage to hack in or you leave the camera on by accident. “Elegant solution to an age-old problem,” says one reviewer. “Quickly join those Web Ex's while wearing a towel and have no fear that your team will see you.”

33. This affordable weighted blanket that keeps you cool

Sleeping under a weighted blanket can be very relaxing because the weight makes you feel comforted and calm. This is the one you want if you want that comfort but also want to keep cool. The cotton covering is breathable, and this pick is affordable and filled with glass beads for substantial weight. Buyers give it over 8,500 five-stars reviews.

34. This six-pack of wool dryer balls

These wool dryer balls are so much better than those disposable dryer sheets that cling to your clothes and smell weird. They soften clothes, help them dry faster, and last for over 1,000 loads. But the best part is that you can drop essential oil on them and they infuse your clothes with a scent you like.

35. This silicone tray that makes eight big balls of ice

Once you get hooked on cocktails or iced coffee with huge balls of ice in them, it’s hard to make do with those tiny single ice-ball makers. This flexible, silicone ice tray makes eight big ice balls at a time. Press the two pieces of the tray together, fill them through the holes with the included funnel, and freeze. The tray pulls apart to get your ice balls out, so it’s easy to create an entire bucket of them.

36. These Lightning cables that plug in sideways

Ever tried to use your phone while it was plugged in and charging? That charging cable sticking out of the end makes that super awkward, which is why these cables make a 90-degree turn before they plug in. There are three 10-foot cables so you will always have one handy.

37. A week’s supply of no-show socks that don’t slip

How sweet would it be to be able to wear your slip-on canvas shoes without getting blisters or having socks sticking up out of your shoes? This six-pack of no-show cotton socks can make that happen and they won’t slip down into your shoes because strips of silicone on the heel hold them in place.

38. This reusable glass cup made to barista standards

If you’re looking for a reusable cup to take to your favorite coffee shop, this 12-ounce KeepCup is the one. The toughened glass cup features a cork band for a comfortable hold on hot coffee. And it’s notably designed to fit in a barista’s equipment and replicates — without the environmental impact — the experience of a paper coffee cup with a silicone splash-proof lid.

39. A pair of waterproof slippers that feels like foot pillows

Step into these pillow slippers and head to the showers, outside to take out the trash, or wherever you want. They are waterproof, have a non-slip sole that can go outside, and feel like walking on pillows. “They are sooooo cushy that once you remove them your feet go into cushion withdrawal!” says one reviewer. They come in 17 colors.

40. These eye pads for an anti-stress treatment anytime

When you don’t get enough sleep while getting your fair share of stress, these cooling pads can help bring relief to those delicate under-eye areas. The gels features skin destressers like extensin to firm and tone, hexapeptide to reduce fine lines, ginkgo biloba to reduce puffiness, and an entire cocktail of antioxidants to help prevent further skin damage.

41. The easy way to keep your stove burners clean

Skip the fussy metal stove covers and stop scrubbing your stove because these nonstick burner covers mean all the spills come right off with a wipe. They are also easy to install, look slick, and you can throw them in the dishwasher if something really makes a mess. This eight-pack means you can have a backup set ready to go.

42. These bumpers that quiet cabinets & protect furniture

Once you have this 100-pack of clear, stick-on bumpers in the house, you will stick them to your kitchen cabinet doors to silence the slam, inside all your drawers for quieter closing, and under lamps, vases, plants, the back of pictures and mirrors, and anything else that might scratch the furniture or walls. They get almost 7,000 five-star reviews and are super useful and easy to install.

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