50 things with near-perfect Amazon reviews you'll wish you'd known about sooner

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by Christina X. Wood

I can be a bit of a nerd and am often willing to rise to a challenge. But I hate it when I have spent countless hours learning the intricacies of something difficult like making the perfect hard-boiled egg or designing a brilliant system for storing Nespresso pods only to discover that someone already did that hard work and took it even further and invented a thing that’s awesome. All I had to do was buy a reasonably priced item and use it. I’ll never get the hours I spent on that project back. Don’t go down that route until you have checked out these 50 things with near-perfect Amazon reviews you'll wish you'd known about sooner.

Did I need to go to a department store, choose a pattern, and come up with an elaborate acquisition plan to fill my cabinets with dishes? I did not. Did I need to stop that stranger and ask him to take a photo of me and my mom when we were on vacation? No. There’s a cute thing for that. And that time I lost out on an insurance payout because the other driver came up with an explanation that made it my fault? There is an easy way to prevent that, too.

Read on and weep over the time you and I have both wasted. But don’t let that happen again.

1. The genius phone pouches that are so affordable

Don’t risk the life of your phone by taking it to the water without protection. Put it in one of these locking pouches, which are more reliable than a plastic bag and make it easier to use the phone while it’s protected. There’s a lanyard clip in the top so you can clip it to your gear. They even come with two lanyards with sturdy plastic clips.

2. These dual port USB plugs so you can charge all your gear

This inexpensive two-pack of dual-port, fast-charge power adapters gets super high marks from reviewers and comes in 10 great colors to spice up your charging station. You’ll quickly have all your devices charged.

3. A cute power bank & one more for backup

These two slender power packs are a matched set so you can bring one with you while you charge the other, instead of always discovering that both your phone and your backup battery are dead. Each one will charge a phone a couple of times, and they come in cute colors and patterns.

4. This phone wallet that comes with a pop-out gripper

With this combo, you don’t have to choose between putting a wallet on your phone or having a grip button to make your phone easier to hold. The silicone wallet holds a few cards and the pop-out button makes getting a grip on your phone while you take a photo or execute a complicated one-handed texting maneuver super easy. It comes in 11 awesome colors.

5. This magnetic phone mount that grips hard to the car vents

When you have to use the car vents for your phone holder, many phone mounts drop off randomly. This one reaches in and clips the back of the vents for a three-point mounting system that is super solid. Once mounted to the car, it holds your phone magnetically so all you have to do it touch your phone to it. Reviewers love this thing and give it 16,000 five-star reviews.

6. A two-pack of dual-port car chargers

Each of these two chargers that plug into your car’s lighter has two intelligent charging ports that identify the power needs of your device and deliver the right voltage for the optimal charge without overheating. They can do fast charging, are a solid metal, and come in four colors.

7. This chubby-legged tripod with an awesome remote

The cute legs of this camera tripod are not just adorable, they are super functional, allowing you to stand the phone or camera on uneven surfaces, grab onto tree branches, or secure to the handlebars or your beach cruiser. But it’s the remote that lets you snap photos from a distance that many of the 15,000 five-star reviewers are raving about.

8. This dash camera so you have the video evidence

When someone backs into your car and then claims it was you that rear-ended them, it’s their word against yours: that’s where this dash cam comes in. The camera stays suction-cupped to your windshield, capturing events in 1080p video as they unfold. Almost 3,000 people give it five stars and love the peace of mind it provides.

9. A small hammer that starts the nail for you

When you want a small hammer for a mini toolbox or to keep in your kitchen or office, this one is perfect. It’s just over six inches long, has a clever nail starter so you don’t smash your finger with that first strike, and fits in a drawer or small case.

10. The system that helps find all the things you lose

These four fobs are the solution to help you stop losing your keys, wallet, or whatever you are always hunting for. Pick a color and attach it to that thing you lose. When you can’t find that thing, press the key on the remote that’s the same color. The fob will beep so you can track it down. Reviewers give it almost 5,000 five-star reviews and are using it for everything from keys to TV remotes to turtles.

11. A smart outlet so you can control your home remotely

Plug in this smart outlet and plug in the appliance you want to control remotely into it. then, connect it to your network and you can turn that appliance on from your phone, create schedules so it comes on regularly when you are away, or whatever you want to do with it from anywhere in the world. It works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or the Kasa app.

12. This world-map gaming mouse pad with LED lights

Upgrade your gaming system by setting this world map mouse pad down on the desk. The surface not only has a cool world map printed on it, it’s also optimized for better mouse control, and the corners light up to give your desk a science-fiction, command-and-control center look that will make gaming more fun.

13. A gel-infused chair upgrade that’s super comfortable

This gel infused, ventilated, memory foam cushion set — one for the seat and one for the lumbar area of any seat — makes sitting comfortable, even if your desk chair is not up to all day work or your body is already in pain. Almost 8,000 reviewers are raving about how much more comfortable they are and giving these cushions five stars.

14. This memory foam foot rest for more ergonomic seating

If you have lower back pain or your legs tend to fall asleep when you sit at your desk, you need a foot rest to raise your legs up to a more ergonomic position. This memory foam one feels terrific on your feet, is soft and squishy, reverses so you can roll on it and get a bit of movement into your sedentary lifestyle, and has a cover that can be removed and thrown in the wash.

15. The tower of power for everything that needs a charge

This tall, rotating tower of power will fuel everything on your desk or charge every device in the house. It has 14 outlets and four USB ports, each level has its own off switch, the cord is six feel long, and reviewers say it is the greatest thing ever and give it well over 5,500 five-star reviews.

16. A versatile desk lamp with 7 levels of brightness

Tap the touch slider on this lamp’s base to set the lighting at precisely the brightness you need and it will remember what you like next time you turn it on. The light arm angles exactly where you want it, swivels to illuminate the space you are using, and produces a diffused light that won’t harsh your work space.

17. These soft microfiber sheets that are so affordable

Microfiber sheets are deliciously soft and silky because they are woven from a very thin thread, just like silk sheets are. That thread is polyester though, not spun by silkworms, so it is super affordable. And this collection has so many colors and patterns, all at a price that’s easy to justify, that 173,000 people give them five stars.

18. A quilted mattress pad with a fan base

This mattress pad goes under your sheets to protect the mattress so it’s not exactly a conversation starter. Yet, that has not stopped 41,000 people from talking about how awesome it is — for being padded, fitting well, surviving the wash, and being the perfect texture and price — while giving it five stars.

19. A mattress protector to keep your mattress dry for years

If you are worried about the kids, pets, night sweats, or any other fluid — or microbe — that might destroy your expensive mattress, this waterproof cover will put your mind at ease. It has a cotton textured exterior with a membrane backing — so it doesn’t feel like you’re sleeping on plastic — and deep pockets so it stays on the mattress.

20. The headphone stand with charging ports and lights

Hang your headphones on this stand and you have a built-in place to charge them, right in the base. The base will charge two other devices with its two USB and one USB-C ports and it will power other desk accessories with its two outlets. Bringing all those outlets to your desktop will clean up your desk and put everything within easy reach. It also has a colored LED light strip in the base so it looks cool doing all of that.

21. A powerful fan that fits just about anywhere

You can fit this fan in a window, corner of your office, or on your bedside table, and it will deliver a powerful breeze exactly where you want because the head swivels and you can choose from three speeds. Set it on a desk or mount it to the wall and enjoy better airflow without noise.

22. This diffuser & humidifier to refresh your space

This little diffuser and humidifier is perfect for a desk or bedside table because it is small, effective, and has a built-in light. You can choose to have a burst of scent or hours of continuous scent or mist. The light has seven colors that are easy to select or just let it cycle through all of them and enjoy the show.

23. A card game that brings out the worst in people

If you want to get in on this wildly popular game that’s full of bad jokes and terrible decisions, this is the base game — the one you should get first. Pull it out when the family comes to visit and it will show you who the truly terrible people are. Could 98,000 five-star reviews be wrong about this?

24. This cup holder for the shower or bath

What could possibly be better than sipping an adult beverage while taking a shower or bath? Not having to hold that glass while you do it, that’s what. And this cup holder that suctions onto the tub or shower makes that possible. Even better, it comes in six colors so you can decorate with them.

25. A set of Moscow Mule cups for better at-home cocktails

That Moscow Mule you’ve been ordering in a bar is easy to make at home. In fact, you can easily create your own iterations based on what fruits you have on hand and they will be just like the real thing if you mix them into these four copper mugs. The set even comes with a shot glass and four copper straws, so drinks night will be awesome.

26. These waterproof playing cards so you can play poker at the pool

You can play Gin Rummy in a tropical rainstorm, deal poker by the pool, or Go Fish by the sea with this set of waterproof, gold-on-black playing cards. They are made from a super flexible material that is etched for grip and completely impervious to water. So if you spill a Mojito on your straight flush, just wash it off and keep playing.

27. The thermal outerwear solution for your beer

Instead of carrying an entire cooler so you can have one beer at your destination or out in the heat, put a cold one in this can or bottle insulator and it will stay cold — without creating any wet condensation — down to the last sip. You can switch easily between bottles and cans by adding or removing the bottle adapter.

28. A display carousel for your coffee pods

If you have committed to a pod coffee maker, you have probably also discovered the storage problem that the pods create. This spinning display carousel is your solution. Install the pods in it and you will be able to choose a brew easily, see when you are running low, and reclaim the drawer you were using for this. Over 56,000 people give it five stars.

29. These earbuds you can wear around your neck

When you pull these earbuds out of your ears, they snap together magnetically so you can wear them like a necklace till you need them again. This solves so many problems about wireless earbuds. These are waterproof, have big sound, hold a charge for 16 hours, are comfortable to wear, and get five stars from over 4,000 people.

30. A great backpack for your laptop & everday items

A great travel backpack does not have to cost a small fortune. This durable, roomy, organized pack has a strap to keep it on your roller suitcase handles, an internal sleeve to protect your laptop, a headphone port so you can listen to the phone that’s inside it, a charging port to connect to your battery in the designated pocket inside, and padded and adjustable straps with a hanging clasp at the front.

31. This French press that keeps your brew hot

When you make your coffee in this insulated French Press, not only will it be smooth and delicious — with no grounds because of the fine mesh filter — but it will stay warm until you are done with your morning routine. It comes in six gorgeous colors and 15,000 people love it.

32. A heated wrap for your neck & shoulders

Pop this neck and shoulder wrap in the microwave to heat it up, then wear it over your shoulders to relax away the tension, aches, and pains. It closes at the front to make it easy to keep on, is made from a velvety fabric, and delivers moist heat right where you need it.

33. The machine that makes perfect hard-boiled eggs

You can stop struggling with timers and measuring and perfecting your technique for getting the perfect hard, soft, or medium boiled egg now because this machine has it all worked out. Just put the eggs in and push a button. It knows how so you don’t have to, and over 8,000 five-star reviewers are all there for it.

34. This weird thing so you can massage yourself

Can’t reach that tweak in your back or that tight place between your shoulder blades? This massager can get it. It’s designed with six balls on various arms and curves to reach wherever you can’t and lets you get some leverage to really dig in and work out those sore spots. Over 8,000 people give it five stars and say it’s so much better than saying, “A little to the left, higher, down...”

35. These trash bags that don’t break or stink

A trash bag has just one job so it’s a bit mind-boggling that so many of them fail at it. If you don’t want the trash to spill all over the floor when you finally are motivated to take it out, line your bins with these strong bags from Hefty. They smell clean, which makes the job less awful, and get over 18,000 five-star reviews.

36. This waterproof tape that fixes almost anything

This waterproof patching tape will adhere to just about anything to stop water, dust, or air from getting through. It is a fast, simple, and effective way to repair everything from a roof to a hose to flashing and even plumbing. Reviewers love the stuff and give it over 11,000 five-star reviews.

37. These storage cubes that are so easy to snap together

Organize anything with these metal cubes that snap together into cubes that are light, airy, and easy to fit into whatever storage challenge you have. The square, wire pieces snap into round connectors easily and quickly, and reviewers are using them to organize everything from closets to pantries to bathrooms.

38. A collection of wire baskets for cute storage

These three, matching wire baskets are made from a powder-coated steel that’s durable and attractive. They’ll organize your pantry or closet while letting you see what’s in them. The handles make carrying them easy, reviewers are pleased with the look, and they come in black or pink.

39. This letter board for lighted messages

This letter board lights up for a terrific decorative item that displays whatever message you choose to make with the 340 letters, characters, and symbols that come with it in a canvas sack. There are 20 soft-glow, battery-powered LEDs in the frame that gently light up to make your message look amazing.

40. The packing cubes that keep suitcases organized

Whether you are packing into a backpack or a roller board suitcase, these packing cubes bring order to what otherwise quickly turns into a chaotic pile. Organize everything into the cubes — shirts in one, underwear in another, or however you do it — and then pack the cubes into your bag. You will be able to find what you need quickly for the duration of your trip and opening the bag will be no big deal — even if it happens at the airport.

41. A callus remover for an awesome at-home pedicure

Those cracked, hard, painful calluses are no match for this rechargeable callus remover you can use in the shower or after your bath. There are three rollers of different coarseness so you can attack each problem with the right tool. Over 18,000 reviewers are thrilled with this gizmo and give it five stars.

42. This complete dinnerware service for six people

You don’t have to sign up for a registry, collect dishes for years, or drop a fortune to outfit your kitchen with an attractive and useful set of dishes. This is a complete 18-piece set with dinner plates, bowls, and dessert plates to serve six, and almost 9,000 people give it an enthusiastic five stars. Best of all, it’s under $40.

43. A bakeware set for everything from cookies to pie

It’s annoying to get inspired to bake a cake only to discover you don’t have a cake pan. Why not outfit your kitchen with everything you need to bake anything all at once with this six-piece set of nonstick baking pans. There’s a loaf pan, two cake pans, a 12-cup muffin pan, a roaster, and a cookie sheet.

44. This melter for candles without the fire hazard

Instead of lighting a scented candle and worrying that you will forget to blow it out and start a fire, drop some scented wax melts into this warmer and let the scent infuse your home without ever lighting a flame. You can also set a scented candle on the warmer and it will release it’s scent without lighting the wick.

45. A device that chases mosquitoes away from your people

Set this metal cylinder down somewhere on your patio and it will clear the mosquitoes away so you don’t have to slap at them all night. It’s powered by a 12-hour fuel cartridge, so you don’t need power out there, and it comes in 10 color options so it looks good doing it. Almost 20,000 people say it’s worthy of five stars.

46. A portable hammock so you can nap anywhere

If you have this lightweight 24-ounce hammock squirreled away in your bag, all you need to get a good night’s sleep — or an outdoor power nap — is a couple of trees. It’s comfortable to sleep in, roomy, has a pocket to stash your phone while you snooze, and comes in a tempting assortment of color combinations.

47. A sprinkler for the watering the lawn & cooling off

This oscillating sprinkler will water a huge lawn — up to 3,600 square feet — while you go get into a swimsuit so you can run through the spray. You can set the spray pattern so it only waters the areas you want wet, and it’s super durable. It works with a standard garden hose and comes with a cleaning tool in case the nozzles get jammed.

48. An umbrella to keep the elements off your outdoor dining

With a nine-foot diameter, this waterproof umbrella will protect your outdoor dining experience from the heat of the sun or a sudden downpour. You can angle the shade as the sun moves through the sky to keep your eyes protected through a long meal. Almost 20,000 people give this umbrella, which comes in lots of colors, five stars because it’s well-made and so affordable.

49. A rubber door mat that stays put

Upgrade your door mat to this natural rubber and fabric one that gets dirt off of shoes and traps it in a durable rubber backing that won’t slide around. You can vacuum, sweep, or shake it to clean the dirt off. One of the 27 pattern or color options will look great in front of your door.

50. This combed cotton robe that feels like it’s from a hotel spa

This combed cotton, unisex robe is perfect for pulling on after a shower because it is soft, thick and absorbent. Two big pockets in the front give you a spot to drop your phone while you sip coffee, and they are long enough to wear out to the pool or to pick up the mail. They even come with a pair of matching slippers.

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