65 things under $15 on Amazon Prime that are genuinely awesome

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by Christina X. Wood
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What does $15 buy you these days? You can’t even order dinner in a chain restaurant for that much. A round of coffees for your friends will set you back substantially more than that low figure. And a full tank of gas? Forget about it! But you know where you can get something that will make your like easier, give you a laugh, and make you feel like $15 is a lot of money? On Amazon, that’s where. But you have to know where to look. Or you have to know someone who knows where to look. Lucky for you, though, you are reading this article, right now. Because it is absolutely loaded with 65 things under $15 on Amazon that are genuinely amazing.

If you need some slick home office décor, for example, check out this Venus flytrap that lives in its own terrarium with no soil — just a blue gel — and needs no attention from you. Or, if you enjoy camping or sitting outside on your patio, you need to know about these super portable lanterns that look like lightbulbs and hang from anything. And who doesn’t want a mini astronaut that plugs into any USB port and shoots light beams from their eyes?

There are so many awesome things here and you can afford all of them because each one is cheaper than a plate of soggy pasta with meatballs, which you can obviously make yourself — especially if you have a microwave pasta maker.

1. This handy pickle tool that makes snacking so easy

When you want a pickle, just grab this stainless steel fork from its holster on the side of the jar and stab one. You don’t have to wash a utensil just because it dipped into the pickle juice because this one is attached to the jar — an elastic band fits around the top of the jar — and its long handle is perfect for olives, pickles, peppers, artichoke hearts, or any condiment that comes in a jar.

2. A two-headed extension cord to solve wiring problems

When you have only one available outlet behind the bed or entertainment system, it can quickly turn into a dangerous daisy chain situation or the need for an electrician. But this double-headed extension cord will solve it. Plug it into one outlet and it gives you six feet of cord in each direction, each with three two-prong outlets.

3. The easy way to microwave ramen or pho

This microwave kit makes creating ramen or pho in the microwave dead simple. Put the bowl and noodles into the microwave — there’s even a fill line to make measuring simple — and microwave your meal. The divided top is a great place to put the herbs, protein, and vegetables you’d to add to the hot broth.

4. This light for the inside of your cooler

Tired of fishing around in an ice-cold cooler hoping to find the beverage you prefer? Stick this cooler light to the inside of the lid, and it’ll light up when you open the lid so you can see what’s in there after dark. It turns off again a few seconds after you close the lid, so the battery lasts a long time.

5. A cup holder for your rolling suitcase

When you are racing through the airport with your rolling suitcase, a backpack, and a beverage in your hand, it’s challenging to show your boarding pass, use your phone, deal with kids, or make a purchase. This set of pockets that attach to the suitcase handle puts two cup holders and a phone pocket right where you can reach them.

6. The Loch Ness sea monster that stirs your tea

As steam rises off the water, a head emerges from the swirling waters. Is that Nessie? And what is she doing in my coffee? You can play this game every morning if this Nessie spoon is your go-to stirring implement. She’s cute, mysterious, and peeks out of your cup as she blends the milk and sugar. Plus, this stainless steel spoon is dishwasher-safe.

7. A coin organizer for tolls & parking meters

End the chaotic scramble for pocket change that happens every time you park or cross a toll by organizing that change into this coin holder for your car. It holds 14 quarters, 13 nickels, 18 dimes, and 17 pennies or, since parking meters rarely accept pennies, you can put dimes in the penny section.

8. This phone holder that’s perfect for flying

Make your next flight more enjoyable by setting your phone or tablet into this clever, bendy phone holder, donning some headphones, and watching a movie. When the tray tables can be down, it sits easily on yours. When the tray tables are full or need to be stashed, hook it over the seat back in front of you and keep right on watching. It folds flat for packing.

9. A long pizza cutter for effortlessly perfect slices

This long rocking cutter is the perfect way to get even slices of pizza, pie, cake, or anything that requires a big cut. Hold it with both hands, line it up, and lean into it. Over 6,000 people give it five stars for cutting a straight line through everything without hurting delicate hands or joints.

10. This Venus flytrap in a zero-maintenance terrarium

This Venus flytrap is living in a gel that provides it with all the moisture and nutrients it needs so you can enjoy the look of this interesting insect-eating plant without worrying that you will kill it through lack of attention or knowledge. Just set it somewhere where you can see it and enjoy it.

11. The genius trick for making fast pasta in the microwave

Instead of waiting for water to boil, just put your pasta and water in this clever device and pop it all into the microwave. One serving of pasta takes about 13 minutes, it won’t boil over, and you don’t have to stand around stirring it. You can even drain the water through the sieve in the lid. Just add some sauce and serve.

12. These two tools are everything you need for better cocktails

Muddle the mint or lemons with the muddling tool. Stir a shaker full of martinis with the long, dual-ended mixing spoon. And save a fortune by making your fancy cocktails at home. This basic tool set doesn’t take up much space. Just use your own glasses or pitchers and it’s everything you need.

13. A USB fan for a cool breeze wherever you work

Plug this little fan into your laptop, phone, or any device with a USB port and bend the gooseneck toward you for a gentle breeze while you work or surf the internet. It draws very little power and is completely silent, but it spins at 1,700 revolutions per minute for plenty of directed wind.

14. This cup holder that slides between the car seat & console

If you long for more cup holders in your car, this insertable organizer might be your solution. It slides between the center console and the car seat or between cushions in the back seat or wherever you have the right place to insert it. And it holds two cups, your phone, and some sundries.

15. A simple dimmer for lamps that requires no wiring

If you want more control over your lighting but don’t want to invest in new lamps, plug the ones you have into this dimmer and then plug the dimmer’s cord into the power outlet. Now the slider switch will let you dial the light up or down easily without getting up off the couch or bed.

16. This phone holder that lives in the shower

Mount this waterproof phone holder to the shower wall, drop your phone into it, and you can check the baby monitor, watch the news or a video, or even check into your video doorbell while you get clean. You can operate the phone through the touch-sensitive, fogless screen. It comes in three colors, and it fits most phones.

17. These stainless steel finger guards so you don’t cut yourself

This collection of stainless steel finger guards protects you while you cut vegetables, pry open nuts, and do all sorts of potentially dangerous cooking activities. Just slide your thumb or finger into the ring holder and slice vegetables as fast as you like without fear because the knife will hit metal before you.

18. An astronaut that lights your way in the dark

This adorable, floating astronaut light plugs into any USB port and lights up so you can see the screen of your laptop or the pages of your book or whatever else you need to view. Open his helmet to turn him on, close it to turn him off. Two LEDs shoot light beams from his eyes.

19. The toilet roll holder that also holds your phone

Upgrade your toilet roll holder with this sleek one that’s also a shelf you can set your phone on while you go. It’s easy to install with adhesive or screws and comes in five colors. This holder makes changing out the roll super easy, and the shelf will hold a phone, wipes, or whatever else you want to put on it.

20. A bottle opener & charger that attaches to your keychain

Clip this handy multitool to your keychain and you will always have a phone charging cable and a bottle opener with you and, let’s be honest, those two things can be as useful as your keys. It comes with a carabiner to attach it to your keyring and is lightweight and small enough to always have on hand.

21. This mold for making huge, round ice balls

This silicone ice mold makes four 2.5-inch round ice balls, which can transform a drink from ordinary to amazing. Big ice spheres melts much slower than small cubes, which means you can sip a whiskey for a long time without drinking melted ice. The mold is flexible, so it’s easy to remove the cubes, and it’s easy to fill.

22. These cute, stackable oven mitts

These silicone pot grippers protect your fingers from heat — or cold — so you can easily grab toast, pans, hot utensils, or anything you need to grab that challenges your own skin’s temperature tolerance. They’re heat-resistant up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit, and the grips are small, stackable, and come in lots of bright colors.

23. A cute magnetic cloud that’s raining keys

Mount this cute cloud to the wall near your door, and it’ll hold your keys while looking adorable. Strong magnets in the bottom grab anything that’s metal and make it look like they are raining out of the cloud.

24. These tent lanterns that look like lightbulbs

These two battery-operated lanterns hang from the ceiling of your tent or any string in the campsite to give more light to your activities. They are cute, lightweight, throw a considerable amount of light, and run on three AAA batteries. A built-in hook makes them super easy to hang.

25. The pen that has six built-in tools

This ballpoint pen is a lot more than meets the eye. You can write with it, of course. But it also has a level in the body, a ruler printed on the side, two screwdrivers in its head, a stylus for writing on a touch screen, and a pocket clip. It even comes with four pen refills.

26. A tools that’s everything you need for handling avocados

The blade of this avocado tool slices the avocado open, a pit grabber pulls out the seed, and the scraper removes the fruit from the skin while slicing it so you can go from ripe avocado to sliced avocado on your salad in seconds — safely. Over 20,000 people give this little gizmo five stars.

27. This tape dispenser that looks like a tiny cassette

Your desk accessories don’t have to be boring. This little tape dispenser dispenses tape just as well as a traditional one, but it looks like a cassette tape. This desk accessory also has room for pens and pencils, making it cute and functional.

28. These waterproof phone holders so your phone doesn’t drown

Take your phone fearlessly to the beach, waterpark, or out on a boat by securing it first into one of these waterproof pouches. You can use the phone while it’s enclosed in the pouch and wear it around your neck with a lanyard. The pouch fits most phones, and there are two in the set so you can share one with a friend or protect your wallet, too. Choose from six color options.

29. A deck of playing cards you can get wet or sandy

Toss this pack of waterproof, clear playing cards in your beach bag or the hold of your kayak because they play just fine even if they are wet, sandy, or dirty. Even though they are clear, the other players can’t see your hand. And they’re washable — no wonder they have over 8,000 five-star ratings.

30. These thick twist ties that are incredibly useful

Unlike the annoying twist ties that come with garbage bags, these thick ones are super useful and easy to deploy. They are rubbery, which makes them easy to grip, twist, and untwist, so you will use them for everything without frustration. They also come in bright colors so you can even color code your wires. Reviewers love them and give them over 14,500 five-star ratings.

31. This cute frog that separates egg yolks from the whites

Break your eggs into a bowl and pinch this cute frog’s belly while pointing his mouth at the yolk. When you release him, he will suck that yolk gently into his belly so you can drop it into another bowl. It’s so easy, it’s actually fun, and the frog will always be a friendly face in the kitchen.

32. A pad of paper that will help with every decision

Having trouble making a decision? Get out this pad, answer the questions on it — one at a time — and by the time you get to the bottom of the page, you will know what to do by listing the pros and cons and separating your gut decision from your rational one. The 6-by-9-inch pad comes with 60 sheets to help you through plenty of decisions.

33. The sign that tells everyone the dishwasher’s status

Stick this magnetic sign to the front of the dishwasher so everyone knows — at a glance — what’s going on in there. Are those dishes clean, dirty, or in the process of being washed? It’s so much easier than studying the dishes to figure that out or constantly asking, “Are these clean or dirty?”

34. A popcorn popper so you can skip single-serve packages

This cute microwave popcorn popper makes a single serving of perfect popcorn with or without oil. And when you buy kernels in bulk, instead of buying pre-filled microwave popcorn bags, you will save a small fortune and never run out. Almost 23,000 people give this five stars.

35. This tiny stamp that replaces the shredder

Document shredders can be annoying to operate and clean, but this little stamp makes it easy and fun to obscure personal information on junk mail and other documents. Just roll it over the information you want to hide and it adds a series of characters designed to obscure the type, so no one can read it.

36. A colorful taco holder for tidy taco night

These beautiful taco holders keep your taco upright until you eat it while looking stunning on the table. The patterned side holds two tacos and the plain side holds three. They stack easily for storage and bring order and beauty to your taco creations.

37. These fiberglass chopsticks that are the best of all worlds

Wooden chopsticks may cause splinters, metal chopsticks can have a metallic taste, and plastic isn’t durable or sustainable. But these fiberglass chopsticks have none of those dark sides. They are BPA-free, have no metal taste, don’t break apart, have a high heat tolerance, and have an angular shape that’s easy to hold.

38. This weird slicer for cherry tomatoes or grapes

Slicing cherry tomatoes and grapes is so much trouble, I usually skip it. But this thing lets you slice a whole pile of them at once. Load them into the tube, run the blade down the length of the tube and pour the sliced fruit out. It’s fast, fun, and sort of weird.

39. This waterproof lighter that works in wind & rain

This lighter doesn’t just look tough, it is ready for anything. It’s rechargeable so you never have to find butane for it. It produces an electric arc light that is impervious to wind or rain, so it will light no matter what unexpected situation you got yourself into. And it’s waterproof, so no water will get into the body no matter how bad it gets out there.

40. A light that turns your toilet into a welcoming beacon

When you stagger into the bathroom in the wee hours, you don’t have to turn a light on because this toilet bowl light senses your movement and lights your way. It shuts off after you leave, too. Choose one of the eight colors or set it to color carousel and it will cycle through all the colors. It’s fun, funny, and helpful.

41. These wipes that keep screens & glasses clean

Keep some of these screen cleaning wipes handy at all times because, if you don’t clean it frequently, that phone screen quickly becomes a cesspool of germs and bacteria from constantly touching it. These get rid of the dirt and the smudges, and you can wipe your glasses with them, too.

42. This bag of bands that’s like a whole gym

If you lack space for a home gym, this tiny bag of resistance bands and a little know-how will fix that problem quickly. Each color indicates a different strength level. You can start with the lighter ones and work your way up to 74 pounds of resistance, or use different bands for different exercises. The kit comes with exercise ideas to get you started, and over 66,000 people love them and give them five stars.

43. An extra door lock so you can feel safe in your place

If you have ever had someone walk into your hotel room or a landlord who was inconsiderate with the master key, this second lock is an awesome solution. Install it when you are home and no one can get into your room — even if they have a key. It packs up small enough to easily take with you when you travel.

44. The Fred that’s dead because you stab him with your pen

Keep a pen and a laugh always at the ready with this pencil holder that asks you to stab Fred through the heart when you set your pen down. He lies there, with Xs for eyes, waiting for you to need your pen or pencil again. At some point, you are going to use that pencil to draw a line around the body. You know you will.

45. A simple phone stand for easier calls

When your phone is sitting in this simple, solid metal stand, it is easier to glance at the screen, watch videos, see recipes, and take calls because the screen is more accessible at an angle. It comes in seven colors and has a channel in the back for threading charging cables.

46. A cooking thermometer for perfectly cooked meat

If you have ever overcooked a steak or roast chicken because you didn’t want to risk it being underdone, you need this easy-to-use instant thermometer. Stab your meat with it and it will tell you the internal temperature immediately. It starts reading as soon as you pull out the probe and you can hold a temperature with the push of a button.

47. An apple corer that makes fast work of your harvest

When you want to power through a pile of apples, pears, or vegetables, pull out this clever corer. A serrated edge cuts a tube right through the apple, bell pepper, or whatever you have and removes the core. It comes in five colors, and reviewers say it’s fast and efficient to use.

48. This holder that makes loading plastic bags so easy

This clever device is like having an extra set of hands when you want to load vegetables or fruits into a plastic bag. It stands up and grips the sides of the bag, holding it open, while you put things into it. It’s also handy for drying bags after you wash them.

49. A bag handler that lets you easily carry all the bags

Snap the handles of all your grocery bags into this handle and it turns them into an easy-to-carry load that won’t hurt your hands. It’s great for carrying paint cans, too. It holds up to 80 pounds, and if you balance the load evenly, your hands or shoulders will hardly feel the weight.

50. This itty-bitty speaker with huge sound & a small price

This little speaker punches way above its price point with a 360-degree sounds and a surprising amount of bass, according to the 3,500 people who give it five stars. It’s small and portable, comes in four colors, has a microphone for phone calls, and you can pair two of them for stereo sound.

51. A bowl that stops milk from making the cereal soggy

If you hate soggy cereal and prefer to dip it lightly into milk, this bowl is for you. Pour the milk in one side, cereal in the other, and mix them together at the pace you prefer. It’s also great for dips and chips. It comes in red, white, and blue.

52. This chiller and aerator for a bottle of wine

It’s no longer a problem when you want a glass of white wine and discover there is nothing in the fridge. Pull one from the pantry, insert this chiller stick into the bottle, and it will bring the wine’s temperature down to the perfect sipping temperature. And when you pour wine through it, it also aerates it, improving the flavor. Can’t finish the bottle? Put the rubber stopper in until next time.

53. A brush tool for fast glass washing

This dual-brush glass-washing tool is awesome for whipping through a stack of dirty glassware quickly. Just suction it to the bottom of your sink, add soapy water, and spin the glasses on it. You will feel like a pro dishwasher and the glasses will be spiffy in no time.

54. This steel bar that washes away bad smells

It looks like a bar of soap and is made of steel, which seems like a cruel joke. But it’s actually science in action. The sulfur molecules that create pungent smells in fish and garlic — and on you when you handle those things — bond to steel. So when you rub this metal bar in your hands like soap, it removes those molecules, so your hands don’t smell. Strange but true.

55. A double-wall insulated wine glass so your drink stays cold

If you like to sip your Chardonnay in the sun, this is the perfect wine tumbler to do it from. It will keep that wine cold for hours with no condensation on the outside of the glass and no chance of broken glass. There is a sip lid, too, to keep the wine in and the bugs out. It works just as well for hot beverages.

56. These gloves with built in flashlights

When you are working in a dark space, you won’t need to find someone to hold a light for you if you put on these gloves with LED lights in the thumb and index finger. The light points wherever you do and the gloves stretch so they don’t limit your mobility.

57. This grill scraper that won’t shed metal into your food

This solid metal grill cleaning tool is designed to get in between the grill grates to scrape it clean. There are several sizes of curve to accommodate any grill grate. And unlike brush cleaners, it won’t shed bristle onto the grill that could end up in your food. A bottle opener on the handle makes this one even more useful.

58. These laces so you never have to tie your shoes again

Every time you stop to tie your shoes, it costs you a few minutes that you will never get back. If you prefer to skip that repetitive task forever, install these stretchy, locking laces in your shoes. They work with any shoe that laces, take a few minutes to install, and will convert your kicks to slip-on shoes. They come in 13 colors and nearly 20,000 reviewers love them.

59. This long-handled spatula to get the last drop out of the jar

This two-pack of tiny spatulas in two sizes is designed to get the last of the condiments out of the jar or the impossible-to-reach bit of makeup out of its jar. They have long handles and flexible silicone heads to reach way into the jar and scrape it clean.

60. A suction syringe that gets the bug venom out

When a bug bites you, it leaves a bit of venom or saliva under your skin that causes all the itch or pain afterwards. This venom-sucking syringe suctions it out to prevent irritation, so you never experience the suffering of the bite. It works on any kind of insect bite.

61. The safety tool that gets you out of a crashed car

If you are stuck in a car and need to cut your seatbelt and break a window to get out, this escape tool will save you. A steel spike gets through the difficult-to-break glass of a car and a slicing tool cuts through the seatbelt like butter without exposing a blade. It was developed for first responders but 8,000 reviewers also give it five stars.

62. This beanie with a built-in flashlight

You don’t have to wear a dorky headlamp to see in the dark without holding a flashlight. Don this fetching beanie, tap the “on” switch, and look wherever you want the light to shine. It comes in eight colors, the eight LEDs remove so you can wash the hat, and it packs up small.

63. This whimsical & effective way to clean the microwave

Fill this Angry Mama up with vinegar, water and lemon juice and put her in the microwave for a couple of minutes. As the water heats, she will blow a head of steam, which is not only hilarious to watch but it also steam cleans the microwave. All you have to do is wipe away the mess. (She stays angry, though. She’s made of plastic.)

64. A tool that helps you peel an orange

If you hate digging your fingers into the peel of an orange — or any citrus — to get it started peeling, these little peelers are great. The blade is just long enough to cut the peel and not the fruit, so you can slice through peeling that thing and eat more fresh oranges.

65. This fanny pack to hold everything you need to carry

The fanny pack is, thankfully, making a comeback. And this one is large enough for everything you need to haul. There is a port for your earbuds, an external pocket to make grabbing your phone easy, and plenty of room for everything else. Whether you wear it around your hips or slung across one shoulder is your own personal choice.

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