Supermarket Branding Powerhouse Prepared Food Photos Takes Copyright Infringement Head-On

The brand behind exclusive food photography secures a $47,952 infringement judgment.

by Jon Stojan from APG
Prepared Food Photos

In the digital age, where the line between inspiration and imitation blurs, Prepared Food Photos stands as a beacon of innovation and integrity. Prepared Food Photos champions this cause, employing stringent measures to ensure the images that brand your supermarket are yours and yours alone in your marketplace. They tackle copyright infringement head-on, ensuring that the visual narrative that sets you apart remains exclusive to your brand.

Prepared Food Photos has received multiple favorable District Court rulings, including a Memorandum Opinion and Order of Judgment filed on 3/25/24 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, which states in part:

“…That Defendant may not have availed itself of that license structure had it opted to license (i.e., use lawfully) a photographic work for its commercial use is of no moment, as these figures represent PFP’s actual loss in connection with the work. That Defendant effectively stole a copyright-protected work for its commercial use and benefit that it would not have agreed to pay for in an open market will not inure to the benefit of Defendant once it is caught … In light of the foregoing, the court agrees to award PFP more than the statutory minimum based on Defendant’s willful infringement, the deterrent and punitive mechanism that is key to ensuring protection and encouragement of creative works, and in view of the many months’ long and expensive hassle PFP endured to prevail… The court will award compensable damages of $47,952 …” (Civil No. 1:23-CV-926-JRR)

Prepared Food Photos, founded by industry professionals, has been at the forefront of food imagery, evolving from a humble beginning to a powerhouse in food photography and videography since 1978. Prepared Food Photos isn’t just another photo library; it’s a fortified vault of visual assets for the supermarket industry, safeguarding your brand’s unique identity.

You’ve poured your soul into your supermarket business, carefully selecting each product and crafting your unique brand. The cherry on top? The perfect, mouth-watering images of your signature items for each week. They’re not just photos; they’re a silent salesforce, whispering tales of freshness and quality to your customers.

Consumers seek something special that resonates with their taste and lifestyle, and nothing speaks to them quite like the visual feast of exclusive, high-quality food images Prepared Food Photos offers. These images are the lifeblood of supermarket branding, transforming ordinary aisles into journeys of discovery and delight.

The cornerstone of Prepared Food Photos’ subscription philosophy is exclusivity. Every new client undergoes meticulous screening to prevent overlap, ensuring no two supermarkets in the same geographic area utilize the same visual identity. A commitment to uniqueness has earned them the title of the only privately owned perishable food image library of this kind in the United States.

However, Prepared Food Photos continues beyond still imagery. Recognizing the dynamic nature of consumer engagement, they’ve expanded their repertoire to include over 400 recipe videos, adding another layer to the sensory experience of food marketing. Shot with precision and artistry, these videos do more than just show; they invite viewers into a world where food is an experience and a journey of taste and imagination.

With Prepared Food Photos, it’s not just about protecting what’s on your shelves; it’s about safeguarding the soul of your supermarket. Because in the end, your unique branding isn’t just seen—it’s felt, remembered, and cherished by your customers.

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