Here are the 55 best cheap gifts skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon

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Gift shopping is hard. It’s like a test of how well you know a person’s tastes, wardrobe, belt size, favorite color, and hankerings. Even worse? You have to make your final choice fit into a budget. Here’s a trick: Choose things that are wildly popular. Chances are that if hordes of people are bestowing near-perfect reviews on a thing, your recipient will like it, too. And it makes shopping less like a Newlywed Game challenge because it isn’t a test of how carefully you’ve been paying attention or your access to closely-guarded sizing information. It makes it about how easily you are able to touch your finger to the beating pulse of shopping trends. I’m about to make it even easier for you by dropping all the requisite research right here. Yes indeed, here are the 55 best cheap gifts skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon.

For example, I think headphones make great gifts. Everyone always wants a new pair and they are frustrating to shop for. The downside? Price. So I found you a pair that’s not only wildly popular but also completely affordable. Tools are another great way to go. Everyone needs them, no one has them, and choosing them is complicated. A perfect solution is a carefully curated kit that has all the essentials packed into an easy-to-grab package. And any gift that simplifies (and tastifies) life is a great way to go, so, a popcorn maker that’s fast, reliable, and super easy to clean up? Everyone on my list is getting one of those.

Read on for all 55 of these. You’re welcome.

1. This Carhartt long-sleeve tee with a cult following

This long-sleeve tee shirt is the perfect blend of roomy, washable, substantial, and comfortable. Over 21,000 people swear by it, buy it in every color, and, in some cases, wear it exclusively. With a high-cotton blend, chest pocket, and crew neck, it might be your next favorite, too. Fortunately, there are 16 colors to choose from so you can always have a fresh one at the ready.

2. The ice cream maker that makes frozen treats anytime

This ice cream maker lets you indulge your desire for frozen treats without leaving the house, or accepting unknown ingredients. Just keep the bowl in the freezer and you are ready to turn everything from juice to yogurt to cream into dessert at any hour of the day or night. It makes only a single pint so it won’t create a dangerous dessert glut.

3. An excellent pair of headphones for less than $30

It’s really no surprise that almost 174,000 people give this pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones five stars. They’re a real find. They connect to your phone and each other wirelessly, and charge wirelessly. They come in a battery case that boosts their on-the-go battery life to 30 hours — just store them inside for a charge. And they come in five slick colors.

4. This chic bedside lamp that’s also a charging station

There are two essentials on a bedside table: a lamp and a place to charge your phone. This chic lamp is both, with two USB ports in the base. And it’s super minimalist, too, since you touch the base to cycle through the three levels of brightness, and the linen-look fabric shade is low-key and elegant. It comes in six colors.

5. A cool-mist humidifier that’s a nightlight, too

Hit the button on this combo cool-mist humidifier and night light to turn on a calming sleep environment. The mist creates an atmosphere for sleep — or work — that’s nurturing to hair, skin, and lungs, while the optional nightlight creates a dim and soothing glow to keep monsters and nightmares away. There are two mist settings and it will run all night — for 10 hours — so you don’t wake up parched.

6. This curated selection of useful tools

Putting together a selection of the tools that a home dweller is most likely to need is a gift for anyone, handy or not. Even someone with a massive tool collection appreciates a subset in an easy-to-grab container. That’s precisely what this 39-piece tool kit is. It’s compact and fitted into a slender little suitcase, color-coordinated so it's easy to ID what’s yours, and has everything necessary for common household chores and repairs.

7. This gadget that turns anyone into a skilled barista

The attachments, directions, and fun stencils in this clever milk art kit make it super easy to create fancy, foamy coffee-drink creations that are as good as — or better than — the ones that cost a small fortune in a cafe. The rechargeable frother turns the milk into foam, the powder blender is useful for protein powders and supplements, and the egg whisk is super useful, too. And stencils makes it easy to create images from chocolate or cinnamon.

8. The breakfast sandwich maker with legions of fans

Enable a delicious breakfast for anyone who has eggs, meat, a muffin, and electricity by setting this genius sandwich maker on the counter. All you have to do to turn raw ingredients into a fantastic breakfast is assemble them into the stacked sections, close the lid, and wait five minutes. Nearly 9,000 people love this thing and give it five stars.

9. A mini-heater that gives the gift of warm feet

No one likes cold feet or hands, and this little heater gets rid of those for good. It’s perfect for creating a post-shower warm area, for warming feet under a desk, or for setting on a table or work area to keep hands from freezing up while they work. It’s portable, turns off if it tips over, and comes in four colors.

10. A toy for anyone who has to fidget in order to focus

This cube fidget toy is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to click a pen, grab a pair of chopsticks and play the drums, or otherwise has to keep hands busy in order to focus the mind. It’s made of aluminum alloy, folds and unfolds in a satisfying way, looks cool, and — best of all — is very quiet.

11. The machine that makes a pedicure into a daily routine

If a daily mani-pedi is a dream come true, this foot spa is how you make that part of your routine without first becoming a billionaire. It’s sized just right for a hot-water foot soak, vibrates to increase relaxation, has removable silicone massage nodes for rubbing feet against, and turns on and off with the touch of a toe.

12. A tea organizer that perfects the art of choosing a brew

When they said variety is the spice of life, they were talking about tea, right? But no one loves digging around in a jumbled cupboard full of dinged cardboard boxes when choosing the next flavor. When all 160 bags are organized into eight easy-to-see selections in this bamboo tea organizer, though, choosing becomes a pleasant ritual. This box closes to keep everything clean inside and has a tiny drawer for essentials.

13. These big letters that are the perfect place to keep corks

Wine drinkers love to save the corks because every bottle that was enjoyed with friends is a memory. And these 12-inch tall letters are the perfect place to store them. Spell out a name or saying in letters and symbols and slowly fill it with memories. The letters look good filled with ornaments or art supplies, too.

14. A laundry sorting cart with removable bags

Sort the laundry as you toss it into the hamper all through the week and laundry day will be so much easier. This heavy-duty rolling cart fits easily into the closet or a corner, and wheels to the laundry room, or around the house for cleanup. Or just pull the bags out and carry them to the washer. It comes in three colors and has locking casters.

15. An accordion wallet that holds all the cards

When a plethora of plastic threatens to exceed the holding capacity of a standard folding wallet, this accordion version will save the day. It zips closed into a tidy package that clips to a belt or purse interior. Unzip it, though, and it opens up to expose 13 card slots and two cash compartments. An ID window on the outside makes it easy to flash credentials and it comes in 25 colors.

16. This mirrored alarm clock that’s a style upgrade

This elegant, mirrored alarm clock has a modern, minimalist look that will update any bedside table or dresser. And the three-inch tall display makes it easy to see the time, even from across the room. It has three brightness levels — and can adjust automatically depending on ambient light — so you don’t have to worry that the display will make the room too bright. It even doubles as an actual mirror.

17. A gentle facial cleanser that hydrates

A good, daily cleansing regimen is the path to clear and healthy skin, and this big bottle of gentle facial cleanser is the path to a sustainable routine. The creamy cleanser is rich in hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin to help hydrate skin. It removes dirt, cosmetics, and lotions while protecting the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

18. These hooks that turn utensils into art

Why own cute spatulas, whisks, and spoons to keep them out of sight in a drawer most of the time? These two hooks, each with six prongs, attach under a counter and transform those collections into functional displays that also make it easy to find and grab what you need. The hooks rotate so you can spin to locate the tool you’re looking for.

19. A tripod for your phone that comes with a remote

Looking for selfies that look a pro photographer was in the mix? This tripod with remote control is how. Set it up as much as 30 feet away from the antics you want to imortalize, snap your phone or camera into the clamp, adjust the height from 16 to 54 inches, and use the remote to snap — or start and stop a video — at the right moment. The remote and all fold up into a slim carrying case for portability.

20. A twisty memory foam pillow for travel

This clever pillow bends into whatever contortion you need to get comfortable when you are traveling by car, plane, or train. Need some luxury cushion between you and the window? Want a neck pillow to keep your head from dropping? Found a place to stretch out and want something under your head? This can do all of that, and it clips to your bag, too.

21. These wired headphones that fold

When you want to drown out all the sounds around you so you can hear your own tunes or movie, these wired headphones will get you there. They sound great, look great, have super comfy earpads, and connect easily just by plugging in, old school, to a 3.5mm jack. They are so easy and affordable you can gift them to anyone and keep a pair for yourself.

22. A popcorn maker for the microwave

Anyone who likes popcorn will love this popper because it makes it easy to create gourmet popcorn creations in minutes. Just pour oil and kernels into the well in the bottom, put the lid on, and microwave. Two minutes or so later, you have a bowl of popcorm ready for butter, spices, and whatever you think of next. It comes in 10 colors so you can gift one to everyone.

23. This Carhartt beanie for instant warmth

This cuffed beanie is the perfect warm layer with a hit of fashion. With the Carhartt name on the front and the logo on the back, it’s authentic. And the interior is layered with 3M Thinsulate to keep your head warm but not sweaty or scratchy. It comes in six colors.

24. These velvet pillow covers for a fast update

Changing the look of a bedroom or living room is a matter of choosing a color and zipping these two pillow covers over the your own throw pillows. They are soft, the colors are rich, and the zippers hide in the seams so that this clever hack is imperceptible. There are ten colors and eight sizes to choose from.

25. This rotating organizer that brings order to desks & tables

Five compartments hold everything from remotes to phones, to pens and office supplies, keeping them upright and visible. This rotating organizer brings quick, easy-to-access order to the coffee table, desk, bedside table, or kitchen. Just choose a pattern and texture that suits the environment and set it down. There are 19 looks to choose from that include everything from linen and leather to marble.

26. A 10-pack of jars that makes a terrific spice set

Fill these 10 small borosilicate jars with spices, label them, and make a beautiful and functional spice collection for anyone who cooks or wants to learn. Each one holds 2.4 ounces and has an airtight bamboo lid with a silicone gasket. They come with chalkboard labels to make it easy to note what’s inside.

27. This roomy camp chair with a built-in cooler

There are several good reasons that this roomy and comfortable camping chair gets over 35,000 five-star reviews. There’s the 27-inch wide seat, how easy it is to fold and set up, the cup holder in the arm so you can keep a beverage within reach, and the big side pocket that keeps a phone or reading material safe and handy. But the best thing is, obviously, the four-can cooler in the arm that keeps beer or other beverages cold.

28. These cards that bring positivity to pessimists

If empty proclamations of toxic positivity make you want to stuff your face with potato chips and issue countermeasures, this deck of affirmations might be for you. They don’t rely on cliches or groovy mantras to make you think you should feel better. They make you laugh — the 55 cards are written by comedian Suzi Barrett — which feels good. “They are affirmations but not cheesy ones,” says one reviewer. “They are funny and silly, which makes reading them enjoyable.”

29. This rollerball that relaxes stiff & sore muscles

When your muscles hurt and don’t want to move, pull out this roll-on massager and work out the kinks. It makes a great gift for anyone who works hard or hits the gym, and requires no power or skill. You can apply oils or not. Either way, just roll it over what hurts for quick relief.

30. The handy brush that gets rid of pet hair fast

The pet lovers in your life will appreciate this cure for the bane of their existence: fur that covers everything. It grabs all the fur off of furniture, fabrics, and rugs, and traps it in the catch basin in the handle. Just roll it back and forth for, according to the nearly 11,000 five-star reviews, astonishing results. “It has changed my life,” says one reviewer. “And saved us from the pet hair our new puppy likes to leave everywhere.”

31. This two-pack of smart light bulbs

Screw these lightbulbs into overhead lights, lamps, and task lights and expand the lighting options — and control — in any home. Create scenes that happen on a schedule, dim the lighting with a tap to the phone app, and add color to any room’s ambiance. They even make it possible to set the lighting so that it “dances” to the rhythm of music, which makes for leveled-up parties.

32. A manual switch you can control with your voice

When there are lights, coffee pots, and appliances you wish you could connect to your smart home but can’t because they require a manual button push, this smart button pusher is the solution. Just attach it to the device or switch and connect it, via Bluetooth, to the app. It works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home so you can say, “Turn on the humidifier” to your AI and the “finger” will hit the button for you.

33. These warm, cozy socks that come in a 4-pack

Solve someone’s morning dilemma for the whole year by packing up these warm, wool and cotton socks and putting a bow on them. How great would it be to not have to search for a matched pair, wear socks with holes, or give up and wear sports socks with dress shoes? There are 16 patterns, each is the perfect blend of cozy warmth, washable cotton, and stretch, and they get almost 5,000 five-star ratings.

34. This sleek squeegee so cleaning windows is easy

The squeegee is the unsung hero of cleaning shower doors, windows, counters, and any other slick surface because it gets them clean and streak-free (and it’s sort of fun). This 12-inch, stainless steel squeegee is so pretty you can hang it on a wall so it’s always handy and ready to clean, and it comes with two adhesive hooks to make that easy.

35. This ultra-cozy faux fur throw

After a long day, there may be no greater pleasure than collapsing into a comfy chair and pulling a warm, soft, fur blanket over you. It’s downright primal. It’s why babies have security blankets. This ultra-soft throw makes the experience extra cushy. With long fur hairs that are super soft, seven colors, three sizes, and a double-sided faux-fur event, this blanket is a delicious choice.

36. The Roku that unlocks excellent streaming content

Connecting this new version of the Roku Express to your TV unlocks access to a nearly uncountable number of movies, TV shows, documentaries, foreign content, cartoons, and more. It’s easy to install — just plug it into the HDMI port — and has a remote that can connect to most equipment. It lets you use your voice to easily search for your next viewing experience.

37. A six-piece set of helpful packing cubes

Packing into packing cubes is a genius way to travel because it brings order to the interior of your suitcase. Instead of a jumble of clothes, shoes, and gear, you have tidy containers with items organized by category. Living out of a suitcase and unpacking becomes easy. This six-piece set has every size you need, comes in 23 colors, and each sports a two-way zipper for easy access.

38. These slick earplugs for hearing protection at concerts

Going to a concert can do serious damage to hearing, which is why most music professionals carry ear protection. This set of noise reduction earplugs doesn’t block out the sound. It just reduces it to a healthy level. And they look good doing it, have four ear-tip sizes for custom comfort, come in four colors, and have a handy case.

39. An omelet & frittata maker for quick, delicious meals

Making two perfect omelets, with this grill, is a matter of pouring the egg mixture into the compartments, closing the lid, and waiting for it to announce it’s done. Making frittatas, pizza pockets, turnovers, and other delicious meals is just as easy. It’s rated 4.5 stars, and one reviewer touts its “perfect omelettes every time!”

40. These 2 super-bright & compact flashlights

Anyone who walks a dog, camps, or goes out at night needs a reliable and bright flashlight — it’s even better if it can tuck easily into a pocket or bag. This two-pack of high-powered LED tactical flashlights covers all those needs. It can do a wide beam to illuminate a room or campsite, or a focused beam you can train on objects as much as 1,000 feet away. Each one comes with a lanyard and holster.

41. These clever coasters that absorb water

Set those condensation-covered cocktails down on these clever coasters and you won’t have to worry that the furniture will suffer from drip-off. Each rubber coaster has a felt lining that can be removed, washed, and replaced. And that felt soaks up water so the coasters stay dry and the drinks can sweat all they like. They come in four colors.

42. A fitness jump rope for effective workouts

This slick, fitness jump rope is really two pieces of training equipment. The handles come with two cables that are easy to switch out. A light, fast speed-cable is perfect for high-speed cardio workouts while the heavy, power cable conditions muscles. You can customize the length and it comes with online access to the Jump Rope Mastery Program.

43. This snuffer kit for candle lovers

If someone in your life is devoted to candles, this candle snuffer accessory kit will get lots of love. The candle snuffer makes blowing candles out easy and safe, and the wick trimmer is great for making candles burn cleaner with less soot. A wick dipper offers another way to extinguish the candle, and the plate tray makes all the tools into a display.

44. A sound machine for control over audio environments

This sound machine helps to eliminate distractions that are in the room, in the house, or outside by filling your immediate area with calm sounds that don’t distract, such as birds, waves, or rain. You can set it to run continuously or for a period of time to mark the passage of a nap, study session, or conversation. And the one-button start remembers the sounds you prefer.

45. This sturdy & effective grill cleaning tool

When you’re ready to cook, cleaning the grill is a necessary evil you want to be done with as quickly as possible. This combo scraper and steel-bristle brush is the tool that will get you there. The ridged metal end scrapes off crud while the brush takes care of the finish work. The long handle is easy to grip and sturdy.

46. A set of 4 elegant woven placemats

Placemats are a great way to protect your nice furniture from spills and hot dishes, plus they make the table feel set for every meal. This set of four — available in four colors — complements lots of decors, is stain proof and easy to clean, and won’t slip around on the table.

47. The jacket that looks like a flannel shirt & hoodie

This stylish jacket is the best of many worlds, and is warm and easy to wear on the daily. A quilted lining keeps your core warm, a jersey hood makes it a genre-crossing hybrid, and the flannel outer looks handsome and casual. It comes in 10 colors and gets over 18,000 five-star reviews.

48. A set of shapely, big ice cube molds

Sometimes you want a giant square ice cube so you can sip a whiskey for ages with little dilution. And sometimes your cold brew seems to be begging for pair of big ice spheres. This set of molds lets you decide at the last minute because they simultaneously make six two-inch cubes and six big spheres of ice. They’re flexible, so getting the ice out is easy.

49. The bamboo blanket that feels cool to the touch

When you want coziness but not a ton of warmth, this bamboo blanket is just the thing. The fabric feels cool to the touch and the breathable weave releases body heat so you can curl up under it without getting too hot. It comes in 10 colors and three sizes.

50. These stones for anyone who drinks whiskey neat

Freeze these whiskey stones and solve the eternal dilemma faced by every whiskey drinker who takes their spirits neat. Drinking the whiskey without ice allows you to enjoy the full flavor, as the distiller intended, without water dilution. These granite stones allow that, too, while also chilling the drink, which is just nice. There are six in a custom-fit wood tray.

51. A tiny power bank with a built-in Lightning cable

This tiny power bank is about the size of a credit card, and it has a built-in Lightning cable so ’s the perfect companion for an iPhone. It also lets you charge two devices at once, handily, by plugging into the USB-C port on the side. It comes in four colors.

52. A big insulated water bottle to hydrate every adventure

This big, wide-mouth Hydro Flask will keep you hydrated wherever you go, and — many hours later — every sip will be as hot or cold as it was when you started out. The slip-free powder coating makes it easy to grip and doesn’t wash off in the dishwasher. The wide mouth makes filling, cleaning, and drinking easy. The handle in the lid is super useful for grabbing or clipping to a pack or SUP board and it comes in 13 colors.

53. This smart jump rope that tracks your progress

Connect this smart jump rope to a phone or smartwatch to track workouts, coach you toward improvement, and gamify the jump rope journey so you are more motivated to keep going. It’s light and lets you connect with other smart jumpers so you can build a workout community. It comes in four colors.

54. A complete personal care collection packed in a Dopp kit

This complete personal care kit for men comes packed neatly in a waterproof travel bag, solving not only the problem of choosing a skincare regimen, but also providing a way to carry it on a trip at the same time. The zippered bag is complete with body wash, beard and face wash, shaving gel, and after-shave lotion, all by NIVEA.

55. A 6-pack of tee shirts that stay tucked in

Whether wearing them under a dress shirt or alone, these crew-neck tees are a hit. They’re soft, longer than your standard tee shirt for easy tuckability. Made of 100% cotton, they feel good against the skin, and come in color assortments or all white. Over 52,000 people give this easy wardrobe staple five stars.

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