54 dope things that are surprisingly under $15 on Amazon

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by Christina X. Wood
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Sometimes it seems like everything is so expensive that it’s impossible to have nice things. But that’s an illusion, created by marketers who want you to spend more than necessary. You don’t need to drop a fortune on brand-name charging cables, designer clothing, high-end lighting, phone cases, and pricey kitchen tools. Most of those things aren’t worth the money and won’t make you happy. But you don’t have to live like ascetically either. You can have nice things! In fact, here are 54 dope things that are surprisingly under $15 on Amazon.

Maybe you want a fancy sink with a built-in drying rack but, until you win the lottery, there’s this beautiful bamboo over-the-sink rack you can have right now with no remodeling. Or maybe you think you need a new computer because yours won’t let you set up a WFH hub for all your devices. But there is a cheap solution to that problem, too. And if you are dropping a small fortune on a daily cold-brew coffee habit, you probably want to know there is an easier and cheaper way that doesn’t involve leaving the house.

Below are 54 nice things you can totally afford and that will make you feel so much better about passing on those designer items. Because no one can really afford that stuff. And with the holiday-season sales in full swing, BDG’s editors are rounding up a few bonus can’t-miss deals. Shop them while they last:

SALE: 29% off these dermaplaning facial razors

These Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up razors are so handy. Not only are they perfect for grooming and shaping your brows, but you can also use them for dermaplaning (aka removing all the peach fuzz off your skin so your makeup glides on more smoothly). Right now, these cult-favorite tools, which boast over 100,000 Amazon reviews, are being sold in a pack of three for a bargain price.

SALE: 33% off a 12-pack of sheet masks

With 4.6 stars and over 14,000 reviews on Amazon, it's clear that reviewers love this 12-pack of sheet masks from GLAM UP. And it's easy to see why, too. Each mask is focused on accomplishing a specific task, whether it's moisturizing, soothing, or nourishing, and features ingredients like aloe, peppermint, or shea butter. Nab it while it's on sale for a great gift (or a great way for you to relax).

SALE: 60% off this soothing hand cream with high ratings

This nourishing Gold Bond hand cream is formulated with seven moisturizers and vitamins A, C, and E to help hydrate skin and prevent moisture loss. The fast-absorbing cream has a light, fresh scent, and it's backed by a 4.8-star overall rating after more than 12,000 reviews.

SALE: 59% off a 3-pack of Blistex lip balm

Winter is the season for dry lips, which is why it’s a great time to stock up on a three-pack of Blistex lip balm. This moisturizing beauty product is a classic for a reason: dimethicone is used to moisturize lips and add a layer of protection from the elements, which is why this lip balm has over 20,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. As a bonus, this lip balm also has an SPF of 15, because you need to protect yourself from the sun all year long.

SALE: 50% off a digital meat thermometer

This digital meat thermometer takes the guesswork out of meal prep by providing accurate temperature readings in seconds flat without cutting into your food. It folds up compactly when not in use, and features a magnet on the back for seriously convenient storage. Over 95,000 shoppers gave it 4.6 stars for being simple yet brilliant, with an easily read LED screen that saved so much hassle.

SALE: 53% off these 10-foot lightning cords

Tired of iPhone charging cables that don't last? That won't be a problem with these super durable 10-foot lightning cables from CyvenSmart, which are made from strong copper wire covered in braided nylon and have an additional protective layer near the ends of each cable. The cords are MFi-certified to work with Apple products, and Amazon reviewers are big fans, with more than 24,000 reviewers giving them an overall rating of 4.6 stars.

SALE: 40% off a no-touch thermometer

This touchless thermometer takes quick and accurate temperature readings with the touch of a button. It runs on AAA batteries, which are included, so you can use it anywhere -- and if you click the coupon box, you can save an additional 15% off.

SALE: 30% off best-selling silk pillowcases

With more than 55,000 Amazon ratings, this set of satin pillowcases has earned legions of fans — and for good reason. The pillowcases feel silky soft and look incredibly luxe. Your skin will be convinced these are real silk, but thanks to their durable satin-polyester construction you get the feel of silk with none of the fussy washing instructions.

1. These waterproof phone cases that are touch-screen sensitive

Putting your phone into something more protective than a zip-top bag when you go kayaking or to the beach is so easy and inexpensive with these pouches. They seal phones into a waterproof case, and they’re attached to a lanyard so you can safely wear the phone or secure it to something. And you can still use your phone while it’s protected thanks to the clear touch-sensitive cover.

2. A portable chopper that minces everything from onions to meat

Whether you are traveling or preparing a meal at home, this USB-rechargeable chopper will turn garlic, meat, vegetables, herbs, and anything else you need to mince into small, cookable pieces quickly and with no mess. It’s easy to clean and small enough to pack in a day bag.

3. The shoelaces you never have to tie

Install these lockable laces once and you will never have to yell, “Hold on! I have to tie my shoes!” again. Your shoes will stay tied with a comfortable amount of give to function as an easy slip-on pair. They come in 13 colors and are so cheap you can modify all your shoes for easier use.

4. This universal socket tool for when you don’t have that size

Instead of investing in every size of socket in the known universe for the next time you need to screw or unscrew something, put this $12 self-adjusting, steel universal socket in your kit. It molds to the shape and size of whatever nut, bolt, or hex you need to turn.

5. A wall charging block with two USB ports

This charging block with two ports will turn one outlet into a charging station, so you can plug in your phone and smart watch — or whatever two gadgets you have — at the same time. It comes in ten colors so it will even spruce up your décor.

6. The handy bamboo drying rack that rolls up for storage

When you want to wash vegetables or let dishes drip dry without taking up counter space, roll out this bamboo drying rack over the sink. You can rinse the vegetables right under the faucet, let dishes drain back into the sink, and even use it as a trivet for hot pans.

7. A shaving bib to keep the bathroom sink clean

When it’s time to shave that beard or DIY your haircut, you can skip the after-shave vacuum session with this suction bib. Attach two corners to your bathroom mirror, and the bib catches everything you shave before it gets into the sink or onto the floor. When you are done, just empty the bib into the trash.

8. These gloves with LED lights in the fingers

Put on this pair of work gloves and give yourself an easy light that shines wherever you point. There are LEDs in the index finger and thumb and an on/off switch on the back of your hand. They’re also water-resistant and super useful when fishing, camping, or fixing equipment or a car.

9. This wireless charger for your phone or other gadgets

Buying a wireless charger for a Qi-compatible device was once much more expensive than this cute, disk-shaped charger. With three wattage options, it easily works with a wide range of phones and gadgets. A rubber ring in the center keeps gear from sliding off, and it’ll illuminate in green so you know it’s charging.

10. A thermometer that’s handy and easy to read

The key to a perfect steak or any other cut of meat is knowing if it has reached the right internal temperature, and this instant-read thermometer does the trick. It’ll save you from overcooking or undercooking food. You can hang it or store it in a drawer. It easily inserts into foods, reads the temperature quickly, and holds that temperature onscreen till you’ve seen it.

11. The flashlight that picks things up for you

This tool is so much more than a pocket flashlight. It has a telescoping neck so you can reach a light into a dark place, a gooseneck at the end so the light can turn corners, and the end is magnetized so that once you locate the lost keys, tool, or bolt, it will pick it up for you.

12. A coiled cobra ice mold for cocktails that bite

Whether you want to add a little zing to a Snakebite or prefer your whiskey dangerous, this coiled-cobra ice mold will make your beverages memorable. There are two molds in the set, so you can make two cobras at a time, and they will melt slowly into your drink for a long, cool — and slightly intimidating — drink.

13. The basic PopSocket for a better grip on your phone

Since they came out, PopSockets have gotten slick and feature-rich as well as expensive, but this basic black one is still awesome and under $10. Stick it to the back of your phone case, and it’ll allow for a more secure grip on your smartphone. Turn your phone on its side, and it also works as a built-in stand when you want to watch a video.

14. A huller and strawberry slicing kit

If you want to grab the hull out of a strawberry or core an apple, this tool removes either without taking off too much edible fruit. It’s faster, easier, and more efficient than using a knife. And it comes with a cute slicer that quickly turns a strawberry into perfect slices.

15. These light, stretchy running shorts with a zippered pocket

These athletic shorts are light, breathable, and stretchy, and the inner layer prevents chafing so they’re perfect for summer runs. Better still, there are two deep pockets and a secure, zippered pocket in the back for a credit card or keys. These shorts come in eight colors, and you don’t have to tell anyone how affordable they are.

  • Available Sizes: S — XXL

16. The tactical pen that’s also a multitool

This tactical pen will save you whether your emergency involves an urgent need to sign a contract in the dark, being trapped in a a crashed vehicle, a cold beer that needs to be opened, or a bike that needs an urgent fix. It’s a flashlight, pen, screwdriver, glass breaker, bottle opener, and wrench. It also looks cool, and clips to your pocket so you can always find it.

17. This phone mount that’s easy to install & use

Simply clip this simple phone mount into the air vent in your car, place your phone inside and press the side panels to secure it. Now your phone is conveniently displayed for following directions to your destination or answering a call. It’s so easy to install and use, it’s no wonder it’s a favorite with over 50,000 five-star ratings.

18. A dishwasher-safe pizza cutter that’s easy to use & store

Skip the huge knife and cut your pizza like a pro with this rolling pizza cutter. The ergonomic handle lets you get plenty of pressure on the dough, and the stainless steel blade makes a clean cut through the pizza. It also snaps apart for thorough cleaning in the dishwasher. And it’s compact enough to store in a drawer with its safety guard.

19. The slim wallet that fits in a front pocket

This slender, thoughtfully designed wallet has a place for everything you need without making your pocket bulky. There’s a clear slot so you can flash your ID without removing it from the wallet, a money clip, and eight slots for cards. And if you’re concerned about data safety when you’re out, know that it’s built to block RFID aka identification via radio frequency. It comes in 15 colors and gets over 42,000 five-star ratings.

20. A conditioning balm for a softer & less itchy beard

This cocoa butter-based beard balm gets almost 19,000 five-star reviews from shoppers who say it softens their whiskers, makes facial hair behave, and creates a healthy-looking, full beard. Nourishing ingredients like argan and jojoba oils moisturize the skin under the beard to reduce itching. Plus, it has a mild scent with notes of anise, clove, and cedar.

21. This four-port USB hub that connects everything

It’s only after you attach an external keyboard and mouse to your slick laptop that you discover it doesn’t have enough USB ports, which is why you want this inexpensive hub. It turns one USB port into four, and each port has its own power switch. With over 54,000 five-star ratings, shoppers love the quality and price point.

22. The easy way to separate the yolks from two eggs at once

If a recipe needs egg yolks separated from their whites, here is the tool you need. Just break an egg into each of the two straining cups, and let the whites fall through the slots into the bowl below. The tray holds onto the yolks, so you can pour them into another container.

23. These sticks that chill your beer to the last sip

If you love a cold beer on a hot day, you need these chiller sticks to keep it cold til the last drop. Keep them in your freezer, and then all you need to do is insert the stainless steel rod into your beer bottle to keep it chilled. Conveniently, it also works as a bottle opener.

24. An elegant manicure set that has every tool you need

This grooming kit solves all of your, “Where are the nail clippers?” searches instantly and also provides several other portable facial tools. The 10-piece set includes things like small scissors for trimming eyebrows and an acne tool. It all fits neatly and securely into an elegant hinged case.

25. A big pack of cable clips to tame cord chaos

With more and more devices to plug in these days, you need this big bag of cable clips to organize the mess of cords. There are singles, doubles, and five-slot clips so you can design exactly the system that suits your situation. If you end up with extra ones, you can also use them as toothbrush or pen holders.

26. This garlic rocker set made with stainless steel

If you’re the kind of person who always adds more garlic than a recipe calls for, you need this rocking press that’s capable of mincing a pile of garlic in seconds. It also comes with a silicone garlic peeling sleeve that removes garlic skins easily. And since it’s made from stainless steel, it’s also rust-resistant.

27. An electric wine opener that does all the work

Wine accessories can get really fancy and expensive, but this under-$15 battery-operated wine opener gets the cork out of the bottle with almost no effort on your part. Press the opener to the mouth of the bottle — after removing the foil with the built-in foil cutter — and press a button. It plunges into the cork and pulls it out. Then it spits the cork out of the opener so you can move onto another bottle.

28. The simple & inexpensive cold-brew coffee maker

Bodum is here with this simply brilliant cold-brew coffee maker that turns a messy task into a simple overnight habit. Just scoop grounds into the carafe, fill it with water, put the flat lid on it, and place it in the fridge. In the morning, switch to the plunger lid, plunge, and serve. For the price of one or two take-out cold brews, you have an easy homemade system for life.

29. This pair of wireless earbuds

This pair of wireless earbuds is everything you want for portable listening, and at this price you won’t freak out if you lose them. They have over three hours of battery life, and the buds come in a battery-charging case that extends that time to eighty hours and charges your phone. And the slick, over-ear style is comfortable and secure.

30. A tool that quickly cores & slices an apple

Just push this corer and slicer through a fresh apple, and its stainless steel blades instantly slice the apple into eight equal pieces and removes the core. You can process a pile of apples faster than you would with a knife. It’s also dishwasher-safe and comes in orange or red.

31. This door lock for extra security

When you are home alone or staying in a hotel, you can make your private space more secure by installing this door lock. Even if someone with a key tries to get in, they won’t be able to get the door open. It’s great for securing you safely against intrusive landlords or hotel key mistakes. Plus, it’s easy to install and remove from the inside.

32. A wireless key finder that’s super easy to use

You don’t need a phone app or anything complicated for this key locator. Just choose a colored key fob and attach it to your keys, then keep the remote in your remote control box. If you can’t locate your keys, press the appropriate color on the remote, and your keys will beep so you can find them. It works as long as the remote is within 100 feet of the key fob.

33. The quick and easy charging or power station

Set this power strip wherever you need to charge or power devices and it turns one outlet into five standard and three USP plugs. There are two mounting holes on the back, so you can secure it to the wall if you like, and the cord is 4.5 feet long. There are eight colors because you like things to look nice, right?

34. This jar & bottle opener that saves your hands

This two-piece kit will get every bottle and jar in your house open without a struggle. The silicone-handled jar opener is grippy and gives you extra leverage when trying to pry open stubborn jars. And the multifunction can opener that comes with it gets the lid off of bottles, cans, and screw-top bottles.

35. A low-tech way to hide a spare key so you’re never locked out

Sure, everyone else is installing digital locks they can unlock with a code, but all you really need to prevent lockouts is a spare key hiding somewhere in your yard inside this fake rock. You’ll never get locked out, and if someone needs to get in when you aren’t there, just tell them where the rock is. It has a sliding cover underneath to hide the key, and there are three rock styles to choose from so you can match it to your landscaping.

36. A string of waterproof lights for the patio

This 25-foot string of waterproof globe lights makes it easy, fast, and inexpensive to decorate your porch, deck, or patio. The glowy orbs instantly transform the area into a romantic, well-lit space you can enjoy after dark. Hang the string lights from a tree, pergola, fence, or patio umbrella.

37. These stones instead of melty ice for cocktails

Pour your whiskey over these chilled stones instead of ice when you want your spirits chilled without the slow melt of water that dulls the flavor. They are great for quickly chilling a glass of white wine, too. Made from natural soapstone, you just keep them in the freezer until you need them.

38. These burger molds for fast sliders & stuffed burgers

Turn ground meat into burgers fast — and without dipping your hands into raw meat — using this three-in-one kit. It helps you whip up uniform sliders, big burgers, or a burger with a filling in them much quicker than doing it by hand. And you end up with consistently-sized patties, so they’ll cook more evenly, too.

39. These grill mats for grilling delicate foods

When you want to throw shrimp, fish, vegetables, or kabobs on the grill, these silicone mats keep delicate or small foods from sliding between the grates and into the fire. Incredibly, food will still get those great grill marks on them while the mat also keeps your grates clean. The mat resists heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s conveniently dishwasher-safe.

40. A set of bamboo toothbrushes that are biodegradable

Skip the plastic toothbrushes that take hundreds of years to decompose and opt for these biodegradable bamboo ones instead. They look elegant and uniform in the bathroom, but it’s also easy to code them for everyone in the house because the bristles are either black or white and labeled with letters A through E. They don’t require any special care and can be tossed into a compost bin once they’re spent.

41. These socks with a secret pocket

These comfy socks have a secret pocket so you can stash the essentials. Tuck in your key, ID, credit cards, or lip balm, so you have it handy without needing a wallet. The socks have a stay-put band at the top so they won’t roll down, and are available in dozens of colors.

42. This weird device that peels a hard-boiled egg for you

Peeling hard-boiled eggs can be a pain, but this clever little cup does it for you. Just place your egg and a little water into the cup, close it, and shake gently until you can see the egg white. When you take the egg out, the shell will come right off like a sweater.

43. A LifeStraw for clean water wherever you go

You don’t have to carry water with you wherever you go, just keep this personal LifeStraw in your bag and it will convert the water you encounter into potable water through microfiltration. That means it removes bacteria and parasites, so it can turn even dirty water into clean and safe drinking water. It’s a must-have for traveling, hiking, or camping.

44. These fun coasters that look like vinyl

Set this retro turntable loaded with records on the coffee table, and it will recall days of spinning vinyl while offering everyone a fun coaster for their drinks. They’re so appealing, your guests are more likely to use a coaster and not leave a mark on your coffee table. The set includes six coasters.

45. This exfoliating scrubber for your back

Exfoliating the entirety of your back can be tough unless you have this wide scrubber that makes it an easy task. Soak the scrubber, load it up with soap, and then grab a handle in each hand and just run it over your back. One side provides gentler scrubbing while a textured side offers deeper exfoliation. And when you’re all done, it’s machine-washable and air dries easily.

46. A zester that’s perfect for citrus & cheese

This fine grater is perfect for creating a fine snow of cheese on your salad or for creating lots of citrus zest fast. The long body makes the grating movement easy, and you can set the rubber end on a board or counter for stability. The handle is comfortable, the stainless steel blade is sharp, and the whole thing is dishwasher-safe.

47. A pint glass that keeps your beer icy cold

This plastic pint glass with a coffee-shop style silicone band will keep your beer or beverage chilled and your hand comfortable. All you have to do is keep the glass in the fridge for a while, and it’ll be ready to go. Since it’s not glass, it tolerates cold temperatures without cracking and won’t potentially shatter by the pool or patio.

48. These no-sweat liners for your caps or helmet

If you’re tired of seeing sweat stains on your favorite cap, tuck one of these no-sweat liners inside and it’ll wick away moisture. It’ll also help prevent sweat from dripping onto your face and hat hair. They also fit well in helmets.

49. An electric lighter that’s rechargeable via USB

You will never have to refill your lighter with butane or replace lighters that have gone empty again because this electric lighter charges via USB. It’s compact and looks like a pen, and it’s very cool to use. A plasma arc shoots between two points in the lighter area, which retracts into the body. Over 11,000 people give it five stars.

50. These stainless steel bars that eliminate stubborn odors

These stainless steel bars look like soap but are designed to remove stubborn odors from your hands. Run the bar under cold water and mimic washing your hands with it, and the metal will neutralize odor molecules and remove those pungent scents that are too tough for bar soap. Think lingering odors from chopping garlic or handling fish. Set it by the kitchen sink and you will have it — and hands that don’t smell — forever.

51. A set of resistance bands that give a full-body workout

Each of these 2-inch heavy duty bands offers a different amount of resistance to match the muscle you want to work and your movement. The included instruction book will guide you through a full-body workout or you can use them for physical therapy or rehabilitation.

52. This magnetic wristband that holds tools, screws & bolts

Instead of asking someone to stand around handing you tools, strap on this wrist band to hold the small tools, nuts, bolts, and screws within your reach. It’s adjustable to fit any wrist and contains 15 super-strong magnets sewn into it. The padded mesh lining makes it comfortable to wear.

53. A pastry press for perfect dumplings, empanadas & ravioli

Whether you are making pierogies, dumplings, empanadas, or ravioli, this handy press will churn out perfect pastries every time. Set your dough round in the press, add the filling, and close the press. It will crimp the ends together, sealing in your filling, and creating a batch of uniform treats quickly. Plus, it’s even made from solid stainless steel.

54. This clever beanie with a built-in LED light

When you are working in dark conditions and need to see what you’re doing, just pull on this beanie with a built-in LED light. The waterproof light attachment is USB-rechargeable and features three brightness levels. But you won’t need to charge it much since the light can run for eight hours on a single charge.

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