49 clever products on Amazon that make a BIG impact for cheap

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by Christina X. Wood
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I am a huge fan of home remodels and fixes that improve the livability of a space. I’ve seen expensive kitchen remodels that look gorgeous but do nothing to make cooking easier. And I’ve made tiny, inexpensive fixes to my own kitchen that transform an unworkable space into something that can churn out great food with little effort. I know which one I prefer. The same is true for bathrooms, closets, the car, or any living space. It does not take a fortune and an interior designer to create beauty, ease of use, or clever modifications. Sometimes all it takes is one of these 49 clever products on Amazon that make a BIG impact for cheap.

One easy example is in the living room and bedroom where, if you don’t have a side table, you may not have a place for your things. But a bed or a couch can become a super convenient nest with the addition of the right accessory. But the place where I think small changes can make the biggest impact is with lighting. Harsh, dim, or inadequate lighting makes a space hard to live in and is so easy to fix with a few simple, inexpensive lighting tricks.

Read on and find the small change that will transform your living problems into opportunities for beauty and simplicity.

1. This weird cup holder so you can sip from the couch

This cup holder will hold your coffee cup within reach so you can caffeinate in comfort. It will keep a cocktail, a glass of wine, or even an entire bottle of whiskey conveniently on the arm of your recliner, so you don’t have to own a coffee table. It’s made of silicone, grips the arm of the chair securely, and prevents spills.

2. A toothbrush sanitizer you can take wherever you go

Drop your toothbrush into this portable case and give it a UV light bath that will demolish the bacteria and germs that are living on it because who wants to put a stick covered in germs in their mouth? It runs on batteries, fits most toothbrushes — including electric heads — turns on and off automatically when you put your toothbrush in it and is sized to stash in a desk drawer or suitcase.

3. The magnetic phone mount system that works in two cars

This is a clever, magnetic phone mount system that pairs a magnetic vent clip with a metal plate you attach to your phone or phone case so when you get in the car, you have only to tap your phone to the mount and it stays put. There are two vent mounts, which is handy if you have two cars in the family or so you can take one along when you rent.

4. A minimalist key rack on the light switch

This key rack doesn’t take up any wall space or bring any kind of aesthetic to your space, it’s just a light switch cover. In fact, it’s the same light switch cover you already have. Just replace two of the screws that hold it to the wall with one of the four magnet screws in this pack to create a key rack. Just touch the metal of your keyring to the magnet to store your keys.

5. This stashable bag for your water bottle

Keep this little bag handy for those times when you want to walk and keep your water bottle handy. It fits bottles that hold 12 to 64 ounces and features a shoulder strap that’s long enough to go crossbody style as well as a couple of pockets to hold your phone, keys, and a couple of small sundries. When you aren’t using it, it stuffs away into its own built-in pouch.

6. A shower head holder you can mount anywhere

You can use this suction shower head holder to place a handheld attachment lower in the shower so it’s more accessible. It has strong suction and your handheld shower snaps into the front.

7. This wheel that cuts right through pizza

The sharp blade of this cutting wheel makes fast work of cutting your pizza creations into pizza slices. Just roll it through the crust and toppings while pressing down as firmly as you want. Instead of a handle that makes you cut at a weak angle, you hold a blade cover that’s safe and efficient. Well over 20,00 reviewers prefer this method and give it five stars.

8. These straps that keep the sheets snug on the bed

If your sheets tend to pop off, sag, or otherwise not live up to your expectations of a bed made so tightly you can bounce a quarter on them, cheat by cinching them tight with these straps. They are so efficient, you could use a top sheet for a bottom sheet or use any blanket as a day bed cover. They are super adjustable so you can dial in the size you need, from crib up to king.

9. A light for the cooler so you can find what you want

You don’t have to dig out your phone and look for the flashlight to find your brand of beer if you stick this simple, battery-operated light on the inside of your cooler’s lid with the included adhesive mount. When you lift the lid, it turns on. When you close the cooler, the light turns off. And that’s a problem permanently solved for everyone at the party.

10. The device that lets you carry all the grocery bags

When you are trying to decide whether to make several trips up the stairs or grab all the grocery bags at once, this clever little device will help you do it all at once. Instead of letting the bags hurt your hands, it holds all those skinny bag handles while you hold onto this fat and comfy grip — or sling it all over your shoulder. Load the Click & Carry evenly and you’ll be amazed at how much you can carry.

11. This ironing board you can store anywhere

Storing an ironing board requires more space than many of us have, but this magnetic ironing pad fits on top of your dryer or stores magnetically to any metal surface so you can keep an iron handy without sacrificing closet space. It’s also great for travel.

12. These motion-sensing lights so you don’t fumble in the dark

Plug these two motion-sensing lights into an outlet and solve the problem of your dark hallway, stairs, or bathroom. The lights deliver a soft, warm glow only when the room is dark and they sense motion. They turn off 20 seconds later so you never have to think about them. You can also set them to stay on whenever the room is dark.

13. These grippy disks that open any jar

These circles of grippy, textured rubber are super handy for opening jars. Just throw one over the lid, and you’ll have improved traction for an easy open. They also serve as coasters that stop your dishes from skidding around or leaving a mess on surfaces. There are three of each in blue, yellow, green, and red.

14. The tool that seals bags closed

Keep this little tool handy because you will use it to open packages and bags (with the retractable blade), to reseal your snack bags when you don’t want to eat the entire bag, and to create single serve portions from your bulk buys at big-box stores. A heated element seals opened bags like they are fresh from the factory by pressing the bag closed with the heating element.

15. This splatter screen so you can cook without making a mess

This splatter screen is an essential kitchen tool because it lets you fry eggs, chicken, or whatever is for breakfast without letting grease splatter the stovetop. When the screen is sitting on top of your skillet, you can see what’s going on in the pan and steam escapes so as not to alter your cooking process.

16. A bug bite remover so you don’t have to deal with itchiness

Keep this suction device handy when you go out into the wild because when a bug stings or bites, this thing will quickly pull the venom out before it starts to itch or hurt. Just press it to the bite and pull the plunger. It instantly creates enough suction to pull the venom out. Almost 20,000 people give it five stars.

17. This fridge deodorizer that can get rid of any smell

Eliminating a stinky fridge can be a stubborn problem, but all you need to do is pop in one of these deodorizers, close the door, and wait. It gets rid of any smell. If you doubt that, read some of the five-star reviews. They are terrifying and convincing.

18. A bedside shelf that has thought of everything

If you have no room for a bedside table or you sleep in the top bunk, this bedside shelf will let you keep all the things you need at hand. It attaches to the bed frame with a clamp and has channels for your charging cables and room for a few books or a beverage.

19. This insulator for your hard seltzer or skinny beer

If your favorite beverage shows up in a slim 12-ounce can, shimmy it into one of these insulated can coolers, and it will stay cold for hours while you sip as slowly as you like. It’s crafted from double-walled stainless steel with an extra copper layer to keep your drink much colder than a coozie would and comes in 20 colors. Almost 50,000 people give these five stars.

20. A clever tool for cleaning frustrating crevices

Whether it’s that sliding door track on the shower or patio door, the picky little crevices of your stovetop, or the hard-to-reach filters in your kitchen vent, this clever tool will get in there with a duck-bill shaped scraper and slender brush to get it clean easily. There are two here so you can always find one when you want it.

21. These pods so you can freeze meals for weeks at a time

Whether you made a big batch of pesto you want to dole out into single servings or you blended up some baby food, these freezer pods are the perfect way to freeze that up for future use. Each portion will have its quantity frozen right into it for consistent portions. And they stack beautifully.

22. This locking, portable case to secure your valuables

If you have valuables you don’t want to leave around in the house or hotel room, this locking safe will secure your stuff. It’s also small enough to stash in a drawer or carry in a suitcase, and the included cable lets you secure the case to something immovable.

23. The handy hooks that stick to the shower wall

These two hooks are so easy to install. Just peel the backing off and stick them where you want them. They will hold a razor perfectly but are also a great place to hang a sponge, soap on a rope, or anything else you like to keep handy in the shower. They are stainless steel and look great on the wall or mirror.

24. The reusable ice cubes that won’t dilute your drink

When you want a colder wine spritzer or you want to turn your coffee into an iced one, pull these reusable ice cubes out of the freezer and use them instead of ice. They chill your drink without diluting it, so your spritzer doesn’t turn to water and your coffee tastes like coffee.

25. This angled measuring cup so you can see from above

Once you use this angled measuring cup, you will wonder at the silliness of printing the measures on the side of a container. You can see the measure marking on this one when you are looking at it from above, which is how you are always looking at a measuring cup when cooking. The measures are also printed on the side so all the bases are covered.

26. The organizer that returns order to your vehicle

Sling this organizer over the back of the back seat in your hatchback or SUV and it will bring total order to that back area. It gives you a place to keep the items you like to keep in the car for emergencies or impromptu picnics without making a mess or sliding around. There are nine pockets (four mesh and five solid fabric), and the back is grippy so it holds onto the car’s carpet.

27. A frustration-free broom & dust bin combo

This broom and dust bin set solves every irritation that comes with sweeping up small spills and messes. The dust bin stands on its own so you can sweep into it. It’s hinged so the debris stays in until you get to the trash. And it stores in a small space so you can keep it handy. Almost 12,000 people give it five stars.

28. A wrist strap for your camera that floats

When you take your camera to the ocean, lazy river, or out on a boat, the last thing you want is to lose it into the drink and spend hours looking for it only to give up and have to buy another. This floating wrist strap will prevent that outcome by holding the camera to your wrist, but floating brightly on the surface so you can easily recover it if it does slip away.

29. This cute desk vacuum for all the crumbs & eraser dust

This adorable gizmo sits happily on your desk until you erase something, eat a cookie, or otherwise leave crumbs on your desk or keyboard. Then just tap the button and run it over the offending material to suck it away. It’s strong, quiet, rechargeable, and comes in several colors.

30. This bottle that coaches you to stay hydrated

With motivational time markers on the side so you can see if you are staying on top of your hydration goals, this inexpensive water bottle is your secret to drinking more water. It holds 32 ounces, comes in a slew of colors, and has a straw hidden underneath a spring-loaded dust cap.

31. A toilet roll holder with a shelf for your phone

Don’t drop your phone in the toilet. Take it out of your back pocket and set it on this toilet paper roll holder with a shelf. It installs easily using adhesive or screws, has a lip so your phone won’t slide off, and makes changing the roll super easy.

32. This roller stamp that’s better than a shredder

If you have ever owned a shredder you know that they are high-maintenance princesses that crap out when you least have time for it. This roller stamp takes another approach. Instead of shredding documents you want to throw away, it lets you quickly obscure any sensitive information on them to protect your privacy. Over 8,000 people give it five stars, saying it’s easy to use and refill.

33. A wireless charger for all your gadgets

These wireless chargers are so handy, you might want to sprinkle them all over the house so that anyone with a phone — or accessories — can set it down and let it sip up some power without tracking down the right charging cable. A green light around the rim lights up to let you know it’s working and then goes dark so as not to light up the room.

34. This mosquito-free zone that goes wherever you do

Whether you are chilling on your patio or camping in the wilderness, this mosquito repeller is your best friend. Set it down and turn it on — it’s powered by a 12-hour fuel cartridge so you don’t need an outlet — and the unscented pad will silently chase the mosquitos away from a 15-foot zone around you. Over 20,000 people are raving about this thing and giving it five stars.

35. The message board for your monitor

This transparent message board mounts to the side of your monitor because that’s where you are most likely to see the little sticky-note missives you leave yourself. A ledge at the bottom is a great place to store your sticky notes or your phone. A clip at the top is perfect for holding business cards or pages you want to reference. And, when there’s nothing to remember, you will hardly know it is there.

36. This strainer that’s easier than a colander

When your kitchen is small, you look for clever ways to save space. This snap-on strainer is much smaller and cuter than your standard colander. It’s also easier to use because you clip it to the pan and pour right through it, keeping the pasta (or whatever) in the pan.

37. These clever under-shelf shelves that expand storage

Instead of stacking things too high in your cupboard and creating a chaotic mess, slide these under-shelf baskets in there for some efficient storage. They are easy to install — just hook them onto the shelf above — and they keep a few items always within reach. This is a two-pack and almost 7,000 people give them five stars.

38. The glue you can mold to do whatever you want

Whether you want to stick something back together or create something entirely new, this moldable glue will get you there. Take it out of the package and start shaping it to do what you want. In 30 minutes, it starts to cure. In 24 hours, it will permanently become the thing you want. It’s heat-resistant, waterproof, durable, provides electronic insulation, and comes in several colors.

39. A trick for turning your cable nightmare into a black box

That power strip and cluster of cords does not have to ugly up your home office or entertainment area. Bring this black box into the scene and hide the whole mess in there. It has carefully designed entry and exit holes for your cables and vents so the interior doesn’t heat up. The simple design blends right in with your electronics.

40. An accurate spaghetti measurer for precise servings

When you are making spaghetti, don’t guess how much to cook or you may end up with paltry portions or more leftovers than you can handle. This stainless steel spaghetti measure is easy to keep on hand and much more accurate than a fist. Just cook the amount that matches the number of people you are feeding.

41. These markers & crayons that fix the furniture

When markers and crayons are in the hands of children, it’s usually a danger to your fine furniture. But these markers and crayons are here to save wooden pieces from scratches, mars, and gouges, and they are fun to use. Use the markers for scratches and the wax crayons to fill deeper dings. Pick a color that matches your wood and color like you are in kindergarten. You will never know the mark was ever there.

42. A lip balm holder & bottle opener for your keychain

Snap whatever brand of lip balm you use into this clever case and attach it to your keychain so you always have your lip care treatment with you. It fits any brand, lets you use the balm while it’s in the case, and also has a bottle opener built in.

43. This splatter prevention for the microwave

Tired of cleaning messy splatter off the walls of your microwave because some dish you were warming went wild in there? Pop this cover over whatever you heat up and it will not only trap the splatter, it will help your food cook more evenly. It collapses for storage, goes in the dishwasher for clean up, and 14,000 people give it five stars.

44. A bag holder that’s like an extra set of hands

Have you ever asked someone to hold a bag open for you while you fill it? This bag rack is that person, except it stores in a drawer, doesn’t complain, and also holds bags upside down to dry. Two clips on the end of each arm hold the bag open wide and a non-slip rubber base holds it secure while you work.

45. This handy storage clip for your car’s visor

Attach one of these four clips to your visor and you have the perfect place to keep your sunglasses, toll receipts, parking tickets, reading glasses, a credit card, or whatever else you want to have handy when you drive. Each clip is double sided so it will hold two small items within easy reach.

46. These two portable lanterns that look like lightbulbs

These two lanterns are perfect for camping because they are light, durable, hang from any hook or string, and provide plenty of soft light. They are useful at home — on the patio, at the pool, or in the yard — for the same reasons. They run for 10 hours on three AAA batteries.

47. A slender USB charger adapter with two ports

This slim charger transforms one standard outlet into two smart USB outlets that identify the power needs of the device you plug in to them and deliver the right voltage. The ports point down, leaving the other outlet free, and it’s so slim you can plug it in behind furniture.

48. A stainless steel magnetic knife rack for easier cooking

For a very small price, you can change everything about the way you use and store your knives. Instead of sacrificing a big piece of counter to a knife rack, mount this slender magnetic strip to the wall and stick your knives — or other utensils — within easy reach. They can drip dry there, too, saving you a step in the cleaning up process.

49. This cooling pad for your laptop

Does your laptop get so hot on your lap that it feels like it will burn you? That’s terrible for your laptop, though common with high-performance machines. Set it on this cooling pad instead of on a pillow and it will last longer and perform better. Two fans move the air around the processor, the height is adjustable, it’s small and light, and it puts a USB port within easy reach.

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