40 cheap ways to make your home look a LOT better

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You don’t need to spend a ton of money to make your home look better, and these 40 amazing products are here to prove it. Add style, comfort and convenience without breaking the bank with some of our favorite finds that have the reviewer stamp of approval.

Lighting is one of the best ways you can transform your home, but good light fixtures can be seriously pricey. We did the work for you and found sconces that looks like you just spent hundreds of dollars at a high-end designer store when actually they’re under $50. Score! For vibes and air purification, this list features a Himalayan rock salt lamp. For a super affordable kitchen upgrade, you won’t regret adding and LED light bar under your cabinets for a sleek and modern look.

And speaking of a kitchen makeover, one of the easiest ways to give it a refresh is with new hardware — they say that hardware is like jewelry for your kitchen. On this roundup, you’ll find a set of cabinet pulls that’ll transform your kitchen, and new faucet sinks, too. They’re all surprisingly affordable but make a big impact on the look of your home — so just keep scrolling for all the way to make your home look a LOT better.


These Airtight Food Storage Containers That’ll Make Your Pantry Look So Organized

Give your pantry a makeover with a set of these airtight food storage containers that includes chalk labels and markers for a cute and organized look. They have locking lids and silicone seals to ensure ultimate freshness and they have flat square shaped tops so you can stack them and save space. Not only will they look nice on your pantry shelf or kitchen countertop, you’ll also be able to see exactly what’s in each canister and know when it’s time to restock your staples.


These Puck Lights For Sleek Under-Cabinet Lighting Without Any Wiring

Instead of paying for expensive electrical work to give your kitchen an upgrade with under-cabinet lighting, install these battery-operated puck lights yourself. And when we say install, we mean just stick them on using the provided adhesive tape. The LED lights give off a warm white glow and turn on and off when you tap the lens. Each light uses three batteries and can run for up to 100 hours. For less than $20, these puck lights will make your kitchen look a LOT better with minimal effort on your part.


These USB-Powered Backlight Strips To Upgrade Your TV

Upgrade your TV without actually buying a new one with these USB-powered backlight strips you can cut down to size to fit your TV. The lights offer 10 brightness modes to choose from and besides reducing eye strain, they also create greater contrast and make colors richer. Save yourself hundreds of dollars and turn every movie and TV show into a movie theater-worthy experience thanks to these easy to install accent lights that’ll instantly make your screen pop.


These Solar Garden Lights That Turn On At Dusk & Off At Dawn

Add extra light, a decorative accent, and some curb appeal to your yard with these solar garden lights that are weatherproof and turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Each of the LED lights is 15 lumens bright and give off clear white light, and come with stakes you twist onto them and insert into the ground. Because the lights are 100% solar powered, you don’t need to worry about any ugly wires on the ground or high electricity bills. Win-win.


A Knife Block Set That Comes With A Sharpener To Up Your Kitchen Game

Replace those old dull knives you’ve had for far too long with this beautiful and highly rated (as in, more than 8,000 five-star reviews) 11-piece knife block set that comes with a dual knife sharpener. It includes a chef’s knife, paring knife, bread knife, and carving and utility knives, as well as four steak knives. They are crafted from high-quality German stainless steel and feature an ergonomic handle for comfortable use and durability.


A Bamboo Drawer Organizer To Finally Tackle The Mess That Is Your Flatware Drawer

If your flatware drawer jams every time you try to open it, it may be time to clean it out and organize it and this bamboo drawer organizer will help you do just that. The $20 expandable organizer gives you the option of having seven or nine slots and has deep compartments to accommodate all your flatware. The solid dividers help keep everything in place and the bamboo looks nice and classic inside a drawer and is easy to clean with a damp cloth.


These Square Matte Black Cabinet Pulls For An Affordable Kitchen Makeover

One of the fastest, easiest and most affordable ways to update your kitchen is by installing new hardware such as these square matte black cabinet pulls. They come with mounting screws and to install them, simply measure the space between the existing holes on your cabinets to figure out the size of pulls you need. One reviewer said they “love these handles for the price, look and sturdiness” — they’re the whole package and will make your kitchen (or bathroom!) look so much more modern and updated.


These Cable Management Boxes To Hide & Organize Unsightly Cables

Hide cables and get rid of tangled messes by organizing them in these white cable management boxes. The set includes one medium sized box that can fit up to an 11-inch power strip and can sit on your desk and a large box that can hold up to a 13-inch power strip. They each have three holes to loop cables and are made from durable plastic. Close the lids on the boxes and your desk and floor will be clutter-free and also safer for your kids and pets.


A Water Bottle Organizer To Get That Overflowing Kitchen Cabinet Under Control

Sure, staying hydrated is important, but if your kitchen cabinet is overflowing with water bottles that fall every time you open it, it’s time to fix that. Get this clear stackable water bottle organizer that can hold up to six bottles to maximize space and make your kitchen look tidy. It’s made from shatterproof plastic so it’s super durable and it can easily be cleaned with some warm soapy water. The organizer would also work well in your fridge to save space and chill drinks at the same time.


These Microfiber Pillowcases That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Staying At A Luxury Hotel

Give your bed a luxurious yet affordable update with a set of these smooth and silky microfiber pillowcases. They are ultra-soft for ultimate comfort and the lightweight fabric is moisture-wicking, which keeps them cool and breathable all year round for anyone who is a hot sleeper. The pillows are wrinkle-free, stain-proof and anti-pilling for easy care and won’t fade in the wash. Choose from 12 colors and two sizes.


These Smart Plugs That Will Turn Any Regular Outlet Into A Smart Outlet

Turn any regular outlet into a smart one using these smart plugs that allow for voice control and can be connected to your Alexa or Google Home. The plugs come with a remote and can be set up and controlled through the Kasa app on your phone. This allows you to turn lights and appliances on and off remotely as well as to schedule timers and countdowns.


A Shoe Rack Bench So Your Entryway Actually Feels Inviting Instead Of Cluttered

Place this three-tier bamboo shoe rack bench in your entryway and get rid of those shoe piles that block the door and pose a tripping hazard. The clean and simple looking bench is available in three colors to fit with your style and color scheme, and it’s easy to assemble using the included parts and tools. It’s sturdy and durable and an Amazon fave with an overall 4.7-star rating from more than 12,000 customers who say it’s well made, looks nice, and perfect for a small space.


This Peel-&-Stick Subway Tile Backsplash That Requires No Messy Grouting

A new backsplash has the power to totally transform your kitchen and if you don’t want to deal with messy grouting or dish out a ton of money, this peel and stick subway tile is the way to go. Each sheet is thick enough to make handling it easy and has premium foam adhesive tape on the back to make sure it sticks to the wall. The pack includes 10 sheets that are 12 square inches in size and can be cut for easy installation. The backsplash is available in 11 colors, from classic white to a light pink and cheery yellow.


A Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp For A Cozy Ambience

Fill your home with a cozy ambience using this beautiful Himalayan rock salt lamp that looks way more expensive than it actually is — thanks, Amazon. The lamp is handcrafted from rock crystals and sits about nine-inches tall with its genuine rose wood base. It has a dimmer control button so you can adjust its brightness and besides creating a warm glow, the salt will actually ionize the air in your home and serve as an air purifier. Each lamp is unique and varies slightly because it’s made from rock crystals, and it’s available in five different styles.


This High Pressure Shower Head For A $30 Bathroom Upgrade

Feel like you’re at a fancy spa every time you take a shower thanks to this high pressure shower head that’s chrome plated for a high-end look and a total steal for just $30. It has a swivel ball joint that allows you to tilt it to the perfect angle to enjoy the monsoon rain-like therapeutic water flow. The shower head is universal and connects to any standard shower arm and also comes in elegant antique brass, a funky rainbow color and six other finishes to upgrade your bathroom and make every shower super relaxing.


An Oil Dispenser Set For Easy, Stylish Cooking

Add a touch of style to your countertops and make adding that finishing touch of olive oil easier with this oil dispenser set that comes with a stainless steel funnel for mess-free refills. The set is available in an amber brown or dark green color as well as in clear glass with marked measurements. It includes two flip top stainless steel spouts and two spouts with a sealed cap, and also comes with chalkboard labels for an added detail and easy identification. The bottles are leak-proof and airtight to ensure maximum freshness and would make a great housewarming gift.


A Bidet Attachment With An Impressive 12,500 5-Star Reviews

Give your bathroom a serious update for less than $30 with this non-electric bidet attachment. It’s designed to fit any standard toilet thanks to its adjustable brackets and gives you all the benefits of a bidet without actually having to install the expensive fixture. The side attachment features a control dial that allows you to change the water pressure to your desired preference. It’s easy to install, supports good hygiene and is very affordable — sounds like you should add this clever little gadget to your cart, asap.


This Floating Corner Shelf For A Cool-Looking Storage Solution That Makes Use Of An Empty Corner

Utilize that empty corner with this five-tier floating shelf that’s lightweight yet sturdy, and fits with any decor style. It can hold up to 11 pounds and is easy to mount on the wall using the provided hardware and tools. More than 38,000 shoppers have given it a perfect five-star rating and say it looks great, especially for the incredible under-$25 price. Get the shelf in white or one of the over seven finishes and transform and give function to any corner in your home.


A Bamboo Tea Box That Every Tea Lover Needs In Their Life

Organize and store tea bags in this bamboo organizer that features 10 compartments and a framed lid with acrylic glass to make its contents visible. If you have a kitchen cabinet filled with half empty tea boxes, get this organizer and you’ll be amazed at how much valuable storage space you gain. In addition to tea bags, you can fill the compartments with sugar and honey packets, little creamers and anything else you need to make that perfect cuppa!


These Modern House Numbers For Instant Curb Appeal

Instantly give your home exterior a modern upgrade with these black house numbers that can be installed flat or floating, depending on your preference. The zinc numbers have a heavy black coating to make them weather and rust proof and at five-inches tall, they are easy to see from a distance. The kit includes a template and all the necessary screws to make installation easy so you can give your house, garage or mailbox a quick and stylish update.


This Waterproof Caulk So You Can Seal Cracks Quickly & Easily

Seal cracks in window sills, old cabinets, and millwork using this waterproof caulk that’ll prevent leaks and make surfaces look new again. It cures quickly after application and can be sanded and painted, so no one will ever know there was a crack there in the first place. The caulk is safe to use on glass, wood, plastic, metal and plenty of other surfaces and forms a permanent bond with it to ensure water-resistance.


These Acrylic Shelf Dividers That Make Organization Look Chic

Make your closet shelves look like they belong in an upscale department store with these acrylic dividers. They easily attach to a shelf and have rounded corners so as not to cause any scratching, and they allow you to stack linens and clothing without the piles falling over or getting messy. The acrylic looks stylish and is durable, and makes for such a multi-purpose organizational tool — use these in your closet to separate shoes and bags, in a kitchen cabinet to neatly hold dish towels or in a china cabinet to keep dishes in place. You can adjust the organizers by shifting them from side to side and gently slide them out to remove them.


A Round Gold Mirror For A High-End Vibe On A Budget

A stylish mirror is the perfect accessory for any room and this round gold mirror is no exception. It’s available in two sizes that are both a good choice above a dresser, buffet or entryway cabinet, as well as in a black option. The mirror is made from sturdy materials and can easily be mounted on the wall. It’ll help bounce light around, fill an empty wall and a great alternative to a piece of art, and it’ll give you a spot for one final look before you leave the house for the day.


These Plastic Pots That Have Drainage Holes To Keep Your Plants Lush & Healthy

Don’t spend a ton of money on heavy planters and get these plastic pots with pre-drilled drainage holes that are super stylish and will keep your plants lush and healthy. The five-piece set comes in a black, white, gray and speckled version and the pots vary in size but are all lightweight yet sturdy. They come highly recommended by thousands of reviewers who say they’re great value for the price, provide a minimalist look and are great quality.


This Charging Station That Allows You To Charge Up To Six Devices Simultaneously

Get rid of cables all over the place and charge all your devices neatly in this one charging station that can accommodate up to six at the same time. It’s compatible with most USB devices, from phones to watches and cameras, and has movable dividers if you need to charge a larger item like a tablet. There are LED indicators that notify you when a device is fully charged, and the energy efficient station protects against overcharge to ensure safety. Get this handy charger for under $40 and you’ll be amazed at how much cleaner your desk will be from here on out.


A Grout Pen That Restores Tile Without You Needing To Replace It

If your tiled floor is looking a little worse for wear, instead of doing an expensive renovation, use this magical grout pen and see the difference it makes. To use it, just wash and dry the grouted tile, shake the pen and begin using it on the grout by pressing it down until the color is released. Once done, wipe off the excess, then let it sit and cure for up to six hours until fully dry before wetting the surface. The pen is available in a narrow and wide tip version and for $9, it’s a seriously cheap update that’ll make a huge difference.


This TV Cord Cover To Hide & Seamlessly Blend Cords

Want to hang your TV on the wall but don’t want a bunch of ugly cords hanging down? No problem, just get this TV cord cover that can hold multiple cables to make your space look neater. The installation couldn’t be easier — just measure where the cover needs to go, peel off the backing and stick it on the wall, place the cables inside and snap the top cover on. Go a step further by painting it the same color as your walls to make it fully blend in.


An Extendable Bamboo Bathtub Caddy So You Can Take A Relaxing, Luxurious Bath Anytime You Want

Place this extendable bamboo caddy over your bathtub, put your glass of wine and book into the built-in holders and enjoy the most relaxing hour of your day. The caddy has silicone grips on its base to secure it to the tub and prevent slippage and will fit over most standard tubs, as it can extend up to 43 inches in length. The bamboo looks beautiful and is waterproof, and the caddy also includes a removable waterproof cover that you can place over your book or tablet for extra protection.


These Pet Bowls With A Spill-Proof Mat For Cleaner Floors

If you spend half your morning cleaning up the mess around your dog’s food and water bowl, this one's for you. These stainless steel bowls come in a flexible silicone base and can easily be removed for cleaning. The base has curved edges to catch any spills so they don’t land on your floor instead, and its soft construction won’t scratch your floors. The set looks neat and stylish so you can absolutely leave it out without it looking like a mess. This nifty little product is about to make life so much easier for you and your pets!


This Double-Sided Deshedding Comb That’s Way Cheaper Than Constant Grooming

Brush your pet with this double-sided comb to combat the constant shedding and lumps of hair all over your floor and couch. One side has a comb that removes all the loose hair and gently massages your pet’s coat while the other side features a deshedding blade that removes the loose undercoat hair. The tool won’t hurt your pet at all but instead helps improve blood circulation and will leave their coat nice and shiny.


A Decorative Crown Molding To Give Your Home A High-End Look For A Budget Price

Add this inexpensive decorative crown molding to your walls for an instant architectural feature that will completely transform your space. Instead of purchasing expensive wood molding that requires special tools to cut precise angles, go the cheaper route and get this foam version that comes in a flexible roll that can be cut instead. Attach it using a strong adhesive or liquid nails and if you don’t want to leave it white, paint it with a latex or oil-based paint. A small investment that will make a huge visual impact.


This Wireless Picture Light That Looks Like It Cost Way More Than It Does

This battery-operated picture light will add so much sophistication and elegance to your room, all for the budget price of $31. Good lighting can run hundreds and even thousands of dollars, which is why this beautiful fixture is a total steal and incredible find. Reviewers totally agree, which is why it has gained over 3,000 five-star reviews. The picture light is dimmable and has a timer, and also comes in a black and silver finish.


A Wood Polish & Conditioner Reviewers Say Brings Wood Furniture Back To Life

Give new life to old, faded and scratched wood furniture in your home with this polish and conditioner that uses beeswax and Carnauba wax to form a protective coat and restore shine. The product is made with conditioning oils that enhance the depth of wood grain and fight fading. Instead of throwing out that old dresser, save money and use this polish on it and watch it come back to life. Shoppers say a little bit of it goes a long way to make items look brand new again.


These Magnetic Garage Door Hinges For Cheap & Easy Curb Appeal

For some cheap and quick — and great looking — curb appeal, add these decorative magnetic hinges to your garage door. The faux hardware is easy to install since you don’t need to drill any holes and can easily reposition the hinges as needed. Each set includes four hinges and two handles that have a protective coating so the wrought iron doesn’t rust or get damaged due to weather conditions. They’ve garnered an overall 4.8-star rating from more than 9,000 customers who say they look like the real thing and one even said their neighbors thought they bought a new garage door.


An LED Light Bar For Remote-Controlled Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is a great update that adds value and a modern look to your kitchen (or any other space you use it in) but instead of paying for expensive electrical work, stick this wireless light bar under your cabinets yourself and save tons of money. It comes with a remote control that works from up to 15-feet away and allows you to set a timer and control the brightness level.


A Pull-Down Faucet With A Sprayer That’s Like Jewelry For Your Kitchen

They say hardware is like jewelry for your kitchen, the finishing touch that makes all the difference and that’s exactly what this sleek pull-down faucet does. It’s streamlined and modern to add a contemporary feel, but also super practical because it features a sprayer to make cleaning so much easier. It has a spray, stream and pause mode so you can get the perfect water flow and pressure whether you’re rinsing something or filling a pot. The handle can be installed on either side for your convenience and the faucet is available in five finishes — brushed nickel, chrome, gold, matte black and matte gray.


This Ultra Matte Chalk Paint In A Cool Aged Gray Shade

Transform any piece of furniture with a coat of this ultra matte chalk paint in a cool aged gray shade that’ll instantly give it a new look. It’s easy to apply and the formula provides full coverage with just one coat and dries to the touch within 30 minutes. Use the latex paint on wood, metal, canvas or ceramic surfaces, you’ll love the smooth, velvety finish it creates and the fact that you can distress it with sand paper for that shabby-chic look. The chalk finish is a stunning effect that fits with lots of different types of decor and if you’re not into the grays, there are 14 other shades available.


A Window Film So You Can Enjoy Your Privacy Without Installing Frosted Windows

Install this removable privacy film on your windows that allows plenty of natural light to filter through but prevents your neighbors from seeing what you’re cooking for dinner. There’s no glue involved as it’s the static cling design that helps the film stick to the glass, so you never have to worry about any residue. Once removed, the film can be reused. It’s also a good way to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and a way more economical option than installing frosted windows.


This Gallery Wall Frame Set So You Can Finally Fill That Empty Wall

Create a stunning gallery wall and finally hang up those photos you printed years ago and fill that wall that’s been empty since you moved in. Professional framing is seriously pricey, so this set of nine picture frames is an amazing deal for just $40. You can use the included mats for a more formal, layered look, or just the frames, and choose from a black or gold version. The set includes hanger hooks for easy hanging and the clean lines will add a minimalist, timeless look whether you create a grid or more organic gallery wall with these frames.


A Round Jute Rug To Add Warmth And Texture

Use this handmade round jute area rug to add warmth and texture to your home in an inexpensive way. The rug is durable and made from jute that’s been braided and sewn into a circle, however the rug is available in lots of different shapes and sizes. Jute is a great material to layer as well — pair it with a distressed vintage-style area rug for a cozy and charming feel. Each rug is handwoven in India and is unique and will therefore have slight color variations. Whether you’re going coastal or designing more of a farmhouse-inspired look for your home, this jute rug is a classic you can’t go wrong with.


This Mid-Century Modern Wall Sconce For Some Serious Designer Vibes

Infuse a designer feel into your home for under $40 with this mid-century modern style wall sconce whose curved shape is characteristic of the iconic style. The plug-in feature means you can hang it anywhere — flanking the bed in your bedroom, in a hallway or to highlight a cool gallery wall in the living room. Get it in gold, matte black or polished nickel for an instantly elevated, high-end accent for your home.

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