46 cheap things that'll make your home way more comfortable

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by Christina X. Wood
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When it comes to finding comfort, shoes are a great metaphor. Sometimes the difference between a shoe that is supremely comfortable and one that causes agony is infinitesimal. An almost invisible lump can be the difference between limping and running happily. And a high price is not a guarantee against these discomforts. The same is true in your home where a soft surface on a floor, more organization in the kitchen, or mellow lighting can be the difference between a dwelling that’s welcoming and homey and one you can’t wait to get out of. It’s possible to spend an infinite quantity of cash outfitting a home, but a high price tag does not guarantee the result. And there’s no reason to pay too much. Here are 46 cheap things that'll make your home way more comfortable.

If the air is stale and dry, for example, a humidifier that’s also an essential oil diffuser can change that at the push of a button. And when you get out of bed in the morning, putting your bare feet on deliciously downy fur is so much better than hitting cold floorboards. But nothing creates comfort quite as quickly as gentle lighting and what could be better than mood lighting that looks exactly like the moon?

Read on and find your comfort level. It’s here.

1. This clip-on table that holds your drink within reach

When you are sitting comfortably in your favorite armchair, where do you set your drink? If you have no room for a side table, this clip-on tray is the perfect solution. Two handles firmly grip the arm of your chair with a strong spring action so your beverage sits within reach. It’s the perfect place for a book, phone, glasses, or whatever else you want to keep handy. And it stashes easily for storage.

2. These straps that keep the sheets on the bed

Tired of snugging the bed sheets every time you get up? These straps keep the bottom sheet firmly attached to the mattress no matter how athletic your tossing and turning gets. Just clip them under the mattress corners and pull the elastic straps tight. The three-clip design keeps sheets from slipping and is super easy to install.

3. A 3-tiered fountain for a calming water feature

Bring the calming sounds of trickling water to your office or home with this three-tiered water fountain you can also use to display your rocks, shells, or other natural collections. It has a submerged pump that elevates the water, letting it pour from the three trays into the deep basin below. The soft light creates a soft focal point in the room.

4. This mat that makes any workspace easier on your body

Whether you stand in the kitchen to cook, in the garage to fix your car, or at a standing desk, set one of these cushioned mats down for a soft place to stand. The squishy foam surface is almost a half-inch thick and makes a hard floor more comfortable. It’s also durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. It comes in five colors and three sizes.

5. A quilted mattress pad to protect your investment

A good mattress can be a serious investment and this quilted, microfiber-covered mattress pad with a thin layer of protective fiberfill in a box quilt will protect that investment from accumulating stains, allergens, dead skin, and other accidents. The cover has a soft — not stiff — texture, fits a 16-inch deep mattress, and can be machine washed and dried.

6. This lamp that creates a sunset in your home

To create a delightful sunset mood in your house any time, just plug this lamp in and angle it so that its sun-like glow casts shadows on the walls or creates a simple sunset effect. Use it to create backdrops for photos or videos or just to set a romantic or relaxing vibe. The lamp head rotates 180 degrees so you can play around until you get exactly the look you want.

7. A heated carpet to keep your feet warm

This heated carpet turns the cold floor under your feet into a warm spot so your feet don’t get cold. It’s more comfortable than a space heater because it doesn’t blow drying heat at you. Just plug it in and set it under your desk — or wherever you tend to put your feet — for a gentle warmth that never gets too hot.

8. These two smart outlets create a voice-controlled home

Whether you want to connect your lamps and appliances to your smart home system or are just looking to create lighting schedules so it looks like you are home when you aren’t, these two smart plug-ins are the solution. Plug them in, connect them to the Kasa app or your smart home, and you can control whatever you plug into them from your phone or with voice commands.

9. This night light that turns the toilet into a glowing orb

When you stagger, sleepily, into the bathroom in the wee hours, don’t turn on the harsh overhead lighting. Let this motion-sensitive, night light illuminate your destination in a soft colorful glow. You can choose one of the 16 colors or set it to cycle among all of them. It hooks over the bowl, runs on batteries, and gets almost 12,000 five-star reviews.

10. A memory foam footrest for under your desk

Elevating your feet while you work at a desk can support better posture in your upper body. This memory foam footrest is not only a comfy place to set your dogs, but it encourages active sitting. Rest your feet on the curved memory foam and it molds to the shape of your feet in response to your body heat while a non-slip grip on the bottom keeps it in place. Or flip it over, put your feet on the flat surface, and rock your feet, which is good for leg circulation. Reviewers give it almost 13,000 five-star ratings.

11. This huge package of clips for all your wires

This pack of 16 various sizes of stick-on clips is the solution to all your errant wire problems. Simply peel and stick them to your desk, bed frame, wall, or wherever and snap the wires into them to stop them from dangling and slipping behind the furniture. They also work to secure toothbrushes, pencils, and other small items.

12. This bamboo bath mat for a clean look & dry feet

Instead of adding to your weekly laundry with a fabric bath mat, set this bamboo rug down next to the shower or tub and step onto its clean surface to keep your wet feet from sliding on the slippery floor. Grippy rubber pads on the bottom hold it in place, the slats let your feet drip dry, and it wipes clean. The kiln-dried bamboo is fitted together without any sharp metal parts and can be rolled up for storage.

13. These bar lights for easy lighting where you need it

These two bright, plug-in lights are the solution for lighting your garage, bathroom, workshop, and other dark corners without installing any fixtures. Just plug them in and decide if you want to use the slider on/off switch or set them to automatically turn on when it’s dark and off when they sense light. They are bright, simple, and so easy.

14. These soft, furry pillowcases to dress up the couch

Create a soft, welcoming look and feel on the couch or in the bedroom by zipping these fuzzy, faux fur pillow covers right over the pillows you have. (Or buy an insert.) They are a deliciously soft fur, come in nine colors and eight sizes, and get over 8,000 five-star reviews.

15. This bathroom stool so you can “go” easily

It turns out that sitting on a toilet that’s at a comfortable height is not the best position for elimination. This newly updated Squatty Potty stool elevates your feet to simulate a squatting position, which helps humans poop much better, faster, and easier. Reviewers are raving about how this simple posture alteration has changed their lives. They give this stool almost 23,000 five-star reviews.

16. A weighted blanket for cozier naps

Crawling under a weighted blanket is like getting a comforting, all-body hug, and for many people, that makes it super easy to fall quickly into a deep sleep. This cool and breathable microfiber 5-pound blanket is filled with glass beads that are sewn into squares so they distribute evenly throughout the blanket. Choose from eight sizes and weights so you can get the one that’s right for you.

17. This wall organizer for bathroom toiletries

Attach this organizer to the bathroom wall to get all your sundries off the counter and in order. Load a toothpaste tube into the top so you can push the toothbrush into the dispenser port for a dollop of paste. Two magnetic cup holders let cups drip dry. Four slots keep toothbrushes clean and handy. A drawer holds small items. And a divided shelf on top keeps your self-care products orderly.

18. This lumbar support pillow for a more comfortable chair

If your desk chair lacks the necessary lumbar support, your back will pay the price. The two straps of this lightweight memory foam lumbar support pillow hold it firmly in your seat, helping to support your lower back, which improves your posture to alleviate everything from low back pain to neck stiffness. It’s great in the car, too, for long drives.

19. A six-pack of soy aromatherapy candles

Set these scented candles in the bathroom, entry, or dining room to fill your home with the scent of mimurhyl, fresh rose, cedar, grapefruit, rose and garnet berry, or fig. Each candle has been poured into an amber jar and labeled simply for a minimalist look that will fit in anywhere. Each soy candle will burn for around 20 hours.

20. A mosquito net to keep your sleep safe from bugs

Whether you hang it over your bed, hammock, or deck lounge chair, this mosquito net will protect you from mosquitos and other flying bugs while making your relaxation time feel like a romantic tropical vacation. The mesh is super fine so nothing will get through and it hangs easily. It’s designed so you can hang a lamp inside for extra romance or reading light.

21. A tiny space heater to keep your personal space warm

If your office is chilly or your feet get cold, this tiny, portable space heater is here to save you from the shivers. It warms a small space — your desk area, the bathroom, or a chilly bed — at the touch of a button and is small enough to tuck in your backpack. It comes in four colors.

22. A beautiful humidifier & essential oil diffuser

Change the atmosphere by filling this humidifier with water, adding a few drops of essential oil, and turning on its soft light and scented mist. You can choose from six light colors, set timers for operation, and adjust the mist level to dial in the perfect mood. The large 500-milliliter tank will run for as long as 16 hours.

23. A non-slip rug pad that stops rugs from sliding

A beautiful area rug on a hardwood or laminate floor looks terrific — until the pets scrunch the rug up or it slips out from under you when you land on it. This non-slip rug pad sticks that rug to the floor but it uses no adhesives to do it. The rubbery texture and open weave work together to cling to both rug and floor and stop that rug from moving. Just cut it to fit under your rug.

24. This lamp that’s a realistic replica of the moon

The topographical surface of the moon is 3D printed onto this much smaller orb that plugs in to throw moonlight inside your home. Use the remote control to change among the 16 available colors or set it to flash, strobe, or fade. Then set it on its wooden stand and bask in the moonlight.

25. A set of pockets for your bed or couch

Tuck the anchor of this clever pocket system under your mattress or couch cushions and let the pockets hang to create easy storage where you need it most. Stash your phone, reading material, glasses, or remotes tidily and within easy reach. It has one big pocket and three smaller ones. Choose from 14 colorways to match or complement your furniture.

27. These silky-smooth pillowcases that baby your hair & skin

The first thing you will notice about these satin pillowcases is that they give your bed an air of luxury. But when you rest your head on them, you will be hooked by their silk-like softness. The real luxury of these, though, is how gentle they are on hair and skin. They don’t tug at hair or absorb skin’s natural oils so you wake up feeling more refreshed. They come in so many colors you might have trouble stopping at one pair.

28. These backlights that turn your TV into a mood light

This might be the easiest and cheapest home entertainment upgrade ever. Just peel and stick stick these strip lights to the back of the TV, plug them into an unused USB port, and choose the lighting effect you like from the 24-key remote. There are 16 colors and four modes to choose from. And whatever setting you choose will turn your TV into a mood light when it’s off and create a theater-like effect when you turn it on.

29. A multi-tasking dish soap dispenser set

This four-in-one dish soap dispenser set couldn’t be more convenient to use: it includes a liquid hand soap dispenser and a soap tray where you can rest a sponge and simply press down on it to dispense the perfect amount of soap. The drip tray has a ventilated lid to allow for airflow and prevent mold and this caddy keeps soap products organized and neat.

30. This kit so you can create your own bonsai art

Bonsai trees are a beautiful, living decoration, but the tree is the end of the process. Creating that tree is the art form. If you want to try your hand at creating a piece of living art, this kit puts you at the beginning of the process. Plant the four types of seed — Jacaranda mimosifolia, Pinus aristata, Pinus thunbergii, and Picea mariana — into the included pots and soil and set off on your own bonsai journey. It comes with directions, tools, and markers.

31. This bathroom fixture that will change your life

Do you consider rubbing your body with dry paper a reasonable substitute for a shower? Once you have a bidet, you will feel the same horror at the idea of toilet paper for cleansing your nether parts. This simple-to-install bidet attachment lets you dial in the spray speed and nozzle angle you like, requires no power, and will completely change your standard of cleanliness.

32. A light that comes on when you get out of bed

Install this motion-triggered strip light under your bed and it will turn on automatically when you get up in the night. It illuminates the floor — not the entire room — so you can see where you are going without waking everyone up. The brightness is adjustable, as is the length of time it stays on after it stops detecting motion, so you can customize it for your situation.

33. These drain covers that are easy to use & decorative

Step into the shower and smile at the silicone flower that’s sitting over your drain because it’s there not only to look decorative but to trap hair and anything else that might go down the drain, get stuck, and require you to call a plumber. They are designed to fit over most drains and have nubs to trap detritus as well as tabs that make them easy to lift and clean.

34. A pair of Himalayan salt lights to create a warm ambiance

Why have an ordinary night light when these Himalayan salt lights throw a warm, pink glow and create a romantic and calming atmosphere while lighting your way? These two lamps plug directly into a socket, rotate 360 degrees to fit whatever plug you use, and are housed in a decorative black metal frame.

35. A magnetic knife bar to store all your tools

Mount this 16-inch magnetic knife bar on the wall and use it to store knives, tools, kitchen utensils, art supplies, or whatever you need to keep within reach. It mounts with the included adhesive, hardware, or simply by sticking it to a metal surface such as the fridge. It’s so handy that over 17,000 people give it five stars.

36. A bamboo shoe rack so your shoes are handy but orderly

When the shoes you want to keep near the entryway exceed your storage space, install this two-tier, bamboo shoe rack to keep them within reach but also in order. It makes it easy to clean around and under your shoe collection, looks neater than a pile of shoes, and is stackable so you can add more levels if you get more shoes.

37. This automatic soap dispenser that looks great on the counter

If your appliances are stainless steel, this battery-operated, automatic soap dispenser will blend right in and it makes it so easy to wash your hands, even when they are so covered in flour or meat juices that you don’t want to touch anything. Just wave your hand near the infrared motion sensor and it pumps soap into your hand. You can even set how much soap it releases.

38. An outdoor outlet that connects to your smart home

It’s super easy to control your outdoor lighting, holiday decorations, and light-up lawn gnomes with this outdoor smart plug. It’s completely weatherproof and connects to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant so you can use your voice to control the outdoor lighting. Or use the app to control the outdoors from your phone. You can control each outlet separately or group them to create outdoor lighting zones.

40. A roll-up drying rack that makes great use of your space

Want to drip dry a few dishes or a huge pot? Need a place to set a hot pan without burning the counter? Short on cooling racks for cookie-baking binges? This roll-up dish drying rack is made from stainless steel rods that are held together with flexible silicone. It is handy in so many places in the kitchen that it will be in constant use. When you do put it away, it rolls up and stashes easily in a drawer.

41. A small basket for storing towels, toys, or anything

Baskets are a terrific way to turn clutter into order without adding closets or shelves. Just fill this one with like items such as toys, cosmetics, books, towels, or baby supplies and leave them in plain sight. This 12-inch basket is woven from cotton rope, has no hard edges, and comes in seven colors. A handle at each end makes it easy to carry.

42. These shelves that turn any wall into artistic storage

When you have more stuff than places to store it, these three floating wall shelves in different sizes create space by turning walls into decorative storage. They mount easily and look terrific in a grouping to hold everything from plants to bathroom supplies to books. Choose from eight wood finishes for exactly the look you want.

43. A spice organizer that fits in a drawer

Create a spice collection that’s organized and highly visible by dropping this organizer into a drawer. You can easily see all your spices at once and read all their labels. Available in four sizes that fit most drawers, even shallow ones, these racks are crafted from steel and covered in a silver metallic epoxy. This organizational strategy works just as well for vitamins, cosmetics, or herbs.

44. This faux sheepskin rug that feels so good underfoot

Set one of these faux sheepskin rugs down next to the bed and the first thing your feet will touch in the morning will be soft and warm. Or create a decadent look by putting one in front of the fireplace. They work just as well in a child’s room because they are a comfortable place to play. They come in 19 colors and 11 shapes and sizes, so there is sure to be one to suit whatever application you imagine.

45. A sound machine so you can sleep through anything

When the sounds outside your room — or inside your head — make it impossible to sleep or concentrate, turn on the white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, or any of the six sounds this machine produces and drown it out. A timer lets you set a duration so it stops after you are asleep or you can let it run until you turn it off in the morning. It runs on batteries or plugs in. Reviewers love it and give it over 29,000 five-star reviews.

46. This sage smudge kit that comes with an abalone shell

When your home is filled with bad smells or energy, burn some sage to chase it all away and start fresh. This smudge kit has everything you need to try this. It comes with three sage bundles, an abalone shell, a hand-carved wooden stand, sand to put the sage out, and a 12-inch feather.

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