Under-$15 Men’s Winter Wear That Will Keep You Warm

Stay toasty--and stylish--with these must-have men's winter wear items.

A man posing in under-$15 men's winter wear - a jacket, sweater and a scarf.
Unsplash / Irena Carpaccio

In the winter, we all need gloves, hats, and scarves to keep ourselves toasty. But how do you select when there are over 8,000 options to choose from? Do you want something that goes with everything or do you want to select a few make a statement with any outfit? Do you want something made of cashmere or do you want something made of machine washable materials… either way, you’re looking to stay warm and dry this season.

Below you’ll find the ideal option for each of the above possibilities. You can buy them all or choose your favorite. No matter what, each of these winter wear items is as affordable as it is high-quality.

The Gloves That Let You Use Your Phone

Why We Picked It: These OKYWILL Winter Knit Touchscreen Gloves are less than ten bucks, but are top-rated on Amazon — a perfect fit for winter gloves, in our opinion, because we always lose gloves, and with these, replacing them won’t set us back too far. They’re made of a sweater-like material, have a great grippy material on the palms so phones don’t slide out of them, and have touchscreen material on the tips of the first two fingers and thumbs, which keep you connected all winter long.

The Hat That Will Keep You Toasty And Cool-Looking

Carhartt brand clothing is sort of effortlessly cool, and this Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Knit Hat is no exception to this rule. This one is great for most cold weather in moderately cold places — it’s pretty great until the high 20s. It breaks the wind really well, which is nice for anyone living in a breezier area. It does need to be handwashed to prevent pilling, but let’s be real—that takes like five minutes tops.

The $10 Scarf With A 4.5 Star Rating

Why We Picked It: If you’re not the type to make loud fashion choices, or you like to make utilitarian style choices that pair well with everything you already own, this Alpine Swiss Scarf is a great buy. Available in the standard 80-inch by 12-inch scarf size so that you can wear it in a variety of stylish knots, this 100% acrylic scarf is among Amazon’s best selling scarves. At only $10, it’s a great way to try out the scarf trend with low risk and when you purchase from Alpine Swiss, you’re buying from a company with a conscience. Every day Alpine Swiss donates 2,500 meals to feed hungry children around the world, so you’re not just buying a scarf, you’re helping others.

The Lightweight Scarf That Feels Luxurious and Doesn’t Require Dry Cleaning

Why We Picked It: Designed to mimic the feel of cashmere, this super soft and lightweight scarf is warm enough to wear on the harshest winter days but breathable enough to wear on days with only a slight chill. These scarves from Livativ are woven with traditional weaving methods to feel just as luxurious as scarves 5 times the price. Reviewed and beloved by over 900 consumers, this scarf touts almost a perfect 5-star rating with 90% of people loving their purchase. With over 50 different styles ranging solid colors to plaids and louder contemporary designs, there is something for everyone here. Not just that, but even though this scarf feels super luxurious, it’s easily hand washed when life happens and never needs to be dry cleaned.

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