The 7 Best Sneakers Under $100

You don't have to break the bank to stay stylish.


If you’re on a budget, shopping for new sneakers can be tricky. The sneaker world, after all, isn’t exactly known for being wallet-friendly. However, there are plenty of cool shoes at reasonable prices out there if you know where to look. To help out, I did some legwork for you and made a list of the best sneakers under $100. When gathering selections, I looked for three key factors:

Durability: In addition to durable materials like leather or strong synthetics, I read the reviews carefully to see what customers said about how long each pair of shoes held up. Since this can be hit-and-miss with cheaper sneakers, I looked for testimonials noting they’d lasted at least a year or two.

Comfort: All of my selections below have EVA foam, memory foam, or other similar materials that provide cushioning and support when walking. Where possible, I also looked for features like shock absorption and arch support.

Tread: Sometimes sneakers in the budget range sacrifice this quality, so I focused on shoes with strong rubber soles and solid tread patterns that won’t slip or slide around.

On top of these main qualities, I aimed for with ventilation or odor-management to help control sweat and moisture, as well as flexible options that customers said they could move freely in.

To find the pair that most fits your style, scroll through the best sneakers under $100 below.

1. The Best Casual Sneakers

The lowdown: Boasting more than 1,600 reviews on Amazon, these classic, laidback tennies are some of the best everyday sneakers on Amazon, especially at this price point. Made from tough imported leather, they’re simple yet durable, and they go with just about everything. The footbeds feature ultra-soft Memory Tech foam that’s comfortable to walk in, and the smooth exterior is tough and scratch-resistant. They have a low-cut design so you can move your feet with ease, plus strong rubber soles.

Proof from fans: “I work retail and have put a couple hundred miles into these. … Despite constant use and impacts, the seams are still going strong, there’s very little wear on the soles, and with occasional oiling the leather is still strong and pliable. The biggest advantages to me, as someone who walks a lot on mixed terrain, are the combination of light weight, durability, and a surprisingly grippy and flexible sole. I would highly recommend these to anyone who works on their feet a lot.”

2.The Best For Running

The lowdown: Another set of tennis shoes with upwards of 1,600 reviews, these are some of the best sneakers for running. On top of being super durable and incredibly lightweight, they have sturdy rubber soles that offer great traction, according to fans. They’re made with Nike’s single-layer mesh, so they’re well-ventilated and won’t overheat during sweaty training sessions. The footbeds showcase ultra-soft foam, while the shock-absorbing midsoles make them extra responsive. They come in 11 colors, with sizing for both wide and regular-sized feet.

Proof from fans: “I’m an avid runner and after having given some other shoe brands a shot, I’m sticking with Nike. You can’t beat how soft and comfortable they are, the springiness of them where you actually ~feel~ faster.”

Available sizes: 6 to 15 (regular and wide)

3.The Best Slip-Ons

The lowdown: If slip-on sneakers are more your style, these extremely popular Skechers are the way to go. They’re easy to slide on and off, yet they still fit like a glove, according to reviewers. The footbeds feature lightweight memory foam that’s soft and cushioned, while the FlexSole midsole provides excellent shock absorption. The mesh fabric exterior has cooling properties to control sweating, and the soles offer fantastic traction. These sneakers have a whopping 4,400-plus reviews, with many reviewers calling them the most comfortable shoes they’ve ever owned. On top of that, these Skechers are among the best sneakers for wide feet given the extra wide sizing options.

Proof from fans: “Fell in love with these shoes instantly. Standing in the OR for hours at a time can make your feet tired and leave you moving from side to side to distribute the pressure better, and I was getting tired of being more focused on my feet than the surgery. I was afraid that the material would be too breathable and that I would risk getting fluids into my shoe, but that has not been the case. These shoes however are like walking on pillows, and are genuinely some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.”

Available sizes: 6.5 to 14 (regular and X-wide)

4.The Most Stylish

The lowdown: These trendy sneakers, which come in 37 versatile color choices, offer the perfect fusion of style and comfort. They’re made with durable synthetic leather and tough rubber soles that boast exceptional tread. Additionally, they have orthopedic arch supports and cushy, padded tongues. The only drawback is that they’re made for narrower feet, so if yours are on the wider side, they’re probably not a good fit. Also note that several reviewers recommend ordering a size up.

Proof from fans: “This is a great looking shoe! My son says it is a perfect fit and very comfortable right out of the box. Thank you!”

Available sizes: 4 to 15 (regular and X-wide)

5. The Best High-Tops

The lowdown: Ranking among the best high top sneakers, even at this affordable price, these Reeboks showcase durable leather uppers and robust rubber soles. The traction is top-notch, and the front portion has soft, padded tongues for extra comfort. With a design that offers solid ankle protection, they can be laced all the way up to ensure a custom fit. As a bonus, the removable sock-liners feature antimicrobial Ortholite foam to minimize dampness and odor.

Proof from fans: “Bought these right before a trip where I anticipated to be walking a lot and was worried they wouldn’t be so broken in, but after spending a week on my feet and exploring a new city, I was comfortable all throughout. + they look real good and clean easily.”

Available sizes: 6.5 to 15

6.The Best For Office Jobs

The lowdown: The great thing about these lightweight men’s dress sneakers is how versatile they are. You can wear them with slacks when you’re in an office setting, or pair them with jeans for a more casual, around-town look. The tough, durable cowhide leather has a sleek, polished look, and the sides feature ventilation panels to keep you from sweating excessively. The material is flexible, providing freedom of movement, and they have solid rubber soles with sturdy traction, too. Inside, the lining is odor-reducing, and they come in five colors.

Proof from fans: “This is my second pair! I loved the first ones so much that I had to have a back up. They are real leather and don’t peel like other way more expensive designer brands. Would definitely recommend to anyone debating on weather or not to purchase these.”

Available sizes: 7 to 14

7.The Best For Outdoor Jobs

The lowdown: Constructed with heavy-duty steel toes and anti-puncture rubber soles, these men’s Cevilles make the perfect safety sneakers if you work outside or in some sort of manual labor setting. The anti-smashing toe box protects the front of your feet, while the rugged Kevlar outsoles prevent objects from piercing through the bottom. The best part is that even with the protective features, they’re not stiff or overly hot. The material is semi-breathable and bends naturally with your feet. On top of that, they’re fashionable and come in five color choices, offering a stellar combination of durability and style.

Proof from fans: “They ARE VERY comfortable […]They aren’t too heavy or bulky while working. So light with a very comfortable insole. They are such nice shoes and more stylish than most.

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