Best Tech Backpacks That Make It the Perfect Traveling Companion

These backpacks were made for the explorers to the out-of-town business travelers in the smartest way possible.

There is nothing like travel. It not only teaches us things we never knew existed and allows us to feel that sense of freedom we crave so desperately, but it also comes with some slight baggage - what and how to carry our most valued items. While we could be dancing in the rain, we worry about our stuff getting soaked in our bag. While we could be gazing at the most beautiful site, we worry about our stuff getting stolen as we aren’t looking. Worry no more - we are here to help and elevate your next adventure or business trip with these six high-tech backpacks.

1. This High-Quality Theft-Proof Sleek Backpack


Whether you’re trekking up to the Mayan Ruins of Machu Picchu or roaming around Florence, this versatile yet super high-tech backpack has got you covered in all departments - literally. Worry no more about your phone dying and not being able to snap those beautiful views as this backpack has a USB charging port. Worried about those with sticky fingers? VSNOON’s Anti-Theft backup will put your mind at ease knowing that your passport and other essentials are kept safe as it is literally designed to be theft proof (it even comes with a secret pocket). Carry your laptop or tablets without the aftermath of back pain with how they designed this bad boy to keep you hiking up that mountain in comfort. No more excuses once you order this. Keep hiking.


2. This Backpack that Turns You Into The DJ of the Pack


We can’t just call this a backpack - it’s literally a portable DJ. You’re seriously going to be the coolest one leading the pack. Quit carrying around your bluetooth speaker and literally have Bob Marley blast through your backpack as you sip on rum on the island where you and your pals are unwinding. Not only is this every music lovers dream backpack as it’s equipped with a 15-watt water-resistant speaker, but it also serves as a phone charger with a built in USB port and weighs less than 3 lbs.. Join the thousands who have raved about this gift from the tech gods before your next adventure!


3. A Gamers Dream Backpack


If you’re a gamer, you probably know the struggle of packing your gadgets. Worry no more as this Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack has found the solution for putting your mind at ease. Not only was this multi-use backpack designed to speed through TSA as you anxiously await to fly to your next destination, but is equipped with three separate compartments for literally everything you need for your next journey plus a USB charging port.


4. This Faraday Waterproof Backpack for All Forms of Protection


While we love technology, we also live in a time where identity theft happens to thousands of people every day, and hacking has become easier than ever. What some may not realize is that those hackers can literally get all your information just by being near your personal devices. However, this Silent Pocket Faraday Waterproof Backpack that is trusted by the US Government and multiple global enterprise companies because of its wireless shielding technology, is available for you too. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, there is no need to question the security of your data ever again.


5. This Super Chic Shock-Proof Backpack


While we always want a good backpack that will even fit all our necessities, it’s incredibly hard to find the style to go with it. While this backpack might look like a fashion statement from the outside, the inside will delight you even more. Kopack’s TSA friendly backpack makes it easier than ever to slide your laptop and other gadgets right on out with its side zipper design and also serves as the ultimate solution to preventing theft. Also, no need to worry about your items getting scratched up or destroyed as it also comes with a built in soft padded layer and shock absorption to protect all your valuables. Before we forget, the padded shoulder linings make this perfect for your walk to your next meeting or trek up that next mountain.


6. For the Professional Traveler Backpack


Nothing is more of a pain than having to pack multiple bags for your next business trip. Of course there is the suitcase, the backpack for the plane, and then a nice leather suitcase. Bopai’s Business Backpack skips the hassle and is made to go straight from the plane to the meeting. With its unique soft flannel compartments, your laptop is safe in the overhead compartment while you can now stretch out your legs. Made of water-resistant microfiber leather and equipped with a USB charging port, the biggest question in your next out-of-town meeting is going to be where you got this backpack.


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