The Internet Flips Out Over the Discovery of 7 Earth-Like Planets 

Cue the Twitter jokes.

A shot of Earth in space with the Sun in the distance with 7 earth-like planets near it

The discovery of seven Earth-sized planets located just 40 light-years away has ~ The Internet ~ shook. An international team of astronomers detected the distant heavenly bodies and found that three of them had high chances of having water and therefore being potentially habitable to … yep, you guessed it, extraterrestrial life. People on Twitter reacted in a typical manner, doling out memes and cracking jokes.

Obviously, the revelation is major and, fittingly, the news has people flipping out in all sorts of ways. A lot of people have become particularly fond of the dwarf star at the middle of the system, named TRAPPIST-1 after the TRAPPIST telescope that spotted it. Others are downright excited about the possibility of getting their own BFF E.T. And, of course, then there are those that are understandably terrified about the possibility of galactic neighbors.

Plenty of trap music fans thought TRAPPIST was funny enough, while others were tickled that the planets with water are in something called the Goldilocks zone. Clearly, space vocabulary is something to have some fun with.

Especially when Gucci Mane and Astronaut Status rapper Future can get involved:

Could there be a conspiracy theory surrounding Future’s recent album releases?

Some were excited about the opportunity to be taken to a world far away from Earth. Like, completely ready for a full out abduction.

Time to pack your bags.

And say goodbye to those you love on Earth.

Perhaps this new system could be a new haven for LGBTQ rights.

Some people decided to crack the political joke or two about the discovery.

Meanwhile, some people had some concerns.

But at the end of the day, does this announcement even compare to Beyoncé having twins?

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