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Want to know what makes a good pitch? Read this guide from the Nieman Journalism Lab before you hit "send." Inverse editors welcome pitches from people without a lot of experience, and are happy to develop ideas with new freelancers.

We do expect pitches to include:

  • A clear sense of what the writer intends to report out.
  • What they think is newsworthy about their story.
  • How they intend to construct the story (narrative, oral history, guide, list, etc.)
  • What multimedia ideas they have in mind (original photography, audio interviews, etc.)
  • The hypothesis or even thesis ("nut graf") if they are that far along.
  • Word count is appreciated but not binding and your editor may change it.

Who to contact:

Science & Innovation — Email senior science editor Sarah Sloat, at sarah at inverse com, with "Mind/Body Freelance Story Pitch" as the subject line.

Entertainment — Email TV and movies editor Josh Wigler, at josh at inverse dot com, with "Ent Freelance Story Pitch" as the subject line. This is for pitches related primarily to TV, movies, and culture.

Video Games — Email video games editor Jen Glennon, at jen at inverse dot com, with "Video Games Freelance Story Pitch" as the subject line.

General pitches — Does your pitch not fall into the categories above? That's OK! Email editor-in-chief Nick Lucchesi at nick at inverse.com with "My pitch doesn't fit into the other buckets" as your subject line.

Important — As a site-wide policy, Inverse does not accept unsolicited requests to insert links into its articles for your own SEO purposes. (Please stop.) Those emails will be ignored.

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Staff Writer — Katie MacBride

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