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Tesla’s Optimus robot as explained by Elon Musk

Despite a pretty lackluster debut, Elon Musk gave a solid preview of what’s in store for Tesla’s Optimus robot.

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Why Elon Musk's robot dreams may be a step too far for Tesla

It isn’t yet clear how the humanoid will perform in the real world.


Amazon is building the anti-metaverse with 'ambient intelligence'

Amidst an hour of product updates, Amazon suggests pervasive access to Wi-Fi and Alexa is an alternative to the tech industry's obsession with mixed reality.

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You need to watch Spielberg's misunderstood sci-fi masterpiece on Amazon Prime ASAP

Spielberg's merciless yet maudlin take on a classic fairy tale deserves a revisit.

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Horrifying: Robots may have just gained a creepy new skill

Remember: AI is laughing with us, not at us.


Audio deepfakes are a major threat — here’s how researchers expose them

A new technique can curb the growing scam.


Trash can-sized robots could revolutionize how you travel — but there's a catch

It carries your things, streams your tunes, and keeps a watchful eye on your every move.


Why everyday household chores may be practically impossible for today’s robots

Except for the Roomba.

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AI could revamp the once-doomed Smell-O-Vision

(Maybe) coming to a theater new you.

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Is that a piece of cake? Here's how your brain knows something is food

These food-happy neurons may give insight into food perception.


AI can now detect pancreatic cancer better than radiologists

The technology could help combat one of the hardest-to-detect (and deadliest) diseases.


61 years ago, the founding father of SETI fundamentally altered the search for aliens

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that we shouldn’t be alone in the galaxy.


This technology listens to your breath to diagnose early-stage Parkinson's disease

No uncomfortable wearables required.


20 years ago, Al Pacino's best sci-fi satire predicted a terrifying modern trend

Few films have possessed such an uncanny ability to predict where the fame game is heading.


This high-tech camera may help protect our identities — here's how it works

Plus: Making indoor lighting work better.


“Quantum materials” could give the human brain a run for its money, scientists say

With this new design, our machines may reach general intelligence — and perhaps even consciousness.