LIRIK, King Gothalion, Futureman Gaming, and More Twitch Personalities Worth Watching  

With hundreds of broadcasters streaming every day, where do you start?


It’s no secret that Twitch is slowly taking over the live streaming community, with over 11 billion global viewers this past year — and while the prospect of getting involved in the streaming community may seem intimidating, 2016 is as good a time as any to spend some time looking around on the site for broadcasters you might be interested in.

To help you out, we’ve together a list of broadcasters worth watching based on their communities and personalities.


A Twitch veteran, LIRIK has been streaming for years and has built one of the largest communities on the site with 1.2 million followers. Streaming everyday of the week except Thursday, LIRIK plays a wide variety of games ranging from Mario Kart to DayZ and does his best to create some hilarious gameplay for his viewers. Some of my most memorable moments on Twitch come from LIRIK, such as his famous role as the ‘Zordon Police’.


Arguably one of the best Destiny broadcasters out there, KingGothalion is a sarcastic and entertaining personality who streams every morning from Monday to Saturday. He’s highly interactive with his viewers, hosting events for fellow Twitch users to participate in and competing for various “World First” events in Destiny live on his stream with other broadcasters.


One of the newest broadcasters on this list, FuturemanGaming got his start in September of 2014 with a unique channel idea for his community. Sent back from the future to defeat video games before they take over the world, Futureman plays a wide variety of games throughout the week to keep our future safe. He’s got a unique personality to fit his channel and a great group of viewers at his side that you won’t find elsewhere. Plus, his attire and 8-bit music bring back the classic side of video games into the heart of his channel.


LegendOfLorie is another broadcaster who has worked her way to the top by countless hours of streaming and building a fantastic community of viewers. Known as the Legend Club, her community is one of the most welcoming on Twitch — keeping new viewers informed and keeping everyone engaged with the show. She’s all about chat interaction and connecting directly with her viewers, making her stream one of the best places to get started if you’re new to Twitch or a veteran as well.


5hizzle is a broadcaster who worked his way from the bottom up by streaming everyday for hours a day — building a community of viewers around his DayZ gameplay and daily shenanigans with other broadcasters. He’s one of the most laid back personalities on Twitch who’s all about the gameplay, refraining from using a webcam and keeping the focus on the game at hand. While he tends to stick to military simulators and shooters, both 5hizzle and his community make every moment worth watching — filled with epic stunts and hilarious encounters.