Boston Dynamics Robo-Reindeer Kidnap Santa

Rudolph feared dead.

Boston Dynamics

Rudolph is obsolete and Boston Dynamics is to blame.

The New England techno-futurists were apparently not content to simply develop robot dogs to kick and humanoids to conquer the world, they had to take down Santa’s reindeer as well.

In a brief ‘Holiday’ video posted to the company’s YouTube page, the lab showed three ‘Spot’ robots escorting a sleigh carrying Santa to date Boston Dynamic’s highest-profile prisoner of war.

Boston Dynamics has previously released a video to introduce Spot to the world in a thinly-veiled attempt to get us to accept the robots into the spaces in our hearts emptied by the brutal killings of the entire magical reindeer team.

The loss of such an iconic Christmas hero as Rudolph comes as a terrible blow just nights before he was set to take flight for 2015. While it’s not clear whether we will have to cancel Christmas, we know we will always treasure the memories.

Never forget.

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