'Star Wars' Star John Boyega's Instagram Documents His Incredible Weekend

From the looks of his Instagram account, Boyega is taking his newfound fame in stride. 

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In a move that surprised absolutely no one, The Force Awakens had quite a weekend. If you add up all of the money it’s cashed in since it debuted on screens this past Thursday, the $517 million four-day record breaking tally has set a new bar. So it’s probably no surprise that the stars of the newest movie in the Star Wars saga had a fairly great weekend too — most notably the movie’s male lead, John Boyega, who’s shared a lot of it on Instagram.

Boyega made the rounds at the American and British premieres, doing all the normal press for a movie of this magnitude, but unlike a lot of stuck-up movie stars, he savored the moment by sharing the love with unsuspecting fans the world over. It’s good to see someone who only appeared in four movies previously (including the absolutely awesome 2011 sci-fi comedy Attack the Block) being bequeathed one of the biggest franchises ever for his fifth on-screen performance and taking it in stride.

We’re gonna go ahead and call it: John Boyega had the best weekend ever.

  • He made it to a handful of theaters in New York unannounced.
  • He stopped to take photos and chat about the Force.
  • He breezed through some screenings in Brooklyn.
  • He gave his own news report, with some info we already knew.
  • He made one kid’s dream come true in New York.
  • He popped in to at least a few London movie theaters too.
  • He made these two kids’ dreams come true in London
  • (SPOILERS) He didn’t get to fly the Falcon in The Force Awakens, but at least he got to sit in the pilot seat on Virgin Atlantic flight.
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