Tis the Season for Grant Morrison's Gritty Santa Claus

'Lumberjanes' and, of course, 'Star Wars' are what you should read this week.

Welcome to The Pull List, Inverse’s weekly roundup of new comic book releases worth picking up. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newbie reader, let us guide you through today’s hottest issues that will be tomorrow’s classics. This week, Marvel’s Silk, Ms. Marvel, and X-Men continue in issue #2s, The Lumberjanes get a new artist, and Darth Vader’s first annual issue hits shelves.

Ms. Marvel #2


Kamala Khan missed quite a bit of her regular life during Secret Wars. Bruno’s got a new girlfriend and not even being an Avenger can protect you from heartbreak. But she’s got more than that to be worried about, like the continuing gentrification of her city to a ruthless threat that has emerged that could destroy the Avengers.

Silk #2

Silk’s turn to a life of crime was revealed to be part of a larger ploy with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Mockingbird in her return issue last month. What’s next for New York’s hottest new webslinger?

All-New X-Men #2

Life continues to be unpleasant if you’re a mutant. While most of the X-Men have chosen to seclude themselves, a band of new rebellious mutant teenagers refuse to back down. Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Angel, the new Wolverine, Angel, Oya, and Kid Apocalypse. These are the X-Men.

Darth Vader Annual #1

With 13 issues down for the dark lord of the Empire, Annual #1 presents a great jumping-on point for anyone who hasn’t checked out Darth Vader’s path to redemption after the events of A New Hope. Besides, it’s not like there’s a Star Wars movie coming out this week or anything.

Archie: Collector’s Edition

Midtown Comics

The first three issues of Mark Waid and Saga artist Fiona Staples’ modern spin on the teens of Riverdale are put together in a thick 80-page single release. These are the books that brought Archie to the 21st century, in the best way.

Tokyo Ghost #4


Rick Remender’s dark but stylish apocalypse continues in issue #4. Life in paradise doesn’t last for Led and Debbie, as a force from the past is out for revenge.

Lumberjanes #21

BOOM! Studios

The girls meet Seafarin’ Karen and discover they’ve already met their first werewolf. Issue #21 of BOOM! Studios’ acclaimed series marks the debut of Carey Pietsch from Adventure Time in Lumberjanes.

Klaus #2

Be nice, or else. Grant Morrison’s gritty take on the legend of St. Nick seen through Siberian folklore continues in Klaus #2. Sneaking around the eyes of Grimsvig’s city guards, Klaus slips magical toys in the poorest homes suffering under a totalitarian regime to inspire hope — and maybe a revolution?

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