Board Game Instagram's 12 Best Accounts

Meeples get photogenic.


We’ve rounded up some of our favorite board game accounts on Instagram, because board games can be pretty. Go look at them.

1. Board Games As Art

It’s all there in the name: If you want to salivate at the artistic merit of plastic pieces and elaborate boards, check this one out.

2. The Board Geek

The Board Geek just wants to “capture the beauty of a game,” and we’re happy to see him succeed.

3. Board Game GJ

Does a GJ.

4. The Dice Tower

The Dice Tower, the YouTube game review heavyweights, spread some board game love on Instagram, too.

5. BoardGamerGirl

In which an Australian photographs her tabletop adventures.

6. Stephen Walsh Art

Walsh did the art for some editions of Settlers of Catan, and serves up some sweet Tolkien battle scenes, too.

7. BGamerJoe

The Lord of the Rings card game and Star Wars Imperial Assault, plus a few others, get the Instagram showcase they deserve.

8. Play It Painted

If you’re looking for painting ideas for tabletop miniatures, this one’s not a bad place to start.

9. Board Game Bahrain

Board Game Bahrain understands board game photography and that the brevity, if not soul of game reviews, doesn’t need to be avoided. Above, the masterful Quantum earns its “PeW pEw!”

10. Epic Gaming Night

The Instagram feed of the podcast Epic Gaming Night does not fail to deliver on the game front.

11. Rubuscube

Francophobes steer clear, but for the rest of us, Rubuscube’s got the dice we’re looking for.

12. Ignacy Trzewiczek

Portal Games’ Ignacy Trzewiczek gets those meeple shots.

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