‘South Park’ Shows Us the Wonder of Guns

Love only starts to flow when you have a pistol on your person.

South Park (Comedy Central)

Since 1997, South Park has been on a quest to skewer everything and anything, pouring salt into fresh wounds and giving people a show that demonstrates an even uglier version of the world’s often ugly realities, with a jaded message mixed into its plot.

Tonight’s, mmm, subtle lesson: Guns, and only guns, will truly bring us together.

Cartman pulls a gun on his mom when she tells him to go to bed, but she then pulls a gun on him.

…and instead of throwing his usual tantrum, he actually listens to what she tells him to do. Mom’s finally gotten through to her son, thanks to guns.

The Marsh family all pull guns on each other…

The Marsh family pulling guns on each other, on Comedy Central's "South Park."

South Park (Comedy Central)

…which gets them to all finally talk about their feelings. An emotional breakthrough for everybody…guns!

There’s a gun show coming up in town, and it’s the event that every single person in South Park decides will be the perfect spot to air out their feelings and confront each other on questionable behavior.

Mr. Garrison, Caitlyn Jenner, and former Principal Victoria arrive at the gun show, all packing heat…

Randy Marsh and his crew bust into the gun show with guns of their own, on Comedy Central's "South Park."

South Park (Comedy Central)

…and everybody pulls their guns…

Everybody at the gun show pulls out a gun...on Comedy Central's "South Park."

South Park (Comedy Central)

…which leads to a town-wide emotional coming-together. The bad guys are defeated, and everybody realizes they need to embrace communication.

Randy Marsh, realizing guns fix everything, on Comedy Central's "South Park."

South Park(Comedy Central)

Like Randy Marsh says, “(sigh) If only we’d had these before.”

Another not-so-subtle South Park poke-isode for y’all, as part of the Season 19 Finale.