Telltale Games' 'The Walking Dead Michonne' Coming February 2016

A spin-off of Telltale Game's phenomenal 'The Walking Dead' series starring fan-favorite Michonne will be released in three parts.

First teased earlier in the day, Telltale Games announced during the 2015 Video Game Awards that The Walking Dead: Michonne will be released February 2016.

The game will be a three part spin-off of their wildly successful The Walking Dead video game franchise based on the equally successful comic book series from publisher Skybound.

As the title implies, the central protagonist will be Michonne, the katana-wielding survivor and fan-favorite of Walking Dead lore. In the AMC TV series, the character is portrayed by actress Danai Gurira. The narrative-driven games focus on dialogue and character choices, as opposed to other action games like Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon.