Cult Game Show 'The Crystal Maze' Comes to Life in London

One of the UK's most popular and extinct game shows is coming back in the form of a 30,000 sq. ft. replica. 

by Sam Blum
Little Lion Entertainment

Usually, when cult television shows make grand returns to their wanting fans, it’s in the form of a Netflix special or some other lucrative, one-time escapade.

Not so with the The Crystal Maze, a fantastical game show which transfixed between some six million viewers across the U.K. at its height of popularity in the early ‘90s: Thanks to an events company’s successful crowdfunding campaign, the show is making its return, albeit in the form of a massive physical replica of its former set, which was, well, a giant crystal maze.

When the show aired, it saw eight-person teams vie for “time crystals” by completing different tasks in zones meant to replicate various historical eras. Traditionally, the zones were draped in “Aztec,” “Future,” “Medieval,” and “Industrial” themes, and whichever group amassed the most time crystals throughout, got the chance to compete for prizes inside a giant crystal dome. It was like Legends of the Hidden Temple only more intricate.

It was a smashing success.

The 30,000 square-foot replica of the Crystal Maze course is set to open on March 15, 2016 in Kings Cross, London, in what is expected to be a whirlwind of nerdy fun. Tickets cost 50£ each.

Steve Scott, the replica’s architect, who boasts design credits on films like Titanic and Die Another Day, got some help from the show’s creator Malcolm Hayworth to realize the massive set, which will be the size of two soccer fields.

Speaking with the Independent, Tom Lionetti-Maguire, a member of Little Lion Entertainment, said, “It has taken us by surprise how much people seem to be behind the idea.”

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