'Scream Queens' Dances With Deaths

The Chanels are out for blood. Munsch is a terminator.

Scream Queens (FOX)

Scream Queens is loaded with nasty people saying nasty things to and about each other—but the nastiest parts tend to be the very nasty DEATHS.

Here’s who bit the dust tonight and how the bite when down.

First, the Close Calls: Chanel Oberlin does not die, but during an attempt to get tough with the mysterious Red Devil killer, she catches one of his crossbow arrows in the shoulder.

Chanel Oberlin gets an arrow in the shoulder on FOX's "Scream Queens."

Scream Queens (FOX)

Close Call #2: Grace and Chanel try to poison Dean Munsch with some apple cider, but she drinks it down like a champ, and keeps going strong.

Dean Munsch gets ready to sip some poisoned apple cider on FOX's "Scream Queens."

Scream Queens (FOX)

Close Call #3: The Chanels trick the Dean into getting into a murderous cryo chamber…which does freeze her up, but just not fatally.

Dean Munsch, exiting a cryo chamber on FOX's "Scream Queens."

Scream Queens (FOX)

The Kill…

Pete studies a Red Devil outfit on FOX's "Scream Queens."

Scream Queens (FOX)

Nope, no kill this week. But Pete says he is a murderer, so there’s that.

Next week, the finale!! We’ll be here to let you know who goes…

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