'The Flash' Crosses Over With 'Arrow'

Meet Hawkman. Meet Hawkgirl. Meet Vandal Savage. Watch someone learn Barry's barely secret identity.

The Flash (CW)

The Flash is the story of a superhero who fights for what’s right, works with his friends, and reveals his secret identity to at least one person a week.

This latest episode is quite the DC Comic characters meet-and-greet, and that’s saying a lot during a week when we’ve already seen Red Tornado (on Supergirl) and Mr. Freeze (on Gotham). However, as this is a Flash/ Arrow crossover, we’re pretty much guaranteed a very fanboy-friendly program this time around.

We saw last week that when Cisco “vibed” Kendra he got a vision.

Cisco's vision of Kendra as "Hawkgirl," on the CW show "The Flash."

The Flash (CW)

It’s official! The secret that most faithful Flash fans had already figured out is now verified: she’s HAWKGIRL.

Hawkman, on the CW show "The Flash."

The Flash (CW)

She finds out because HAWKMAN shows up to tell her this.

Vandal Savage, throwing knives at the heroes on the CW show "The Flash."

The Flash (CW)

They need to get their Hawk-acts in gear as they are being pursued by VANDAL SAVAGE, the immortal villain.

As for this week’s Flash-is-Barry secret identity reveal, Cisco calls Flash “Barry” in front of Kendra during a Flash rescue session—leaving only Patty Spivot as the sole regular cast member unaware of Barry’s secret identity…for now.

Cisco accidentally calls The Flash by his real first name in front of Kendra, on the CW show "The Flash."

The Flash (CW)

More Flash on Wednesday @ Arrow for the other end of this Flash/ Arrow crossover event.

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