Batman's Enemies Show up En Masse on ‘Gotham: Rise of the Villains'

They could have called this one “So Many Rising Villains, Even Jim Goes Bad."

Gotham (FOX)

Gotham is the tale of the city so bad it spawned Batman and James Gordon, the cop who would go on to be the great ally of The Dark Knight. It is also — if the name change didn’t give it away — a mass origin story for canonical bad guys. This week’s episode doubled down on that idea, turning Batman’s enemies into a flock of lunatics.

Ed Nygma (the future Riddler) is riddling up a storm.

Ed drops a riddle on Lee, like a true Riddler would, on FOX's "Gotham."

Gotham (FOX)

Selina (the future Catwoman) is creeping around and being an anti-hero.

Selina Kyle, sneaking into the Saint Dumas lair to help take down Theo Galavan, on FOX's "Gotham."

Gotham (FOX)

Mr. Freeze, or at least a guy with a very cold canon, showed up on the scene.

An unidentified character, firing a freeze weapon, on FOX's "Gotham."

Gotham (FOX)

And Penguin is now really flexing his signature umbrella muscles.

The corpse of Theo Galavan, with one of Penguin's umbrellas stuck in his throat, on FOX's "Gotham."

Gotham (FOX)

Yet, despite Penguin jamming a parasol down the dead Theo Galavan’s throat, it wasn’t the big bad who killed Galavan.

Jim Gordon, executing Theo Galavan, on FOX's "Gotham."

Gotham (FOX)

It was Jim Gordon, who has apparently become a bit morally compromised himself. He’s the one who shot the handcuffed Galavan in the head. We’ll find out where that plot line takes us in February when_ Gotham _returns.

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