Skateboarder Garrett Hill Ollies Over Nature’s Wrath

A landslide made the road impassable to cars, but inviting for tricks.

Pro skateboarder Garrett Hill took nature’s ruin for a run as he rode a length of Vasquez Canyon Road buckled by a recent landslide, and was caught in the act by local media:

Hill took advantage of the “unusual” buckling, as described by Steven Frasher of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, who has told the press that the damage is the result of a landslide that slipped under the pavement rather than over, pushing the road upwards.

As you can see, skater Hill has put the “lemons into lemonade” proverb into action by taking his board to the two miles of wrecked road and executing a mid-debris melon grab:

Skateboarder Garrett Hill, performing aerial stunts over a stretch of California highway buckled by a landslide.

Photographer Gantry Hill was also on the scene to document Hill in action:

However, it is this profanity-laced moment that remains Grant Hill’s most publicized trick: