Watch the Sad Ending of This Homemade Rubik's Cube

It would have been the biggest Rubik's cube ever made. RIP. 

The story of this massive Rubik’s cube has a sad ending.

Video of the incident was live-streamed on Youtube by brilliant Rubik’s builder corenpuzzle, who has apparently been laboring to make huge, ostentatious Rubik’s cubes a reality.

There’s already the world’s biggest 4 x 4 …

Corenpuzzle's Facebook

And for a short time, there was a 22 x 22 x 22. In the video, you’ll see that corenpuzzle originally planned to accomplish the feat in August, although he was foiled as the clutter of 22 x 22 Rubik’s cube came crashing down all over his desk.

Then the same thing happened on Tuesday:

A Rubik’s cube that large might stand in contrast to the very nature of the toy, though. A standard Rubik’s cube has a total of 26 small components comprising the entire surface, and a nylon core. Rubik’s are also traditionally made with thermoplastics, which get soft when heated and harden when they’re cooled down.

It seems that given corenpuzzles’ equipment, the weight of a 22 x 22 x 22 cube was too much to handle, however.

Let’s hope he’s not too defeated. It would be great for yet another Rubik’s cube magician to set a world record soon.