Heroes Reborn: ‘11:53 to Odessa’ offers lots of plot points

Just in case you missed one of the many, many happenings, here’s what happened.

Heroes: Reborn (NBC)

Heroes Rebornis clearly one of the most loaded-with-details show on TV today, and we are more than happy to tell every last bit. Here’s the latest episode, broken down to its myriad plot points:

Noah Bennet has now taken over Malina chauffeuring duties from Luke, saying he will get her back together with brother Tommy—who starts this episode waking up in Erica Kravid’s big house.

Tommy now has mysterious stitches in his neck.

Tommy wakes at Erica's home with stiches in his neck.

Heroes: Reborn (NBC)

Erika doesn’t explain why but does admit she’s using Pheobe Frady to dampen his powers. After a scene where Noah B tells Luke he’s no longer invited to help Malina, we get back to Erica, who tells Tommy the whole “you’re-going-to-defeat-the-H.E.L.E.-and-save-the-world-prophecy” isn’t true, but he can save humanity another way—by linking up with Gateway in the future so Erica can reconnect with staffers stranded there when Noah got Hiro out.

Tommy, Erica, Phoebe, and Quentin go to Gateway.

…and so does the Miko construct, who after beating a bunch of Gateway staffers down finds her real self comatose in a lab. Hachiro Otomo is there, and being Miko’s dad tells her she needs to find the Master of Time and Space to get going on her final mission.

The Truther followers wait outside Sunstone Manor, looking to get in and rescue Micah. Taylor gets the group’s shapeshifter to appear as Erica, which gets both Taylor and the shifter right inside.

Inside where Matt Parkman is trying to get the tied-up Farrah to tell where Malina’s heading. He points a gun at also-tied-up Carlos to get Farrah to spill.

Matt points a gun at Carlos, trying to get information from Farrah. 

Heroes: Reborn (NBC)

The interrogation gets a bit thrown when fake Erica and real Taylor arrive, as Erica is Matt’s boss and all.

It doesn’t take long for psychic Matt to figure out Erica’s not actually Erica, but Taylor stun-guns him. Taylor and her shifter friend fan out to find Micah.

Carlos and Farrah get loose and meet up with Taylor while M.F. Harris shoots the shifter dead while looking like Matt, standing next to Matt. Harris and Matt agree Malina must not reconnect with her mom.

Tommy is sold that Erica is telling him the truth, but Noah (with Malina, cruising in a car) is simultaneously telling Malina that Erica is probably using Tommy to control who survives the eventual apocalypse—which Tommy now believes he cannot stop—so he agrees to do as Erica asks if she saves all his loved ones when the H.E.L.E. kicks off. She agrees, and no sooner does he teleport the Fradys out of Gateway to get started on Erica’s plan, Miko the construct drops in, grabs him and announces a rescue.

Miko comes to rescue Tommy.

Heroes: Reborn (NBC)

Miko and Tommy pop out, leaving Erica back at Gateway.

Matt goes to Micah to get confirmation he’s on the going-to-Gateway list, which Micah confirms.

Taylor, Carlos, and Farrah get outside and meet up with the Truthers, where M.F. Harris, now multiplied into several clones, meets them, guns blazing.

Meanwhile, Luke has been following Noah and Malina. Noah keeps telling Luke he’s unwelcome. Noah and Malina encounter a solar storm menacing a bunch of commuters on a highway, Malina uses her powers to break it up.

Malina takes on a solar storm.

Heroes: Reborn (NBC)

During her struggle, someone teleports Noah out. All alone, Luke, still following, grabs Malina (as the crowd is ready to kick some Evo butt) and they skedaddle.

Oh, and Hachiro sends a construct to the present to tell Reckless Ren he need to protect Miko by getting himself time-traveled to Gateway. He leaves Ren with a weird-shaped piece of wood (that will clearly be significant later), and Ren finds a bus to Gateway.

Ren examines an item he received from Mr. Otomo.

Heroes: Reborn (NBC)

Yes, another very detailed episode, now detailed. The next new show runs on Thursday, January 7, 2016.