CryTek's 'Dinosaur Island' VR Game Is Immersive 'Jurassic Park' 

Be the tyrannosaur you wish to see in the world.

by Sam Blum

If Jurassic World in 3D failed to thrill you, that’s okay because virtual reality is about to do you one better, letting a pissed-off Tyrannosaurus Rex get up in your Oculus Rift-covered grill.

That’s just the idea behind Crytek’s latest foray into VR.Called “Back to Dinosaur Island,” the game/experience puts those willing to enter a moist jungle teeming with vegetation and large theropods into some pretty frightening territory via CryEngine, the company’s VR facilitator.

CryTek just released a demo of the game for free on Steam and the system requirements are considerable (NVIDIA GTX 980 or AMD Radeon R9 290) because they have to render the thing in glorious detail — and at a non-nausea inducing frame rate.

CryTek notes that in this VR demo, you’re not a galavanting Chris Pratt, hellbent on saving hordes of tourists from impending dino-doom, but a baby dinosaur, sitting in its nest. Copyright remains a thing.

“To watch this scene in 2D is impressive, but when you’re in virtual reality, it becomes more intimate, and more exciting – giving you a feeling of presence and a belief that you’re really right there in a way that no other medium can,” said Director of Production (and part-time cheerleader) David Bowman.