Toronto Zoo Shows Off Adorable Month-Old Panda Twins

These cubs carry the weight of their fragile species on their tiny shoulders. 

Toronto Zoo

Happy one-month-birthday to the littlest (lil’est) and cutest new additions at the Toronto Zoo! Giant panda mom Er Shun gave birth to twins last month, and they’re both doing well.

Recently, the zoo released this video:

It’s good news, since in the wild the smaller of the two would likely have died by now. In the case of the twins, the mom will pick one to nurture and one to ignore in order to increase odds that one will survive. Zookeepers get around this by cycling the twins between hanging out with mom and hanging out with humans.

The endangered giant panda has sucked up buckets of conservation dollars because — even though they’re notoriously difficult to keep in captivity — they’re just so good at tugging on our heart strings.

But seriously, though — just listen to this little guy’s tiny squeal: