Daily Fantasy Sports Site DraftKings Says Its Still Lit in New York State

FanDuel has ceased operation in New York, but DraftKings has not.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Today, FanDuel ceased operation in New York. The other major daily fantasy sports website DraftKings, however, did not. It’s still up and running, and it’s letting its customers know.

Last month, I signed up for DraftKings to test it out following the news of the original scandal. Today, I got a very friendly email ensuring me that DraftKings’ status will be reassessed on November 25. It’s operating normally until then. See what they had to say to me, mattyhighroller:

“As we work to protect your right to continue playing daily fantasy sports in New York, we want to provide you with the latest information on our status.
“Yesterday, the New York Supreme Court ordered an expedited emergency hearing for November 25. At that hearing, the Court will make a determination on whether daily fantasy sports are considered illegal gambling under New York State law.
“You should know that the Attorney General assured the Court that he has not taken and will not take action against DraftKings or its business partners which would prevent us from continuing to operate in New York before the hearing on November 25th.
“To be clear: Your right to play DFS in New York will remain unchanged unless a New York court decides otherwise.
“As you know, we believe strongly that our games are legal and that the Attorney General’s view of the facts and the law are incorrect. We are confident in our legal position and remain committed to fighting for your right to play in New York.
“Your loyalty to DraftKings is very much appreciated and we will continue to provide you with updates as we have them.
“Thank you for your continued support of #FantasyForAll and for your love of the game.

FanDuel: Wimps. DraftKings: It’s still lit.

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