New Star Wars TV Spot Shows More Battles and Kylo Ren's Crazy Lightsaber in Action

"It's true. All of it." 

Another day closer to the world premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, another smattering of clips and clues about what’s going down in the flick.

A brand new TV spot was just released this morning, showing off a little more of The Force Awakens world: specifically more battles… and Kylo Ren doing some slick maneuvers with that crossguard lightsaber.

Check it out:

While it’s great to have a little taste of new Star Wars stuff, we’re ready. Like, really, really ready for this movie to come out. How about instead of releasing little tidbits of new material every couple days, we just go into it dark? Who’re we kidding though — we’ll be here like all the other Star Wars fans analyzing every last frame of these TV spots and trailers.

Here are the previous TV spots (including the new minute-long one that was just released on November 12) for you to pore over before the next, inevitable, TV spot gets released.

Only 32 more days until BB-8. Only 32 more days.

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