Watch Astronaut Kjell Lindgren Play the Bagpipes Onboard International Space Station 

What exactly goes on onboard the ISS, besides, you know, scientific research?

by Sam Blum

What is there to really do while orbiting the Earth inside a floating space craft? In between fits of research, peering out through miles of atmospheric void at the Earth’s sheen of blue might become boring and prompt one to search for a bemusing pastime. Like playing the bagpipes:

It so happens that astronauts bide some of their time by making music: A new video of astronaut Kjell Lindgren playing the bagpipes onboard the International Space Station offers a glimpse of the extracurriculars that prevail in zero-gravity.

It’s the first rendition of “Amazing Grace,” — or any song for that matter — blown through the Scottish instrument in space. The video, uploaded by NASA to Youtube today, comes just in time to express a rousing homage to Veteran’s Day, which occurs every November 11.

While the machinery of the ISS emits a tumult of mechanical noise, Lindgren’s triumphant bagpipes cut above the cacophony caused by whirring fans and other machines on the station.

The ISS is currently home to six astronauts of American and Russian nationality. By the looks of it, Lindgren, an American, is undoubtedly known as the “noisy one.”

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