Akron, Ohio Small Plane Crash Caught Accidentally on Snapchat

A private charter jet crash in Akron, Ohio that killed at least nine people was inadvertently caught and shared on Snapchat.

by Sam Blum

A private charter jet flying above Akron, Ohio on Tuesday afternoon crashed into an apartment complex in the suburban neighborhood of Ellet, reportedly killing all onboard passengers and burning down a multi-unit home.

Noise and snippets from the residual blaze of the tragedy were inadvertently captured on social media from a neighboring apartment complex, where an unsuspecting resident found herself posting the accident to Snapchat.

The whole incident plays out in the video below:

The plane, a Hawker 800 corporate jet, was apparently fine before the crash and showed no signs of structural malfunctions, owner Augusto Lewkowicz told reporters. “It was a perfectly well-maintained aircraft with no squawks,” he said.

Other reports indicate that the plane had the capacity to carry 10 passengers. The official count of those onboard stands at nine or 10.

“It’s unknown how many are in the plane at this time. We do know there are deaths in the plane, but we don’t know how many or who the passengers are,” Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Bill Haymaker told reporters at the scene.

Video captured from the scene shows a completely building, crumpled underneath a roaring, crackling fire:

No one in the four-unit residential complex the plane struck was hurt.