Treasure Hunters Claim They've Found a Train Full of Gold Stolen by Nazis

The duo won't give up much detail -- until they're guaranteed 10 percent of the plundered treasure.


In a story that’s just one religious artifact shy of qualifying for the plot of a new Indiana Jones film, a pair of treasure hunters claim to have found the fabled underground train loaded with Nazi gold.

The train is rumored to have been lost in the last days of WWII as Germans filled it with gold, jewelry, and guns, planning to ride it back to friendly territory. But the train was supposedly stopped in the Nazi’s underground tunnels, which were filled in years later. It’s a local legend with no historical record to back it up, no proof the train even existed at all. The alleged treasure stay buried but the myth remained in the conversation.

Some 70 years later, treasure hunters Piotr Koper of Poland and Andreas Richte, of Germany announced they’d located a 98-meter-long train carriage buried underground near the southwestern city of Walbrzych, which has authority over the site.

The pin shows Walbrzych, Poland

Google Maps

The treasurer hunters began detailed scans of the hillside Tuesday, and plan to begin a non-invasive excavation as soon as rain clears. Walbrzych is allowing a search as long as no drilling or digging is done, and no soil removed.

Until they find the train, there’s still no official statement from anyone agreeing that it even exists, but if they do uncover something that resembles the stories, the find could be worth billions.