The ZF Smart Urban Vehicle Can Parallel Park Better Than You

Remote control your parking with a smartphone or smartwatch. 


Parking in a city is the worst, which is why German car manufacturer ZF Friedrichshafen thinks your car should do the parking for you. With the push of a button on a mobile device like a smartphone or smartwatch, The ZF Smart Urban Vehicle can maneuver itself into pretty much any space not reserved for a moped (because Europe).

The makers of the car hope to sell it — thus is the nature of manufacturing —and, in so doing, create a more efficient system for utilizing road space. Because the car acts as its own pseudo-valet, there isn’t even the need to factor in space to open doors.


“With the Advance Urban Vehicle, ZF is demonstrating the kinds of specific solutions that are already feasible for urban individual transport by networking existing technologies and systems in the vehicle,” explains ZF’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Stefan Sommer in a statement from the company that is far less likely to excite the internet than the video that just hit YouTube.

The concept vehicle is powered by a traction battery located in the modules within the front and rear axle and can reach about 93 miles per hour, but presumably never would.