'Double-Tap' Featured in New Tesla 'Autosteer' Video

Why steer when you can Autosteer

by Sam Blum

Tesla wants you to forget about the arcane pastime of driving like a normal human.

In a new video uploaded by the car company today, Tesla aims to show just how routine barreling down the freeway without your hands on the wheel could become.

Autosteer’s part of the glut of innovation that Tesla debuted last month as part of its Version 7.0 software update, which sees features like auto brake and Autopark and various other features that promise to define driving a Tesla.

If your Tesla is privy to V7.0, all it takes to cruise down the highway unassisted is a double tap of the gear shifter:

Check out the 15 second commercial below:

Since Autosteer was announced in October, the resultant hubbub has inspired even more undivided faith among legions of Tesla lovers. What was at first heralded as a completely self-driving car has since been met with words of warning from Elon Musk, who has urged drivers not to abuse the greater autopilot technology, which is still in its very initial beta stages.

Luckily for Musk, driver reviews of autopilot have tended to veer down a very praiseworthy path.

Musk has spoken of his ambitions to ramp up production on his fleet of electric vehicles, and a weird, unexpected turn during the company’s Q3 earning’s call last week prompted speculation of Tesla entering the rideshare fray.

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